Here’s That Brett Favre Hit, For Your Enjoyment

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Here’s a little Minnesota Vikings carnage porn for you — Brett Favre taking the hit that lacerated his chin and put him out of Sunday’s 28-18 loss to the New England Patriots.

Favre received eight stitches. The hit came courtesy of Myron Pryor.

We’re sure the Nazis from the NFL will make sure YouTube pulls this clip, so enjoy it while you can.


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8 Comments on "Here’s That Brett Favre Hit, For Your Enjoyment"

  1. “For your enjoyment”

    Classy guy you are. Everyone likes good solid hitting in football, but anyone who likes to see another person hurt has issues. Get some therapy.

    • Buddy

      You and Favre are both Vaginas! He is such a faker! He’ll be back next week hopping around like a little school girl when he scores a touchdown. Get a fucking clue Sonny you pussy, why do you think people like football? It is a physical sport, people get hit hard and when a douchebag like Favre gets hit it puts smiles on all the peoples faces that have had it with his fake bullshit. It’s not that we like to see people get hurt, but we do like the boy who cries wolf to get bit by the wolf. So go watch a walt disney movie and pet a kitten for me you half a man pussy!

  2. mike r

    I enjoy it thoroughly with a prima donna like Favre. It’s not like the guy was paralyzed. A selfish, arrogant, piece of shit was knocked out of a game and looked like he was ready to cry. Pretty sure plenty of other people also enjoyed watching it.

  3. lebowski

    Last year it was just Pack fans hoping to see Favre get pummeled. This year, seems like the entire NFL is waiting for it. Should have stayed home. Like, three years ago.

  4. When he got carted off in the fetus position like a dried up dead cockroach with a guy holding his chin I was literally crying from laughter. It’s funnier every time I watch it

  5. i'm harvin a headache

    as he is getting carted off you can clearly see he is taking pictures of his weiner for 867-5309 Jenny?! just wondering why brent sent moss packing? – it wasn’t tampering chilly’s call VOTE Chilly for state senate today! no more medical marijuana for percy – now that randy is gone.. the headaches will reappear over the next few weeks – just wait and see…..

  6. Ernest Tee

    Looks to me like he was faking it so he wouldn’t be blamed for the loss. I didn’t see any blood coming out of him. He just wants people to feel sorry for him like he does every week. Always something to keep the press talking about Brent Farve. The hit didn’t look that bad to me. Pussy.

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