Bandwagon To Can Brad Childress Gaining Momentum

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We had a collective chuckle last season when the Minnesota Vikings decided to give coach Brad Childress a contract extension through 2013 and a salary greater than $4 million, annually.

Now, there’s a growing movement that the idiot organization should fire the idiot coach after a 2-5 Vikings start, marred by infighting between quarterback Brett Favre and Childress, and a public blasting by now-released receiver Randy Moss.

Before the Vikings 28-18 loss to the New England Patriots yesterday, Chris Mortensen said Childress is in big trouble if he doesn’t win in what’s considered a now or never season in Minneapolis and suggested Childress could lose his job before the year is over.

Today, the Pioneer Press’ Tom Powers said the time to fire Childress is now.

Even with the upcoming soft schedule, the season appears lost. It’s as if the team needs some sort of shock treatment, some sort of jolt. Nothing would apply a better kick in the pants to this slouching group than a change at the top. Whether Childress deserves to get canned is irrelevant. As Clint Eastwood said: “Deserves” got nothing to do with it. Consider it a tactical move designed to get the team’s attention.

If Childress does get canned, it’s widely believed defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier would replace him. Frazier will be a hot commodity on the offseason coaching carousel and if the Vikings are going to make a move, it would make sense for them to give Frazier a shot.

Then again, we’re talking about a team that gave Childress a contract extension less than a year ago, so, to take a page from Powers’ book, “sense” obviously has got nothing to do with it.


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8 Comments on "Bandwagon To Can Brad Childress Gaining Momentum"

  1. Here I’ll do it for them:

    “You’re just jealous because Favre blah blah blah. Ted Thompson sucks blah blah blah.”

    skLOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ay hombre

    “Consider it a tactical move designed to get the team’s attention.”

    Jesus…even their reporters are fucking stupid.

  3. jeremy

    Unlike the players, coaches contracts are guaranteed, so I doubt Wilf will pay Childress 10Mil to go away. Maybe Chilly can move with the team to LA after next season.

  4. Abe Frohman

    Chilly is Dave Wannestadt Jr. He’s such a crappy coach that as a Packer fan, I want him around as long as possible.

    I believe the Vikings have cash flow problems. Wasn’t part of Favre’s contract from last year due this year because of that? As such, I can’t see Chilly being shown the door. And that’s just fine with me.

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