100 Worst NFL Players: Five Packers

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Tony Mandarich

The incredible...

So, the geniuses at Deadspin are compiling a list of the 100 worst NFL players and, as you might expect, there are number of Green Bay Packers on the list.

Tony Mandarich?

Yup. He’s there.

Ahmad Carroll?

You bet!

The rest — and we’re only through the first 50 up to this point — are a couple ho-hum guys who made a brief passover in Green Bay on their way to… well, who knows where. And who cares…

Here are the Packers’ furious four up to this point.

96. Rick Norton; quarterback; Dolphins, Packers; 1966-70: Started only 11 career games, which was about 11 too many. Seven touchdown passes, 30 interceptions, and 56.7 yards per game.

95. Ahmad Carroll; cornerback; Packers, Jaguars, Jets; 2004-06, 08-09: If Joe Montana stands as the perfect quarterback, Carroll stands as the imperfect cornerback. Slow to respond, not especially aggressive, gets beat deep, overwhelmed by tall receivers. Three career interceptions.

94. Steve Pisarkiewicz; quarterback; Cardinals, Packers; 1978-80: The Cards expected Pisarkiewicz to quickly supplant Jim Hart as the team’s leader. Instead, they found themselves cursed with a scatter-armed underachiever who was out of the league after thee years.

58. Tony Mandarich; offensive lineman; Packers, Colts; 1989-91, 96-98: Judged solely by his three years in Green Bay, during which he was ruthlessly mocked by opposing pass rushers, Mandarich is Top 5. But in a Vanilla Ice-like return from the dead, Mandarich actually played reasonably OK for the Colts.

14. Michael Haddix; running back; Eagles, Packers; 1983-90: Averaged three yards per carry for his career, the worst in NFL history for anyone with more than 500 runs.


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13 Comments on "100 Worst NFL Players: Five Packers"

  1. bogmon

    ha ha…Ahmad Carroll. Not only did he deteriorate to a bag of shit after his rookie season, but he also developed a T.O. like attitude almost immediately….
    Those listed years of activity are deceptive. He only made it ’til October in 2006. One of my happiest days as a Packer fan was when they cut him loose following his horrid performance against the Eagles.
    …..and people think Jarret Bush is bad…Carroll was just the worst.

  2. iltarion

    Really stupid list. The 100 worst players would all be guys no one ever heard of before because they were cut immediately. Tony Mandarich being on a worst list is idiotic. The guy was a solid player for Indy.

    The Packers had a good RB back in 1989. Brent Fullwood. Plus, with Lindy Infante as our coach, old “Pass to Daylight,” we weren’t very big on running the football anyway. Sort of like now!

  3. Tim

    Brent Fullwood?
    No, he was not good.
    He was also not dedicated to the Packers. Lying about a migraine headache to get out of training only to go out partying.
    Yeah, great rb.

  4. iltarion

    Fullwood was one of the most talented RBs I’ve seen play for the Packers.

    The guy sat out with little injuries. Yeah, that was what all of Infante’s players did. The Packers were like a country club back then.

    Rumor was Fullwood was dumb as a stump though. Main reason why the thinking-man Infante preferred Herman Fontenot and Michael Haddix.

  5. Tim

    I guess compared to guys like Fontenot, Haddix, Woodside and Pookie Workman…. yeah, Fullwood was pretty good.

    But DAMN…. who the hell was picking up this backs?

  6. Joe C

    Ahmad Carroll was a first class piece of fucking shit, the biggest waste of sperm that I can remember! I can remember every Sunday watching him line up thinking WTF

  7. Tom B

    Terrell the “Toast” Buckley…..the worst draft pick Ron Wolf ever made….. Burned by arch rival Jim Macmahon with a last second pass to waving arms Eric Guliford…while “Toast” was jumping the pass route against the hated ViQeens…only 2nd worst moment in Packer history next to 4th and 27.

  8. iltarion

    T-Buck was a good slot corner, as he showed in MIA and DEN. He wasn’t any good against outside WRs. He was a midget, and in our division he was asked to cover Cris Carter, Jake Reed, and Herman Moore. We’d get to the playoffs and he would have to cover Michael Irvin or Alvin Harper. It just didn’t make any sense. Basically take Sam Shields and give him the ego of Ochocinco, and you’d have T-Buck.

    Ahmad Carroll… physical corner with good speed… as much of a waste of talent as you’d ever see. Dude was the Jay Cutler of CBs. He had the physical tools but just never got it into his head that there were rules you need to abide by to be successful: such as not molesting a WR all the way down the football field.

  9. iltarion

    Anyone remember Estes Hood or Jerry Holmes? Ahmad Carroll and T-Buck were stars compared to those two. I think the phrase “getting burnt” originated with Estes Hood.

  10. Joe C

    Justin Harrel ring a bell??? Ya that guys robbed us for millions.. Don’t you have to play first to be labled a bust? Regardless he’s on my shit list too.

  11. Roy

    TeeBuckle was the worst pick….Wolfie showed his ignorant disdain for Wisconsin players by picking this midget instead of a better/larger corner from Wisconsin…Troy Vincent….Now how did Troy do?????

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