League Admits Officiating Mistake, Childress Will Get Fined

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Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is a dumbass.

And a pedophile.

But that’s beside the point.

Childress wasn’t too happy with the officiating in the Green Bay Packers 28-24 victory over his Vikings, on Sunday. He was particularly perturbed about tight end Visanthe Shiancoe’s second-quarter touchdown reception, which was overturned upon review, and he let it be known in his post-game comments.

“I must not understand a catch in the end zone for them to take Shiancoe’s off the board,” Childress said. “That’s not the way it’s taught, that’s not the way we’re told. That goes back to the Tampa game that Tony (Dungy) coached years ago (and caused a change in the ruling of how the ground can alter a catch).

“You control the ball and it doesn’t make any difference if you control it with your hand or forearm. Period. That’s not the way it’s taught at our owner’s symposium and that’s wrong. That’s wrong. … They said he didn’t control it and he controlled it. The litmus is 50 drunks in a bar, those 50 drunks say that’s a catch and 50 writers in this room, you may be drunk too, but it’s a catch.”

You don’t understand a lot of things, Brad. That is for sure.

Yesterday, Childress revealed he spoke to the league office and they admitted the call was a mistake, which is apparently a no-no in the NFL’s eyes.

But Childress said Monday he called the league and NFL vice president of officiating Carl Johnson acknowledged the call was a mistake. Childress revealed at his news conference that Johnson said he was “disappointed that the call was reversed.”

Word is that dumb sonofabitch will be fined for his lack of discretion.

Spokesman Greg Aiello said league policy is not to comment on conversations between Johnson and the clubs. Aiello said Johnson “is obligated to give his factual opinion of any call that is questioned by a club.” But the policy also “states that all such conversations are confidential and are not to be discussed publicly,” Aiello said.

Unfortunately for the 2-4 Vikings (hahahahahahahaha!), no amount of complaining, public or otherwise, is going to change the outcome of the game.

And for that, we thank you.


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11 Comments on "League Admits Officiating Mistake, Childress Will Get Fined"

  1. Madcity Packer Fan

    We have not gotten calls in games that we should have. Live with it and move on Chilly! If they overturn a call after looking at slllloooowww motion video playback and still question it I would say the league needs to get they’re shit together! Even if the call was over turned it still wouldn’t of guaranteed a win for the cry baby queens.

  2. Abe Frohman

    I’m not convinced the league admitted ANYTHING. We simply have Chilly’s pathetic word to take for it. Since he’s trying to save his job and not look like Brett’s bitch, I’d say he’s not exactly credible on this topic.

    Did anyone else catch his “logic” on why the personal foul facemask on CM3 was a bad call? The Vikings were doing it all day long, so you can’t call it then when it actually mattered. If I were on crack, that might make sense.

  3. Brad

    Don’t like the CryQueens, Favre or Childress, but what’s with the pedophile thing? Not funny if not true, and you might get sued for slander besides.

  4. iltarion

    I think Bob was doing word association to pictures of Favre.

    Since the pedophile statement was made in the body of the article, it is more likely to be considered libel than slander.

    A defamation suit of any sort usually requires an actual injury to have occurred. Since someone’s reputation is unlikely to be actually injured on a website where the vast majority of posts are perceived as statements of opinion, there is not likely to be any recourse here. The same facts generally protect bloggers and message boards all over the internet.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Shows how spoiled Chilly is that he would call a game with about 7 total penalties one of the worst “officiated” he has seen. Try an effin game with 23 penalties called and then talk to us.

    I also find it hard to believe that the NFL considered Shitko to have “control” of the ball while holding it between his forearms and he tumbled to the ground.

  5. toolkien

    I still don’t think the call was bad. Even if it came from the league, it’s still somebody’s judgement call. Chancre said he was told that because it was further down his hands the call went against him. From what I saw, he had the ball down by his wrists when he went to the ground, the point hit the ground, and when he continues his actions and rolls, the ball is squarely in the meat of his hands. THE BALL MUST HAVE MOVED to get there. If the ball moves to its final securing of the ball and it hits the ground during this action it’s NOT a catch.

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