Help A Packers Fan Meet Brett Favre

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John Limbach

This is the guy you want to meet Brett Favre.

This may sound like an odd request from someone who hates Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, but I want you to help Green Bay Packers fan John Limbach win an opportunity to meet and catch a pass from the traitor himself.

Why? Mostly because Limbach is competing against a bunch of Vikings fans and, as you know, the Vikings and their fans suck.

So, you’re probably asking yourself why a Packers fan would want to meet Brett Favre anyway.

“I will always appreciate Brett for what he did as a Packer, on the field. Love him, hate him or don’t care, it would be cool to catch a ball from him and as a Packers fan I would now consider it another famous interception,” Limbach said.

Anyway, Wrangler is sponsoring the contest, which is called My Wrangler Story, and you can go to their site to vote for John by giving his entry five stars (at the top of the page).

This is good versus evil, people. Vote early and often and make sure the forces of good prevail.

The contest runs until Nov. 10.

John Limbach’s Wrangler Story

Ed. note: This post was removed and reposted at John’s request. It was also edited at John’s request. We could give a fuck about the Minnesota Vikings, their fans or Todd Glocke. You trolls can go back to staking out junior high girls.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

17 Comments on "Help A Packers Fan Meet Brett Favre"

  1. Wait, you loved him until he left too? I don’t think I understand what you are trying to say… which seems to happen a lot with Vikings fans.

    Typically, all of your comments follow this formula:

    Text Short Hand + Profanity + run on sentence + Skol + Multiple Exclamation Points = Nonsense

  2. Monty

    Hey, the point here is to help John win, not tell Vikings fans what a bunch of morons they are… although, I guess that was inevitable.

  3. Ben

    You are all fucking morons. The fact that you allowed Green Bay to dismiss Favre following the 2007 NFC Championship and waste your time on a 3 year “prodigy” like Rodgers proves that you have no faith in your own team. Vikings: 14-2 this season, Green Bay: 8-8.

    Fuck yourself, Green Bay.


  4. DIGGZ

    hey ive been told yall were the classiest fans in the NFL. from what i just read thats a total lie, but whoever wrote this gave us great lockerroom material. good luck to both of the guys and not sure why someone would want to win and go disrespect favre that way. VERY CLASSY

    • Monty

      Can you read? He clearly said he still likes Favre for everything he did for the Packers. Oh, wait… I forgot, Vikings fans can’t read.

  5. tequila

    I like how vikings fans continually prove to be not only barely literate, but also incapable of understanding the most basic information. I also like that in most of these responses they actually sound like they have chili in their mouth. I’d rather be raped by a syphilitic transvestite than ever be associated with scum like you.

  6. jeff ircink

    jurgens – “Text Short Hand + Profanity + run on sentence + Skol + Multiple Exclamation Points = Nonsense”?

    doesn’t that forumula fit most of the comments by most of the GB fans on this site?

    good luck agin the Lions…i’m sure the Pack will prevail.

  7. John Smith

    Seriously, you all might be the worst example of humanity to exist on the planet. You should all go hang out on 4chan and be part of the internet hate machine. You’ve obviously got the personalities for it.

  8. David

    “We could give a fuck about the Minnesota Vikings, their fans or Todd Glocke”.
    If that was true you wouldn’t write a story bashing the guy…I was unlucky enough to read the unedited version of the story yesterday. I guess John didn’t want to be associated with that crap you originally wrote. I am a packers fan, but you are a piece of shit Monty. I just don’t understand all the hater packer fans since Brett joined the Vikings, we have a good quarterback, Favre is not on our team, why worry about him anymore? Most of the haters are like jealous ex boyfriends who just can’t handle seeing their ex happy. Quit acting like babies, try to show some dignity, and let it go!

    • Monty

      Actually, John only asked for me to tone it down — something I gave him the option to do from the beginning — after he started receiving nasty messages from Vikings fans.
      Of course, the only important thing here is whether you voted for John. Did you? Or did you just want to call me a piece of shit and then tell me to have some dignity in the same breath? Pretty dignified.

  9. PackerBacker

    I have to agree with David in that a lot of Packer fans do spend an awful lot of time worrying and hating on Brett Favre. He has let it go and moved on, so why don’t the haters (Monty)?

  10. John L

    I am not a hater. I simply would like the chance to meet Brett, not get into the gutter with people that are ruining my name on their fan sites and pages.
    It sounds like this other fellow already has met Brett, has an arrangement with the Vikings and has not qualified by winning the weekly story contest so I am not sure there is a point here except that my family and friends would like to see me win and I would to. This was supposed to be about Wrangler Jeans and my experience in them – not a Vikings vs. Packers contest. My friends felt they had to defend me but I have told them to stop. I will take the high road. Monty speaks for himself and this is his blog. I appreciate his efforts to help and he did remove the story when I read it and asked and then reposted without those negative comments that I did not want to be associated with. I stand by my words and I know he defends himself. Again, good luck to all contestants – true Wrangler wearers that would jump at the chance to meet Brett.

  11. S

    I hate to break it to you Vikings fans..(why are you trolling a Packer page again??) but as Packer fans, we are required to hate your quarterback…no matter WHO he is. Why on earth we are supposed to cut Favre slack because he played on our team…is beyond me. We are not “hating on” Brett Favre…we are “hating on” a member of the Vikings…which is what Packer fans do. I am so sick of people saying “oh let it go” when I cheer for whatever team the Vikings are playing. I have to tell people to STFU because I would be rooting against the Vikings whether their QB was Brett Favre or anyone else! You guys are the ones that seem to be hypersensitive to how WE feel about your quarterback. Get a life.

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