Green Bay Packers… Meh

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Aaron Rodgers

Cameron Wake with one of his three sacks.

It’s like deva vu all over again.

The Green Bay Packers managed one touchdown in the second half, which was just enough to get into overtime and lose to the Miami Dolphins 23-20, on a 44-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter.

The script was eerily similar to the Packers overtime loss to the Washington Redskins a week earlier. The Packers failed to move the ball in the second half. The defense failed to generate any pressure on Miami quarterback Chad Henne without linebacker Clay Matthews, who sat out with a hamstring injury.

Aaron Rodgers ended up with 313 yards passing. Greg Jennings had 133 yards receiving. Brandon Jackson averaged 4.4 yards per rush. None of it was enough because the Packers couldn’t make plays when they had to.

The season is far from over, but these Green Bay Packers are not a Super Bowl contender. They’re average, as their 3-3 record indicates.

The Packers have a chance to compete with anyone, they just don’t have the killer instinct to beat teams. Matthews being inactive is a big part of the reason. It’s now apparent just how important he is to the defense — the Packers had no sacks against Miami and they didn’t come close to Henne most of the day.

Cornerback Tramon Williams and nose tackle B.J. Raji were the only playmakers on the Packers defense. Williams finished with seven tackles and an interception. Raji finished with seven tackles as well and was the only defensive lineman who made a consistent push.

Charles Woodson, on the other hand, looked like a shell of the player who won the defensive player of the year award, last season.

On offense, the only guys who showed up were the aforementioned players.

The Packers offensive line continues to be a problem. Just as soon as we anointed rookie Bryan Bulaga the real deal, he went out and played worse than the guy he was filling in for at right tackle, Mark Tauscher. And that’s saying something. Tauscher has been terrible this year. Left tackle Chad Clifton wasn’t much better.

Unfortunately, this is what the Packers have.

This is who the Packers are — a mediocre football team.


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26 Comments on "Green Bay Packers… Meh"

  1. jeremy

    Worse yet, a mediocre football team that doesn’t teach it’s players the rules. Even I know you can’t line up head up on the long snapper this year. How does the whole Packers punt coverage unit not see Francois out of position. Based on McCarthy’s reaction, he doesn’t know the rules either. It’s inexcusable footbal. Delete that one penalty and the Packer win the game.

    By my count Aaron Rodgers has run into at least 5 sacks the last two weeks. If I was one of his Olinemen, my patience with him would be wearing very thin right now.

  2. lebowski

    Packers need a new locker room pep talk. “it’s the preseason! it’s the preseason!” Seeing as how that’s the only time they function well as a team.

  3. MAD City Packer Fan

    Rodgers needs full-time protection. This team is beat up but not knocked out. At least we can look forward to some firings if they blow the whole season and get some people in there that are proactive and don’t pretend things are ok the way they are. If we play like this the rest of the season it will be very hard to win.

  4. iltarion

    Miami is a pretty good team who was just coming off their bye. I predict they will sweep the NFC North. They’ve already beat MIN and GB on the road.

    The Pack is cursed. How else but dumb luck can you explain the punter situation? Every punter in the league was picked up as a late round draft pick or in most situations, an undrafted free agent, and yet, no matter who the Packers bring in to punt the guy ends up sucking. In preseason we had two punters kicking 50 yarders every other kick. Put them in a real game and they are kicking 37 yarders with no hang time. It is amazing. I guarantee you that if we still had Jon Ryan, he would be kicking a 37 yarder in OT. It is unavoidable.

    Hard to believe you can be “covering up” the center when you aren’t even on the line of scrimmage. I’m just saying…

    Regardless, the offense cost the Pack this game. Our defense only gave up 20 points through regulation, when playing without their most important player. Our defense even stopped the Fish in OT to give the offense a chance to win it. Of course, our offense went 3 and out, because that is what our offense does in OT. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but 3 and Out or INT is what our offense does in OT. It is as inevitable as that 37 yard punt. You know it is coming.

    I am a big fan of A-Rodge, but he is 0-5 in OT and I’m starting to think that isn’t a coincidence. It certainly doesn’t help that this team has a proclivity to forget how to block in OT. This week it was Scott Wells allowing the blitzing LB to run right by him on 3rd and 6 in OT. If Wells does his job, A-Rodge has a nice pocket to throw from. Instead, he dodges the LB, only to run right into the hands of Cameron Wake. The most frightening thing is that it isn’t the same guy every week. Instead, we never know who is going to eff it up.

    The Packer offense has some sort of aversion to the 2nd quarter. Another week, another shut out in the 2nd quarter. Maybe MM is clueless after we get past his first 20 plays or so. I don’t know. I just know the results, and they are ugly. This team has been horrible in the 2nd quarter all season. In the only dominant performance of the year, the Packers even got dominated by Buffalo in the 2nd quarter.

    Our passing offense simply isn’t playing that well on any level. We aren’t blocking that well, A-Rodge is inconsistent almost to the point of regression at times, and our WR core has not been anything special. Right now, Greg Jennings and Brandon Jackson are the only guys I see consistently putting in A efforts.

    Our special teams are special for the other team. It is a debacle.

  5. matt fox

    Same story every year since Thompson took over. I hear you guys over rate the shit out of the Packers every offseason, only to somehow be surprised that they are just an average team. Well, excuse my french, but until you guys get out of that false fucking reality that Ted Thompson is somehow a good GM, and realize that under him the Packers have had 2 winning seasons in 6 years, one playoff win in 6 years, and have yet to fix the o-line and defensive back problems that the Packers have had for 6 years, you guys are going to continue to be disappointed. He put Mike “The pillsbury doughboy” McCarthy in charge of the team over Sean Peyton and Steve Marriucci and the Packers haven’t been able to pull out close games due to terrible play calling since, whether you like to admit it or not, Favre and his many audibles left the building.

    After this season Thompson and McCarthy, I hear the train acommin!

  6. bogmon

    All the losses are insurmountable at this point.

    The whole offense has been designed with Finley as the escape hatch. I didn’t realize how important he was until this week.
    Seems like J-Fin was the only one able to get those ‘tuff’ yards when the team absolutely had to have them.
    Donald Driver used to be that guy, but he just isn’t it anymore.

  7. Jeremy…I completely agree about the players and coach not knowing the rules. Shawn Sl showed up at the press conference with photos of Francois, trying to say the refs were wrong. My oath: If Slocum has a job come Tuesday I quit. I will not support this team or management any longer. Francois should not have been close. As my old coach used to say…You can’t give them a reason to call one. And we did and I’m done standing for it.

    • jeremy

      Maybe the refs were wrong. But yes, why put Francois so close when they weren’t trying to block the punt? The Patriots, Colts and Steelers don’t make those kinds of errors at the rate the Packers do. The Cowboys and Chargers do. Right now McCarthy is working his way onto the list with Wade Philips and Norv Turner as Great Offensive Coordinators, who as Head Coaches who don’t do the little things to put their team over the top.

  8. Food for thought: Tom Brady lifetime in OT is 8-1. Rodgers is 0-5. And is anyone else tired of Rodgers bitching out his own guys for shitty plays HE is making? although I hate to say it matt fox is looking like a genius right now.

    • Team game, Chitter.

      That 0-5 record has more to do with McCarthy than Rodgers.
      Anyone that believes that only the QB wins or loses games doesn’t understand the game at all.

      Brady is also the beneficiary of call after call after call. He gets credit for marching his teams up and down the field but no one seems to give a shit that if you touch him, flag. If you touch his receivers, flag. The Packers don’t get that treatment right now.

    • jeremy

      Agreed. The other difference is Aaron Rodgers. Sorry but he’s not that good yet. Favre under McCarthy was 3-2 in games decided by 3 points or less and that includes his playoff blowup against the Giants. Rodgers is 1-8, His one victory came against the lions who were starting their backup QB.

  9. joe

    same ol shit.. different day. too many sacks, too many costly penalties, too many injuries, horrible coaching, horrible special teams, blah blah blah..

    I hate to say it but im scared to watch us play the vikes. i just have an eerie feeling brett “little chode” favre and co. are gonna run a train on us. ill be a die hard packers fan until the end… but goddammit its hard to watch a trainwreck led by teddy and mikey “he’ll eat anything” mccarthy.

    • McCarthy’s actually lost a lot of weight since last season. And honestly, there is so much more to make fun of rather than his weight.

      Next week will be a disaster if Capers rolls out the same low pressure zone scheme. It’s time that he starts sharing some of the balm too.

  10. chitter

    Oh and what about our GENIUS HEAD COACH.

    After getting stuffed on 3rd and goal late in regulation, does McNutty use common sense and good judgement by running the clock down to 1 second before taking our final time out? No…instead he does it with about 15 seconds, thus guaranteeing that we will indeed have to kickoff and give Miami a chance to win in regulation.

    To me this is inexcusable. How can a professional coach make such an awful, no-brainer call? AND HE DOES STUFF LIKE THIS EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

    If Chad Henne’s last throw in regulation is a better one, Miami is lining up to kick the game winner because of our poor coaching decisions….and we don’t even make it to overtime.

    And don’t be surprised when Charles Woodson is on the injury report this week…all because our coach is too dumb to make good decisions. He does it every fucking week….and I for one will not stand for it.

  11. iltarion

    Matt Fox’s statements are idiotic. If anyone is paying attention, the unbiased, no stake in the Packers, NATIONAL media picked the Packers to go to the Super Bowl this year. Fricking Las Vegas had the Pack as the NFC Super Bowl favorite after Brent suggested he’d retire again. Look at any preseason power ranking, ANY, including by guys who could care less about the Pack, and the Pack is in the Top 5 teams. So, saying that it is all Packer fans overrating their own team is completely ignoring the reality that expectations were high EVERYWHERE for this team, and that virtually everyone in the national media considers the Packers to have among the 5 most talented teams in the league. TT is directly responsible for that.

    If this team has Finley and Matthews, not even counting Grant, it wins against Washington and Miami. It would then be 5-1, have the best record in the NFC, and no one would be talking shit about how all of a sudden the Packers don’t have a talented roster, bang on TT, blah, blah, blah. The only thing that is the same old shit after EVERY loss is THAT shit.

    Call it an excuse or whatever you want to, but those injuries are the difference between 3-3 and 5-1. Plain and simple. The fact that the Pack could have still won both those games just shows how much more talented they were than those teams when completely healthy. Minnesota has been without Sydney Rice, their second corner and their center, and they are 2-3 as a result.

    This team did go 11-5 and make the playoffs last year. So, this talk about “same thing every year” blah, blah, blah, I don’t know what that is. Convenient amnesia?

    Here is a simple guideline for the refs to follow. If it takes 3 of you having a 5 minute discussion to call a penalty, DONT. Are we literally into discussing inches here? His foot was 1 yard, 6 inches from the line of scrimmage instead of 1 yard 18 inches? Are you shitting me? Give a team a 1st down on that shit? WTF!!!

    Slocum is a d-bag who HAS to be gone at the end of this season.

  12. Flyboy7588

    As much as I hate to say it, Brett and the ViQueens are going to kick our ass again. I don’t understand why mgmt has reached out and grabbed a decent RB if they don’t have confidence in what we already have.

  13. jeff ircink

    flyboy…i would NOT assume my Vikes will kick the Packers’ ass next week. has not been a pleasant season thus far. depends on who shows up for both teams, i think.

  14. matt fox

    Jeremy, when was Mike McCarthy ever considered a great offensive coordinator like Wade Phillips and Norv Turner? HE WAS SIGNED FROM THE 3-13 49ERS. He was never even a good or mediocre o-coordinator. What planet are you guys living on?

    And Chitter, you my friend, are a stud. And guys, just for the record, I never ever said A-rod was a bad qb. I just said he wasn’t at the unbelievably high level you all were pimping him to be and that he had a lot of work to do before he could be considered a good qb in the league (Posting good regular season stats doesn’t make you a good qb, ever heard of Matt Schuab?). But my main point was that the management and coaching were going to ruin Rodgers’ development, as you can already see he doesn’t know how to win games. Not yet, at least.

    Iltaration, I’m sorry, but did you just say the UNBIASED Media? Alright there champ. You just be sure to leave that bib on when you eat any messy foody.

    And yes, you’re right, the expectaions were high (exactly like last year when the Packers were projected to win the NFC North and Arod to win the MVP) and they were obviously too high of expectations. That’s literally what overrated means. When you’re projected to win the NFC North and go deep into the playoffs, losing the NFC North badly to the Vikings and failing to win a playoff game is an underachieving season. And the year before that, taking a team that just went to the NFC championship to a 6-10 record is, again, underachieving. (Especially when all that was lost was that washed-up P.O.S. Brent, right?)

    The Packers use injuries as an excuse every year, but the bottom line is that in 6 years Ted Thompson has won only one playoff game with deep playoff projected teams and didn’t hesitate to fire Mike Sherman after that 4-12 season when the Packers were also ravaged by injuries. There’s no more excuses, it’s time for Thompson and McCarthy to take their circus act elsewhere. I hear the train acommin!

  15. iltarion

    Unbiased, as in, towards the Pack, which is the salient point.

    Predictions on the Pack last year ranged from finishing 1st to 3rd behind Chicago and Minnesota. I don’t remember everyone around here predicting a division title. We were 6-10 the prior year after all.

    Lost the division badly? The Pack was one win against Minnesota from winning the division. I’m not sure how finishing one game behind a team is losing “badly.” If you say so. Yeah, the Vikes won both the match-ups, but both games were winnable in the 4th quarter for the Pack. Frankly, if Donald Lee catches a ball on 4th and goal, the Packers probably win the division last year.

    The Packers went 11-5 and made the playoffs last year. You don’t need injury excuses when you do that. All the people who just like to bitch can be negative and say how that isn’t a successful season because of an OT loss in the playoffs, but I disagree. Considering that was our QB’s second season as a starter, I would consider that a very successful progression.
    Anyone remember Brent’s second year as a starter? The Pack went 9-7. Yeah, we made the playoffs, thanks to Yancy Thigpen, and even won a playoff game, against D-Troi, before going to Dallas and being summarily dismissed.

    TT’s philosophy is the same as in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, the two model franchises in the NFL, who make NO moves in free agency. GB is built for long term success. Minnesota is trying to finance a new stadium. It is a totally different deal.

    All this talk and yet the Pack is 3-3 and the Vikes are 2-3. Maybe Viking fans should be the ones doing the complaining. I agree that on paper, the Vikes should beat the Pack by 10 unless Brent stinks up the joint, but that is why they play the game. If the Pack has Grant, Burnett, Barnett, Finley, Tauscher, and a healthy Matthews, I take the Pack by 6, and Vegas would have the Pack by 3 to 4 points too. I’d put money on it. That’s the difference that injuries make.

    MM is a meathead, but he isn’t going anywhere whether we all want to bitch endlessly about it or not. In 4 seasons, he has one losing season, which was the year after losing a HOF quarterback. No, he and TT aren’t going anywhere. Deal with it.

  16. jeff ircink

    PackerFanINFL…don’t tell me you actually looked at the alleged pics that Favre allegedly texted? come on, man! :)

  17. matt fox

    Nobody was predicting the Packers to win the division last year? Yeah, okay. Whatever you say champ.

    And, getting your ass kicked twice, away and at home, to the division leader I believe counts as losing the division badly. As in you had absolutely no chance of winning the division. (P.S. If Brett Favre threw for 7 TDs and zero interception and got sacked zero times the Vikings would have– Oh wait, thats EXACTLY what happened and donald lee didn’t catch that pass and the Packers DID lose. The Packers were down both games and got their ass kicked, get over it. lol, gonna start that IF bs. IF the Packers had a good team, they wouldve won. That’s true. Good job.)

    Dude, your considering each season from after the season happened. They were all disappointments. The Packers failed to live up to expectations each year and have done nothing since “Brent” left. End of story.

    And yeah, its true, that is why they play the game, but since if the Vikings win again youre just gonna whine “oh but if the packers did this, we wouldve won, whaaa whaaa!!!” it doesnt even matter. The Packers had all of the players you just named last year and still lost twice. The Packers arent a good team. Get over it.

    MM and TT are terrible, I hear the train acommin!!!

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