Another Packers License Plate For Judas

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This beauty was sent in by a reader — a reader named Tyler to be exact.

It’s the second such Green Bay Packers license plate giving the old fuck you to Brett Favre we’ve seen. The first one said 4 GOTN.

Anyway, we thought today would be a good day to post it, since the old cockslinger… I mean, gunslinger has been in the news quite a bit.

Granted, the photo isn’t the greatest, but that’s because it was snapped in a fit of rage.

“I was driving home the other day and this asshole cuts me off. I was pissed as hell, but after I looked down I had to laugh,” Tyler told us.

To whoever owns this vehicle I would like to say, just because you’re clever doesn’t mean you can cut people off. You could kill a Packers fan. If you happen to be in Minnesota, feel free to drive however you want.

Brett Favre: Judas


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