Aaron Rodgers Not Surprised Brett Favre Is A Dick

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Back into the fish bowl.

That’s right. It’s [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink] week, and with that comes the obligatory questions for Green Bay Packers quarterback [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] about Minnesota Vikings quarterback [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Brett Favre[/intlink] and their time together in Green Bay.

As has been the case with all of the questions up to this point, Rodgers handles them with class, but really doesn’t have much to say. Last week, Yahoo! Sports Graham Bensinger interviewed Rodgers and asked him about his time with Favre.

The video is online, but unfortunately, they won’t let me embed it, so here’s the summary.

Bensinger asks Rodgers if it was hard for Favre to get close to him since he was brought in to take Favre’s job.

“I’m sure that made for an interesting dynamic, I know in his mind, being a veteran, having played multiple seasons, being the guy for multiple seasons and then having the team draft a guy to eventually take your place. But I can tell you on my side, there was nothing but cheerleading and hard work and I kept my mouth shut, but if there are any other feelings, I think you’d probably have to ask him,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers goes on to say he hasn’t had much contact with Favre since he left the Packers, before Bensinger asks him how surprised he was Favre didn’t return his phone call during the first unretirement saga.

“Not overly surprised,” Rodgers said.

“Once we got into March and the situation that followed, it really was not surprising.”

So there you have it. Aaron Rodgers is not surprised Brett Favre is a dick.

For Bensinger’s full interview with Rodgers click the link.

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20 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Not Surprised Brett Favre Is A Dick"

  1. mike r

    With the injuries mounting and the Packers season looking more bleak by the day, I can only hope that we can give Grandpa Brett the ole’ FU with a win at Lambeau this year. The somewhat lost season would seem all OK if we can stick it to Favre, and watch him do more of what he has been doing so far this year (proving how big of a dick he is, and that he is officially washed up). We have our core players in place. We are young, and hopefully next year we can stay healthy and make our run.

    • Jeff has a point here. We’re all so quick to attack Favre when Aaron Rodgers has displayed even worse behavior. Oh, wait. Nope, he had been and remains today unbelievably patient and gracious in handling the Favre bullshit and distractions. Oh and he shows up to OTAs and training camp. And he doesn’t text pictures of his jazz trio to sideline reporters.

      But let’s all roll our eyes, right Jeff?

  2. Jordon

    Never ceases to amaze me the bitterness still that Packer Nation holds unto. Its over, he gave 16 pretty good years and he’s moved on. But apparently you guys haven’t they used to say Green Bay fans were the best, not anymore!! You’ve got an up and coming QB, so grow up enjoy the memories, they gave McNabb a standing ovation when he came back, that’s class. Green Bay has sunk lower then Philly fans, who’d have thought. Bensinger your the bigger dick!!

    • RodgerDat

      GTF outta here, he moved on until he signed with the vikings. That made his intentions clear- payback. With absolutely no concern about pissing fans off. He’s a scumbag filthy hick and his actions in the past 3 or 4 years have shown that.

  3. chitter

    I think the greatest thing in the world would be if everyone at Lambeau simply laughed and pointed everytime Brett took the field. Just non-stop laughter rocking that stadium. No booing. Just laughing which would force the broadcast team to deal with talking about it all night long.

  4. matt fox

    Yep, you guys are young and hopefully you can make your run next year. That never gets old to say for you guys, huh?

    But yeah man, a lot of Packer fans have shown their true colors and, to be honest, are honestly just as bad if not worse than Viking fans. The bitterness and mean-spirit shown by this website and its fans, as well as their complete and utter disregard for reality, shows just how mean and stupid some Packer fans really are. It was an extremely sad realization for me. Maybe even sadder than the Packers right now.

    P.S. It’s hard to point and laugh at someone who owns you and is about to kick your ass for a third time. You can try though.

  5. iltarion

    It always amazes me there are still Viking fans left. No sport franchise has ripped the hearts out of their fans with the gusto of the purple choke artists.

    I remember being at the last game of 2003, Packers-Broncos. Despite crushing the Broncos, we don’t make the playoffs without the Vikings losing to the Cardinals. Guys behind me followed the MIN-AZ game the whole time. MIN is winning the whole time. Then the Cards get a late score. Guy reminds me Cards still need the onside kick and then to score another TD with only their back-up QB in there, more like a back up to a back up. I remember telling the guy straight up- “Don’t worry. If anyone can find a way to choke this away, it is the Vikes.”

    Hahahaha… THAT was a great day.

    Even after selling your soul for a former Packers’ great, you still couldn’t avoid being who you are- a cautionary tale, a Greek tragedy. And yet, like cockroaches, the Viking fans somehow survive it all. Apparently, “Wow, we really choked that away.”- just never gets old for Viking fans to say, huh?

    The Brent Favre departure and the Donovan McNabb departure are two TOTALLY different things. Even the national radio guys knew enough to admit that, but they are more attuned to reality than Viking fan.

    You try to tell us about Brent, and we laugh. You don’t know shit about Joe Bob Favre. You are the new, eyes-glazed-over, girlfriend talking to the ex-wife. You will learn, in time. Really, Brent and Minnie are a match made in heaven. What better place for the king of the playoff heartbreak to go than the home of the heartbroken fan- Minnesota.


  6. matt fox

    Winning a superbowl is the king of playoff heartbreak? okay. I mean, at least Favre can even make it into the playoffs.

  7. toolkien

    I suggest Favre Lovers compehend that Rodgers is in the Manning and Young stratosphere and Favre is in with Roethlisberger. Some guys are students of the game and are excellent tacticians and some guys are durable lunks that sacrifice brain for skull. And Roethlisberger has managed two rings while Brett could manage only one and that with the second best team in Packer franchise history. Otherwise, he was pretty clueless what to do when the real pressure was on. Basically bad passes to the opponents seems to be the upper end of his “positive” range of solutions.

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