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The following video sums up what most of us were feeling as the Green Bay Packers fell to the Chicago Bears, Monday night.

The agony and the ecstasy may be an appropriate title, although switching it around is probably more accurate. I can’t really see what was going on in the game, but my guess is this is the point where Nick Collins’ interception was negated by Morgan Burnett’s pass interference penalty with under two minutes to play.

At the time the penalty was called, many of us wondered how the officials could essentially decide a game on such a call.

After the game, Charles Woodson wondered the same thing.

“Somehow,” Woodson said, “you’ve got to get away from letting quarterbacks throw the ball up for grabs when both players have engaged downfield and then you get the penalty and they get the ball at the [9]-yard line. That needs to change. That’s heartbreaking for a team to battle all game and then it’s always the offensive guy that gets that call. That has to change.”

There’s no doubt Burnett and Bears receiver Earl Bennett were tied up on the play, but the two players were battling with each other, rather than the Packers safety being all over the receiver. More to Woodson’s point, Bennett wasn’t going to catch the ball anyway. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler looked like he threw the ball directly to Collins.

Clearly, if we know anything about the Bears this season, it’s that they’re getting a lot of calls going there way.

Video via Guyism.


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  1. iltarion

    Actually, those fans are reacting to the play where Nick Collins had an INT but dropped it after stumbling to the ground and running into Woodson. The INT was caused by the pass rush of Matthews who drew a holding penalty on the play. The horseshit announcers were so caught up with the holding call that they were completely oblivious to the fact that the Packers just had a game-saving INT slip out of their hands. This has sort of become the forgotten play in this game. There is no excuse for Collins losing that ball after going to the ground. If he hangs onto it and keeps his feet, he likely takes it the other way for the game winning TD. Even if he just hangs onto it after going to the g

    The play was easier forgotten not only because of the holding but also because there was no replay of it. I replayed it on Tivo a couple times. Collins appears to catch the ball and take two full steps before falling forward to the ground. He slides into Woodson’s legs and loses the football. There is a brief scramble for the ball, and it is tough to say who recovered it, though a Bear’s player appeared to have the best position on it. Collins gets up and signals Packers ball. Two refs finally come over and wave the ball incomplete.

    Though he appeared to catch the ball, a challenge would likely have been upheld due to the horsemanure rule that says Collins needed to maintain possession of the ball after stumbling to the ground. And even if it was ruled a catch, it was a fumble because Collins was never touched down by a Bear, with the Bears likely recovering. So, thanks to Collins losing possession it was a moot point for the Packers either way.

    Collins would go on to successfully INT a Cutler pass just 3 plays later. Unfortunately for the Pack, a penalty would wipe that one out.

    This is all somewhat reminiscent of the end of the Steeler game last year, when the defense had multiple chances to win the game but somehow failed to deliver. If this team wants to win a SB, they HAVE to come up with these clutch plays.

    • Abe Frohman

      If that was an Offensive play, I’m sure they would have ruled the ball a catch with a fumble then attempted to sort it out via replay. That’s the more conservative approach. Because it was on the defense, they just don’t give a crap.

      I mean the officials were in disagreement. If they’re in disagreement, they have to make the more conservative call and then go to the booth to make sure they get it right.

  2. Matt

    I don’t really care what play was goin on in that video. The packers did NOT get the calls going their way the whole game. Theres no way the packs Oline was holding more than the bears. You dont just stop that kinda pass rush we were putting on w/out a hold here n there. Things will be different when they come to lambeau. The better team DID NOT WIN THAT GAME.

    • Abe Frohman

      I agree 100%, Matt – but at the same time, the Zebras are never an excuse (unless Hochuli is calling the game or Tom Brady is involved)

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