Ryan Grant Out For The Year

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Gone, daddy, gone

Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant is out for the season and will go on injured reserve after tearing two ligaments in his ankle during the Packers victory over the Philadelphia Eagles — a story first reported by Jay Glazer.

The injury will require surgery and Grant is expected to be on crutches for 10-12 weeks.

Yesterday, coach Mike McCarthy termed Grant’s injury significant, but the full extent of it was not revealed until today. Grant said he was week-to-week yesterday, but it appears he was being overly optimistic.

From Glazer’s Twitter:

Tough blow for the Packers, I’m reporting RB Ryan Grant is done for the year w severe ankle and leg injuries. Will be placed on IR.

Brandon Jackson will assume the No. 1 running back role and will be backed up by fullback John Kuhn. The Packers are also bringing in Dimitri Nance, a rookie the team picked up off the Atlanta Falcons practice squad.

Nance is an undrafted rookie free agent who played his college ball at Arizona State. He had 21 carries for 51 yards and a 2.4-yard average in the preseason. The Packers brought in Nance over James Johnson, who is on their own practice squad.

The loss of Grant is a blow to the Packers Super Bowl aspirations. Grant has run for more than 1,200 yards in each of the last two seasons. Jackson has never served as a full-time starter.


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25 Comments on "Ryan Grant Out For The Year"

  1. martinez

    Wow, well looks like we’re going to see if Brandon Jackson can carry the load… if not will we have “two busts from the 2007 draft?”

  2. martinez

    why don’t we trade one of our many tight ends for a running back…. maybe a donald lee and a third round pick for on of the cowboys running backs… or better yet… mark tauscher and a pack of brats for felix jones… that would fix their offensive line problem for the time being. haha

    • jeremy

      Shit, Jerry Jones would probably trade two first round picks for Mark Tauscher. And, it would still be one of his better trades.

    • Abe Frohman

      well, I can tell you we don’t want Tashard Choice aka Mr. Fumble that ultimately cost us the game.

  3. RayV#7

    Yea, this is a tragic event. Im still kinda mesmerized that hes out for the WHOLE season, i mean, whos gonna take the pressure of the pass game and Aaron Rodgers now? i just really gotta cross my fingers that Brandon Jackson can get the job done. And we all can all envision a trade that lands us a good back but the chances of that happening are 0.01% if Ted Thompson in the GM. And who did we pick up? Dimitri Nance? who the hell is that guy? with all due respect but didnt we have a chance to sign Brian Westbrook and isnt Willie Parker a Free Agent? CMON TED!!! and having a FB as your 3rd RB isnt a very smart move. a good trade is to send Quinn Johnson, Jarrett Bush, Donald Lee, and a 1st round pick for Chris Johnson. I mean, Tennessee wanted Bush right? lol

  4. chitter

    Anyone else notice the way this guy tackled Grant? It wasn’t much different than a horse collar and it looked like this guy probably tackles this way all the time. It’s difficult to explain in words, but he’s more or less climbing on Grant’s back and using all of his body weight to reef him down. Pay attention next time you see it…to me there’s something dirty about that tackle.

  5. iltarion

    Rumor has it- Willie Parker is now slow. Marshawn Lynch is a punk. Brian Westbrook probably has a concussion as we speak. Aaron Stecker is 34 and hopefully golfing or bowling as we speak.

    Brandon Jackson is our best option. John Kuhn is a fullback if you line him up as a fullback. He is a tailback if you line him up as a tailback. He has ran well when given the chance. So, yes, indeed, we WILL be proceeding with Jackson as our starter and Kuhn as our back up. It is pretty simple.

    This is a passing football team. Jackson is a better receiving option. In a way, our offense is more diverse with him out there. I also think he, or Kuhn, are better short yardage options. Screens were sorrily lacking in Week 1, and with Jackson out there every down, it definitely should improve our screen game. Losing Grant probably does affect our ability to make big plays in the run game, but hopefully, Starks can bring some of that back when he comes back.

    Either way, in short, I believe we are fine as long as Jackson stays healthy. We’ll see what happens against Buffalo.

    • Abe Frohman

      agree with most of what you say, but I don’t see Buffalo as testing our running game much. That’s a team with a LONG way to go.

      I see Jackson breaking more tackles and having a bit more wiggle to him than Grant. But I also see him as slower to make his reads and will therefore have more negative runs.

  6. jeremy

    Why do are so many of you guys calling for washed up old players like Westbrook, Parker, and Ahman Green? Obviously TT and MM have looked at them and don’t think they are worth signing. Neither did the Lions, Rams or any number of bottom feeding teams. Just because you haven’t heard of Nance, doesn’t mean anything. How many of you had heard of Ryan Grant when TT traded for him?

    • Al Borland's Beard

      It’s not usually the bottom feeding teams that would take a chance on a player like that. It’s the teams who are close to competing and would feel like the risk is worth it to give them that extra push.

  7. MAD City Packer Fan

    Good point Jeremy…I think Grant is a impressive back, but there is a reason we are known as a passing team. We haven’t had a real explosive running game. Jackson needs to get some more experience and hopefully make some plays for us. If not Ted better get this team a good 4 down running back and fast.

  8. Vijay

    Wasn’t Marshawn Lynch the RB for the Cal Bears when A-Rod was there? Wouldn’t he lobby for him just like Favre lobbied for R. Moss (A.K.A. Allen Barbre)? Oh wait, TT does not do his QB’s any favors…well, maybe this one he would.

    What about Ahman Green? Well, he’s been in training camp for the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks (like Maurice Clarett) and I heard him speak on our local morning sports show where he said that he’s in better shape now than when he got called into action by the Packers last season. Sign the Batman goddammit!!

  9. RayV#7

    Do you guys know who we selected in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft? Justin Harrell right? and no one expected it right? well do you remember who the Packers really wanted but got drafted 4 picks earlier at No. 12? Yep, that’s Marshawn Lynch, and i know some of you really wouldn’t like to add him or any other available RB but you gotta take a chance on the guy. Even Aaron Rodgers is lobbying for Ted Thompson to bring him in. And what a coincidence it is that we are playing Buffalo this week. i mean, he comes to the city that will be him home for the foreseeable future in Green Bay, WI. and we could easily give up a 3rd rounder for him. but anyways, heres a great article i read about that matter:


    just copy and paste it into ur address bar.

  10. Abe Frohman

    Marshawn Lynch –

    I was reading elsewhere that someone offered a pretty decent deal for Lynch in the pre-season and Buffalo didn’t go for it.

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