Classy As Always, Chicago

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There’s a reason I hate that inbred species known as the Minnesota Vikings fan more than I do the Chicago Bears fan.

It’s because the former is a completely ignorant amalgamation of failure and filth that they pollute the gene pool and make us all worse off. The latter beast is usually docile and like the rest of us, but once and a while gets rowdy and moronic.

In other words, we often overlook or forgive the Chicago Bears fan for their occasional stupidity. After last night’s game, I’m not so sure we should do that anymore. Why?

Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins got in a post-game altercation with a Chicago Bears fan as he was heading into the tunnel.

Collins was provoked by the fan and reportedly threw his mouthpiece at him, before being restrained by Donald Driver.

What prompted the reaction from Collins? Apparently, the fan spit on him and called him the N word.


Way to represent your city and your football team.

Since Collins is probably going to get fined if he says anything else, let me retort to this particular individual on behalf of Packer Nation.

I hope you got in a car accident on the way home and died, so your ignorance can’t be spread beyond Soldier Field.

Collins apologized in the locker room, but the NFL is reviewing the incident.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

20 Comments on "Classy As Always, Chicago"

  1. Anita

    To tell you the truth, I find the Chicago Bear fans to be repugnant. Viking fans are just clueless. Bear fans are knowledgeable and like us, have a history to look back on. They’re just plain douchy about it.

    I’ve been to Detroit, Indianapolis and Chicago to see the Packers play. Detroit and Indianapolis? Treated WELL. Had a good time. Hell, Lions fans joked around with us. They had that kind of eyerolling “God, we suck. Go ahead, just score on us again,” attitude which was actually funny. They had a sense of humor and realize that in the grand scheme of things, this is only a game. I’m not a obnoxious fan. I sit in my Packer jersey/shirt and just clap if something goes right. I don’t behave like an obnoxious visitor.

    I have been to Soldier Field three times. Each time, there was an incident of bad, boorish behavior. First time, I got called “Hey, bitch in the Packer jacket,” and then got hot coffee thrown at me. Jacket stained and ruined. A WOMAN did this. Classy!

    Second time: drunk, bearded, 300 pound male blocked my path to my seat and sprayed me with spit and told me to go back to Wisconsin. Did I mention that I’m a 5’2″ female? He blocked the stairs so that he was towering over me even more than normal and then tried to push me down them. I side stepped him and he fell on his face. Nice.

    2007, the infamous cold weather game that the Packers and Brett decided they couldn’t be bothered to show up for. After putting up with the guy behind me calling me “sister” and poking me in the back of the shoulder for three hours, screaming for the Bears to “break Brett’s legs,” I politely told him to STOP touching me. I was basically numb with cold, but it still hurt to have an idiot poke you in the back repeatedly. “Fuck you, sister. Your boys are going DOWN.” My reply, “Yeah, I’ll have to console myself while I watch my team in the playoffs while yours is on vacation playing golf.” “ONE AND DONE SISTER!” Okay, whatever, we know he was wrong on that, but so much for Windy City hospitality. I stood up and nearly came to blows with him. I think he would have willingly fought a female, too.

    Now, I’m a Cubs fan. I actually like the Brewers too. Comes from my childhood growing up in WI and having one in the AL and one in the NL. I’ve been to Milw Country Stadium, Wrigley, Comiskey, Tiger and Yankee Stadium. None of them came close to Soldier Field as far as the amount of pricks in one place. I look around Wrigley and think, “Are these people the same idiots that watch football downtown?” Doesn’t seem like it. It’s a little more white trash at Soldier Field.

  2. tony

    So after saying how pathetic the Chicago Bears fans are for having one spit on a Packer player, you come out and wish a fan to die.

    Assuming one person represents all the fans of a team, than what makes Packer fans (represented by you and your “hope you die” comment) and better than the Bears fans who spit on a player?


    • Al Borland's Beard

      In all fairness, if this guy does something as reprehensible as spitting on a stranger while calling him a derogatory term over what? A football game? We would probably be better off with less people like that.

  3. tony


    So after saying how pathetic the Chicago Bears fans are for having one spit on a Packer player, you come out and wish a fan to die.
    Assuming one person represents all the fans of a team, than what makes Packer fans (represented by you and your “hope you die” comment) ANY better than the Bears fans who spit on a player?

  4. Tom

    You’re going on hearsay about ONE fan, and generalizing about the whole city. Yes, this fan was obnoxious and probably drunk, and there are plenty of those in each team’s fan base. But to use this to make an over-reaching generalization about the entire group is a bit too convenient if you’re on the other side. Please. I saw how Brett Favre was treated on his return to Green Bay last year. I saw all the planes, the signs, and the t-shirts. It was mean-spirited and shameful after what he meant to them for so long. I’ve been to Lambeau as well and have seen ugly incidents brought on by Packers fans. So for Packers fans to look at this and try to lecture Bears fans about CLASS is beyond hypocritical.

    Bottom line: Yes, there are classless Bears fans, and I dislike them all. But I’ve seen just as many classless Packers fans.

  5. Tom

    P.S. Way to jump to a conclusion before all the facts come out, not to mention gloss over Collins’ behavior in this incident.

    P.P.S. Way to wish this particular fan to be killed in a car accident on the way home, once again proving my point about class.

  6. Abe Frohman

    If Collins had shown some professionalism on the field and been able to control himself, perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten that 15 yarder called against him that lead to Chicago points. I hope he does get fined. Treating the fans that way, drunken idiot douche or not, will not be tolerated.

    Stated another way – how many millionaires are getting in bar fights and getting sued by the loser that provokved them? Not too many. Why? Because they have to know better. Or stated yet another way, is okay to abuse your spouse because “she really had it comin’ to her”

    It’s hard to have the upper moral hand when Collins pulls this type of crap.

  7. jeff ircink

    may I?

    course i hate the Bears more than i currently am not backing the Pack.

    true story. went to a Bears/Packer game back when Favre first started playing with GB. game at Chicago. we lost. we were RUNNING out of their for fear of getting pounded by Bears’ fans. fucking assholes. i turn to my best friend and say, “these guys are assholes”. he says to me (i hadn’t been to Lambeau yet at that time), “irc, you should see how Packer fans treat the opponents fans at Lambeau”.

    just saying….

    two cents. watched the game with my father. shoulda been a Packer victory. Rodgers played well…

    • Abe Frohman

      I’m not sure what you’re saying here. It’s pretty vague.

      EVERY game I’ve been to there’s always someone wearing a jersey for the opponent. I’ve never seen anyone be anything even remotely disrespectful. Sure there’s the teasing, but I’ve never seen it go “too far.” In fact, I’ve never heard a story of people saying “Packers fans were the biggest assholes” or something along those lines. Hell, I remember an owner (was it Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder?) flipping off Packer fans in the parking lot.

      Are there any specific claims you have personally seen or experienced?

      woulda coulda should doesn’t get it done, Jeff. Lots of ways to win. Lots of ways to lose.

      • Al Borland's Beard

        There is that tradition of mooning the opposing team’s bus as they leave the stadium which served as the basis for Randy Moss’ TD celebration in the playoffs a few years back. Although, that’s really not that mean spirited

  8. jeff ircink

    …and i hate the city of chicago. hate their cars, their license plates, the way they drive, hate the traffic, hate the women, hate the men, hate the babies, crooked politicians, expensive piece of shit city. arrogant pricks.

    • Tom

      Eloquent. Another fine example of the hypocrisy of Packers fans seeing fit to lecture Bears fans about ‘class’.

  9. MAD City Packer Fan

    Screw that fat racist pile of douche Bear fan!! Anyone would have stopped and said something after getting spit on and called something like that. Just because Nick Collins is pro does not excuse that fuck heads behavior. That goes beyond anything he did in the game. I hope the NFL does nothing and warns fans to shut the fuck up or they will be banned from further events.

  10. iltarion

    I have gone to probably around 25 Packer games over 20+ years. We don’t have the greatest seats in the world so there are usually fans wearing the gear of the opponent in our vicinity at each game. I have never seen any abuse other than words directed at any of these fans. I did see one of THEM ejected for obnoxious behavior, but that is it. Never saw an actual Packer fan ejected for behavior towards an opponent’s fan.

  11. duG (Bears fan)

    Between this and Urlacher’s comments, I would guess that rivalry is alive and well after all, eh Monty?

  12. duG (Bears fan)

    Here’s my other thought: the millionaire got mad. The game was over. He made a bonehead personal foul at a critical point in the game and was salty that his interception was voided by a pass interference call.


    the millionaire got mad.

    This does not fit into the NFL’s goal of maintaining a clean image. As a highly paid professional athlete he needs to be above whatever happens off the field, especially when he’s still in uniform. That fan was a total dickhead but do not make excuses for Collins unless it’s prefaced with “the millionaire got mad.” Even then, it sounds exceptionally silly. He gets paid to play a game and he should not lose that perspective no matter how much he was ‘provoked.’

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