Like The Rest Of Us, Favre Has No Respect For Brad Childress

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C'mon, who wouldn't respect this guy?

Apparently, the real reason Brett Favre was thinking about not returning to the Minnesota Vikings had nothing to do with his health.

Favre, like the rest of us, has no respect for Vikings’ coach Brad Childress.

It makes you wonder — what does it say when a guy who no one has any respect for, says he has no respect for another guy? Is that like the double kiss of death or is it just the pot calling the kettle black? Anyway…

One of the biggest issues playing out behind the scenes in Minnesota is that many players, particularly on offense, have no respect for Childress. Among those players is Favre, who officially returned to the team Wednesday. According to multiple team sources, Favre’s disdain for Childress is deep.

“Brett thinks Childress has no clue about offense,” a Vikings player said.

Childress’ presence, not Favre’s ankle injury, was one of the biggest reasons Favre was hesitating about playing again, sources said. In early July, Favre had indicated to one player that he was likely to play. However, after Childress visited Favre on July 19, Favre’s desire to return declined.

I love it. Does anyone want to predict the over/under on when the Vikings implode this season?

First sign of adversity? First two-game losing streak? First time Favre gets in an argument with Childress on the sidelines?

It looks like the love fest in Minneapolis is nothing but a bunch of made-up BS.

It’s a good thing the Vikings gave Childress a contact extension through the 2013 season, last November. As usual, the Minnesota Vikings organization shows just what a joke it is.


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38 Comments on "Like The Rest Of Us, Favre Has No Respect For Brad Childress"

  1. billyschwills

    I think it’s a smoke screen. I would be willing to bet a few nickels that behind the scenes, Favre and Chilldress are drinking hot tea, 66ing each other, and reading some Chicken Soup for the Stretched Out Anus.

    • Abe Frohman

      I see Chilly as more of a “mint julip” kinda guy. Maybe he and Brett can bond over a pedicure and a nice relaxing day at the spa because they need a little pampering every now and then. Unfortunately, things go sour when Brett suggests a facial and Chilly gives him the Dirty Sanchez.

      I gotta tell you Billy, you’re a pretty creative and funny guy.

      • billyschwills

        Thanks Abe…long time reader, pent up excitement for the upcoming season, and now i have a place to vent my creative vulgar thoughts on sports at least. Thank you for the kind words…i enjoy reading what you have to say as well.

        Go Pack Go!

        I still think i picture a single wine spritzer, two straws, and Favre and Chilly giving each other up and under reach arounds.

        • LOL yah your pretty talented…don’t go all Favre on us and switch to Minnesota j/king

          I can see the residents viking fans (all two of them) cowering hoping to stay out of your radar..hahaha

          • billyschwills

            Sweet Jesus…i just clicked your blog link. Amazing…you my, my friend are incredible.

            A blog dedicated to badmouthing Jeff Ircink

            God damn, do i have respect for you!

        • Abe Frohman

          I mean the sittng there on lounge chairs with green goo on their face, cucumbers on their eyes drinking a froofy drink. Maybe a little umbrella sticking out of the drink. Some cute chickie is working away on their toes and hands. Perhaps Chilly has Madge soaking his hands in Palmolive. Then whammo….

  2. jeremy

    I’m interested to see how this all pans out.

    Anyone remember the Dallas Cowboys 2008 implosion?

    I do, and I remember a total lack off discipline on that team. Players doing whatever the f*&k they wanted, making a big show of themselves, coming up with their own game plans in hotel rooms and blowing off the coach.

  3. MAD City Packer Fan

    We all know Favre never shuts up about how great he is so this implosion is almost a guarantee. Can’t wait to see it all unfold.

  4. tequila

    I can already smell blood….sweet baby jesus I can’t wait to beat them twice and watch Brent throw limping 17 interceptions.

    • Abe Frohman

      and still not be on the injury report. Then maybe he can get Chilly fined just like Mangini on his way out of town.

  5. jeff ircink

    billyschwills – I’M badmouthing? hmmm….you must not read any of the Packer fan comments on this site.

    • billyschwills

      Read closer, pal. I was commending another commenter for having a website dedicated to badmouthing you. That is why i love him so…

  6. matt fox

    The best part about all of your comments is that its deja vu. I remember last year hearing from Packer fans like you guys about how Favre was going to do terrible and throw 17 interceptions against the Packers and get his neck broke by Nick Barnett. And I also seem to remember Favre throwing zero interceptions, getting sacked zero times, and the Packers winning zero games. Interesting.

    • captain jack

      i also remember viking fans bragging about having a superbowl season under favre……how’d that work out?

  7. Friendly reminder to all you viking fags (fans)

    BrINT Favre’s the Last 10 Years of Glory

    2001-02Rams vs.Packers. Favre threw 6 interceptions(three returned for touchdowns) in a 45-17 loss

    2002-03 Green Bay vs Falcons. Favre 2 interceptions 24-7 loss

    2003-04Eagles vs Packers. Favre threw an interception in overtime setting up eagles game winning field goal 20-17 loss

    2004-05 Green Bay vs. Minnesota. Favre threw 4 inteceptions in a 31-17 loss

    2007-08 NFC championship Giants-Packers . Favre throws interception in overtime setting up Giants game winning field goal in 23-20 loss

    2009-10 NFC championship Vikings-Saints. Favre throws interception leading to overtime game winning field goal by saints in 31-28 loss

  8. Matt Fox

    Favre had a torn biceps tendon? And Favre improved their record by 5 games? And the Packers went 6-10 that year, 7 less wins than the year before? Let’s shut the fuck up when your team sucked HARD that year? Absolutely. And those are some interesting stats. I enjoy the 3 consecutive mvps, most wins for a qb in the regular season and playoffs and, most importantly, the superbowl ring. That’s just me of course. As mentally challenged Packer fans you guys obviously like the zero playoff wins and 0-3 record in big games that Aaron Rodgers sports. Good for you. Hope that works out this year.

    • Excuse me so we gotta go back 2 decades instead of one to find consistency in BrINT, Hey Don Hutson was the man back when dinosaurs roamed the planet…Rotary Phones and Brett Favre’s MVPs

    • Abe Frohman

      and he should have, for the sake of the team, said “I can’t play. I have a torn biceps tendon.” Instead, they collapse. The injury gets Mangini and Tannenbaum fined by the NFL for not reporting it.

      Instead, Mr. Selfish keeps playing and tanks the season for the entire team. How’s that for a leader? Noting any trends, Matt?

  9. jeff ircink

    jeremy, let’s also not forget that the Jets had the 4th worst passing D in the league, that their rushing D went from 28 sacks in the first half of the season down to 12 and that the AFC leading rusher, T. Jones, had a high of something like 73 yards rushing in the last 4 games and 23 yards rushing in the last game (Miami) – the game HE said Favre shoulda been pulled from the game. AND even at 8-3, Mangini was calling a lot of dumb ass plays.

    so yeah, Favre had a shitty last 5 games, probably largely due to his shoulder. should he have not played? maybe, but that’s the coach’s call. but it’s a TEAM sport, remember? no I. that’s what Packer fans have been saying about Favre….mr. ego. mr. me me me, mr. drama queen?? suddenly now the Jets’ season is blamed on one guy – Favre.

    same with those playoff stats, PFINFL. you think Favre looks at his watch and thinks, “oooo, it’s the playoffs…i better play shitty and throw INTS.” what about all the wins that GOT them to those playoff situations? or what about the other players’ degree of play that added to those games you mentioned. i’m not saying Favre’s not at fault – i’m just saying he ain’t the only guy on the field.

    • No Jeff, I think Favre just chokes in critical moments, He can’t be coached because of his ego, and he will always just ‘toss it up’. During the 90s he was still at that point in his career where he knew the line of command and showed up for training camp.

    • Abe Frohman

      You guys are FAR too selective when you talk about team sports and individual honors and statistics. You pick the one that seems to make your case better. The bigger point you seem to be missing is the similarities, the trends. If it was the occasional thing, you’d have a point, but the history is really pretty staggering.

  10. jeff ircink

    i don’t buy it, abe. if memory serves me correctly, wasn’t that Philly lost the infamous 4th and 26? the Packer D stunk up the field on that play, allowing the game to go to OT. where’s their blame in that game? again, i’m not laying praise on Favre for the INT but again – it’s a TEAM thing.

    giants v. packers. i forgot how well our rushing game was that game. 23 yards total. but favre throught the INT so that loss was all his fault.

    i already stated the other factors that led to MN losing to NO last year, so.

  11. jeff ircink

    yeh, Favre takes chances. i buy that and it hurts the team at times. but he had 7 INTs last year and helped get them to the NFC Champ. game based on many of his plays.

    live or die. live and die. some of us can live with it and some can’t.

  12. jeff ircink

    NEWS FLASH!! According to, “The strained relationship between Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and lineman Albert Haynesworth escalated Sunday, one day after Haynesworth used his post-game interview to voice his displeasure at his playing time during Saturday’s preseason game against the Ravens.”

    my God; here i thought Favre and Chilly were the only people who disagreed amongs themselves.

  13. jeff ircink

    not comparing the two – more like comparing the situation. i don’t think you’re cold, PFINFL. just cruel sometimes. ;)

  14. Cactus Jack

    ” Does anyone want to predict the over/under on when the Vikings implode this season?”

    when we beat them 31-3!

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