Jermichael Finley Is A Moron

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But boy can he play!

This, according to former Green Bay Packers tight end Mark Chmura, who has made a questionable decision or two himself.

Chmura has repeatedly called Jermichael Finley a moron on his radio show.

“He is a great player, but he is a moron.” Chmura said Sunday during his gig as a host on ESPN Radio 540. A silly post-game quote sparked the derision, but this isn’t the first time Chmura has questioned Finley’s intelligence.

“Is Jermichael Finley stupid, arrogant and/or both?” Chmura asked beat writer Jason Wilde back in May.

Wilde eventually offered up that he doesn’t think Finley is “a terribly bright person . . . what’s the saying? All the tools and no toolbox?”

Chmura said at the time he “smelled a pending disaster” brewing when it comes to Finley and continued to ask if he was a moron.

“First thing I’d do, I’d say Shut your mouth. Shut up. Shut up! You’re dumb,” Chmura said.  “You’re a heck of a player but . . . be quiet!”

Certainly Finley has said some stupid things in his day. I remember when, as a rookie, he laid blame on quarterback Aaron Rodgers for mistakes that were clearly his, but he’s been pretty much a model citizen since then.

Sure, he’s been a little brash, particularly in calling out New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, but Finley looks like a guy who can back up his talk.

Chmura, on the other hand…

Everyone deserves a second chance and Chmura was a great player for the Packers, but the last thing most of us remember him for is attending a post-prom party and ending up in a hot tub with some girls who were under 18… and drunk. Chmura was accused and acquitted of sexual assault, but if you want to talk about moronic decisions, I think that’s a good place to start.


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15 Comments on "Jermichael Finley Is A Moron"

  1. Cody

    Seriously Mark? Pretty sure you need to shut the fuck up on this one. At least he’s smart enough to not put himself in any illegal situations (so far). Keep your mouth shut and enjoy retirement watching Finley tear apart defenses this year.

  2. Boston

    I don’t think he was saying that Finley isn’t classy, or that he’ll divide the team and be a clubhouse cancer, but just that the guy probably isn’t very intelligent, in a purely academic/IQ way.

    He seems like a nice guy, maybe a little immature, but it’s not like his options were PhD or NFL.

    Really a dick comment by Chewie though

  3. What’s that saying…better to tend to the plank in your own eye before telling your fellow man about the speck in his.

    Pot calling the kettle black.

    Or just plain old: hypocrite.

  4. Kyle

    I don’t think Finley is as unintelligent as he sometimes appears through the media. I think he is still getting use to the stardom and gets a bit nervous when being interviewed. For instance, after the family night scrimmage he said “I’ve got one word for you… Dallas, TX Super Bowl, baby!”. He also seemed very nervous and uneasy when being interviewed on Jim Rome’s radio show recently. I think he’ll come around as he becomes use to being a star player.

  5. jeremy

    What a shining example of psychological Transference…

    Is he going to accuse Finley of accosting high school girls now too?

  6. captain jack

    Jeremichael is only 22 or so years old, of course he’s a little … “not bright”, neither was Favre or Rodgers or Driver when they were young.

  7. tequila

    The stories of Favre, his linemen, and his tight end back in the day make Finley look like an altar boy. Chewie is a dipshit. Why is he on the radio? Give the job to a real Packers hero: LeRoy Butler.

  8. matt fox

    What I’ll never understand is why you guys shit talk players who have won superbowls for you and defend players who havent done anything. Its extremely perplexing.

  9. tequila

    Matt, the fact you still miss the basic meaning of just about every post and subsequent comment is just plain startling. Seriously, I don’t know where to start, so I wont.

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