I Was Going To Post A Video Here, But…

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Some time ago, the official site of the Green Bay Packers was redesigned.

Someone told me it looked slick and I agreed that it did look decent. The only problem is it doesn’t work for shit. It’s like I ordered an escort that looks like Kim Kardashian and they sent over Khloe with a paper Kim mask tied around her head.

What morons designed this thing? It is not befitting of the finest team in the history of sports.

Anyway, about the video. I found a video of Aaron Rodgers on ESPN’s site I wanted to post here. I noticed it was from this particular Packers site.

I tried to post it via ESPN’s code. The code didn’t work when I got it on the page. I went to the Packers site and found the same video.

Only one problem. The site does not allow you embed video… unless you’re ESPN, I guess.

I mean, I thought the year was 2010.

Here are some other problems the junior high schooler who designed the site also ignored.

— the RSS feed doesn’t work, nor do any of the RSS links actually lead you to a feed.

Really? I could fucking code that.

— the old links are dead.

Nice. I bet your Alexa ranking his skyrocketing. Way to go!

Since I cannot support such an inferior product, I will no longer mention or link to said Packers site.

Consider this your main source for anything Packers-related.


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