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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

25 Comments on "Brett Favre: Forgotten"

  1. jeff ircink

    not a MASH fan, hey Reggie? you’re as unoriginal on your blog comment as you are on this website. go figure.

  2. LOL you deleted my comment…just shows passion=censorship. You should kiss monty’s ass as he allows you to post anything you want on this blog…unlike yours in which you only allow posts that kiss your ass….

    Jeff,IrcaDink is a fucking disgrace to the blog world!!!

  3. matt fox

    You guys are just PRAYING that he stays retired, i know. Will you guys at least support Ted Thompson’s firing when the Packers lose the bears and lions this year?

  4. jeff ircink

    reginald (packerdoucheINFL). it’s my blog. i can delete ANY comment i feel is douche-like. THAt being yours. as far as being a disgrace to the blog world, you know nothing about blogging, so shut the fuck up, moron.

    • explains why no one comments on you shitty blog…I think the real reason you are here is jealousy..thats right you are jealous.and besides that you are a big pussy. I mean you never even call the blog owner by name..you just talk around him..and get ripped apart in the comments..too funny keep posting

  5. jeff ircink

    oh! that’s a link to YOUR dumbshit fake blog. nice. too bad that’s NOT my license plate, asshole. i don’t have a vanity plate. what’s your license plate say? ASSFUCK or DOUCHEBAG?

  6. jeff ircink

    so jealous, Reginald Von Pasty (aka PackerDoucheINFL). so very jealous. you were so hoping Favre wouldn’t come back, admit it, bitch.

    • Hey dilldoe I said from the beginning he was coming back and encouraged it…he won’t have a choice about retiring next year..he will be in a fucking wheel chair.

  7. jeff ircink

    wait, you saying “a link to my blog”, Reginald. sorry, that’s funny. it’s not a blog. a 5 year old could have set up what you set up (aka a piece of shit).

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