Trouble Brewing In Minnesota?

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Peterson is likely to become vocal about his contract

As you probably know, I hate the Minnesota Vikings.

More than terrorists.

So, this potential disaster/distraction/whatever puts a smile on my face.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson isn’t happy. Who would be, playing for that despicable franchise?

Michael Lombardi reports Peterson will be the next player to complain about his contract.

Peterson is still playing on his rookie contract, which was a six-year deal worth $40.5 million. This year, he’s scheduled to make around $7 million and in 2011, he’ll make $10 million — a number that could increase to $13 million with incentives. The final year of the deal will void.

Those aren’t bad numbers, but Peterson wants a long-term deal. At 25, he should be entering the prime of his career and his next deal will likely be his final, big-money long-term contract.

Even though this is only his fourth season, Peterson already has a lot of miles on the odometer and he isn’t likely to be productive after the age of 30. Peterson has logged more than 350 touches the past two seasons and had more than 250 his rookie season. The Vikings have received great production for their dollar with seasons of 1,341, 1,760 and 1,383 yards rushing and 13, 10 and 18 touchdowns in 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively.

Not to suggest Peterson is already slowing down, but he’s likely to slow down sooner than most backs, not simply because his touches are so high, but because of his hard-nosed running style. Peterson’s yards per carry have decreased each season he’s been in the league — 5.6 in 2007, 4.8 in 2008 and 4.4 in 2009.

Those are all above-average numbers, but they aren’t going in the right direction.

There’s already been a hint of discord between Peterson and the Vikings. Peterson skipped the team’s mandatory minicamp earlier this offseason. He hasn’t publicly brought up his contract, but it seems like only a matter of time and the Vikings haven’t given any indication they’re working on or are open to working on a new deal for their star back.

Knowing the Vikings, they’ll do something stupid, like when they gave coach Brad Childress a contract extension for… letting Brett Favre make him look like a serviceable NFL coach.

I think it’s about time the Vikings implode. Hopefully, this will be the conflict that triggers the reaction.

That, or Jared Allen will finally get caught fucking barnyard animals.


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61 Comments on "Trouble Brewing In Minnesota?"

  1. jeremy

    Maybe on signing day Clay Matthews can snatch the contract extension out of Peterson’s hands and run away with it.

  2. matt fox

    Peterson needs to learn not to fumble and single-handedly ruin NFC Championship games. AP, you should let Favre punch you in the face for every fumble you lost in that game. Which is three. THREE! Who do you think you are, Ahman Green?!

  3. Abe Frohman

    Jeff – Jolly is not nearly as important to the Packers success as Peterson is to the Vikings. So, while I agree that he will be playing, that locker room is most likely not going to be a cordial place. I’d like to point out it all started with Mr. Noodle bowing to Lord Favre.

  4. How much of an idiot do you have to be that you hate a football team more than terrorists????

    Have fun coming in 2nd or third place in the division again guys.

  5. matt fox

    Hey, Pack fans, this is Brett Favre on what happened when he was trying to come back to the Pack.

    “There was just silence,” Favre told the magazine. “I said, ‘Well, what are we gonna do?’ “They made it pretty clear I wasn’t going to play there, and I said, ‘How about the Vikings or even the Lions?’ I wanted to stay in the same division. They said that wasn’t going to happen, but maybe Tampa. I said, ‘Fine, trade me to Tampa. I’ll whip your asses in week four,'” Favre stated. “Maybe that was a mistake. I’m flying back to Hattiesburg thinking I’m going to the Bucs, and I get off the plane and (Bus Cook) tells me I’ve been traded to the Jets. I said, ‘Bull,’ but they were smart; they released the news so I’d look like an ass if I backed out.”

    Favre’s just a badass, while Thompson is SUCH a pussaaaaayyyy.

  6. Abe Frohman

    Waffling about retirement so he can avoid training camp and have all kinds of unnecessary media attention makes Favre a bad ass? ummm….okay.

    Or does actually retiring, having a tear laden press conference, then “getting the urge” changing his mind, and expecting Ted to kiss his butt and take him back only to be told NO make him a real bad ass? Seems more like a pusssaaaaayyy begging for attention to me.

    Dude, get a reality check…..not too many people are moaning the loss of Favre here. I’d say the overwhelming majority like Aaron Rodgers and the fact that he could play for another 10 years a whole lot better than the media circus Lord Favre has become.

  7. Abe Frohman

    and one more thing, Matt – not too many Packer fans really believe a whole lot of what comes out of Favre’s mouth.

    There’s blame to be had on both sides – Thompson/McCarthy as well as Favre. Most adults realize that. Bottom line is that if you still “think you can play at a high level” then don’t retire. If you have such a “passion for the game” then don’t retire. Keep playing until they drag you out and no one wants you. Instead it’s this pathetic “I don’t know what I want to do” BS. Does ANYONE believe that? Of course he’s coming back. He’s therefore lying and has no credibility.

    Good luck with T Jack in 2011. I hope you don’t regret passing on Clausen because it would have made Favre uncomfortable.

  8. matt fox

    LOL dude, youre the one who needs a reality check. After losing in the NFC championship game in a heartbreaking fashion Favre was given three weeks to make a decision by Thompson. THREE weeks! Meanwhile the Giants gave Michael Strahan the ENTIRE OFFSEASON. Its a fucking wonder that after feeling the pains of a long season, being forced into a decision, and not feeling wanted by the Packers organization, who didnt once ask him to come back, that Favre made the quick decision to retire. And an even bigger fucking amazement that later after realizing he wasnt ready to retire he would want to come back! Wow, what a douchebag that favre is. I think Favre had done enough in his career at that point to just unretire and want to come back.

    But yes, Brett favre is the uncredible and untrustworthy one, Thompson just went out and hired GEORGE FUCKING BUSH’s PR man to come in and basically turn the Packer fans on Brett after he decided he wanted to come back. Very classy and not shady at all by Thompson. Thompson meanwhile had also been lying for the past 3 years about stuff, so it makes sense to go with his side of the story, rather than Favre’s, who just had been with us for 16 years and treated us great. Buy yeah, your logic makes more sense.

    I also love the Favre loves attention quip. Yes, being unsure about what you want to do and going deep in the middle of nowhere mississippi while the media literally follows you and writes stories about you while your literally hunting and spending time with your family is SOOO attention whory. What a dick. You know, you can make up all the reasons in the world to not like Favre, but youre the one being a douchebag, not him.

  9. matt fox

    Favre’s a badass cause he was ready to go play for the freakin LIONS. Thats how badly he just wanted to play and hes not scared of anything. Thompson, meanwhile is afraid to send Favre to the Lions or The Bucs because they played the packers once or twice a year. LOL. I think the Thompson run Packers new name has to be The Pussy Packers.

  10. Abe Frohman

    I’m the douche? As a Packer fan, I’m not trolling VIkings sites just to be a jag off like you are. Really, other than being a pain in the ass, what is it you’re attempting to accomplish? You also want attention – negative attention. Grow up, Dude. Move out of your Mom’s house, quit jacking off to pictures of your grandma, and get a girlfriend that doesn’t blow up.

  11. matt fox

    I just gave you a valid argument. What are you talking about? I’m a Packer fan too, so rather than just saying stupid things why dont you disprove what I’m saying. Unless you’re ignoring what I’m saying. Or can’t disprove it.

  12. matt fox

    And I could give a shit about attention, im trying to explain to you why youre wrong about Brett Favre. This explains why you think Favre’s after attention too, you just use that argument for everything.

  13. Abe Frohman

    I assumed you were a Vikings fan because I’ve yet to read something positive you have written about the Packers or the organization. So, if it’s Chicken Little “the sky is falling” why are you even a fan?

    I’m not drinking the Thompson Kool Aid if that’s what you’re referring to. I agree he’s made his share of mistakes – including how he handled the Favre situation. I stated as much previously. But as of today, the Board has not asked me or you to run the team.

    Your valid argument has some merits. Yet Leroy Butler has hinted at lots of things that will probably never see the light of day regarding Favre, his motives, and his real personae.
    Favre is a diva. He had his own private locker room. I’m sure the list goes on. Bottom line is that he’s not on the team any longer and so I could give a crap about what happened and why. It’s done. Time to move on and hope for good things with the team that’s on the field. Why not let it go?

    The guy was a good and, at at times, great quarterback. I enjoyed watching him. Don’t caste me in with the lot that said he sucks. But I agree with Tarkenton when he said he’s never seen a QB make so many stupid decisions with the ball. He cost us a few more trips to the superbowl with this type of crap. I was at the Giants game freezing my butt off. It was plain to just about everyone there that Favre was cold and did not want to play and just chucked the ball up – just like he did in Philly. I can’t imagine Rodgers being so cavalier with the ball like that.

    Favre got a free pass becuase he’s a “gunslinger” whatever that means. I take it to mean just as likely to throw a touchdown as an interception on any given play. He’ll win some games for you, but he’ll also cost you some. the 6 picks he threw in the St Louis playoff game was just plain awful. He should have been benched – but Sherman wasn’t strong enough to do it. He began to think and act like he was the team.

    As for the 3 weeks comment, Favre himself said no one forced him to retire. You mean a guy used to making snap decisions with incredible pressure on him didn’t know what to do? So, he tossed in the towel because he was tired and beat up only to have his “love for the game” bring him back. Be a man. Make a decision and stick to it. And whatever the time frame is, 3 weeks or 3 months, in an extremely cut throat business like football, it doesn’t strike me as unreasonable to ask for a commitment from one of your staff so that you can plan accordingly. What if he had retired in June? Would that have changed the drafting needs? Most definitely.

    Wanting to play for the Lions doesn’t make him a bad ass. It makes him small of stature and vindictive. He went to the Queens because he had his lap dog in Darrell Bevel there and Mr. Noodle to wipe his ass for him.

    Favre and Bus Cook have carefully orchestrated this retirement dance for the last what – 7 years and counting. More? It’s a marketing ploy to keep the Favre “brand” in the news and relevant. If he truly didn’t know what he was going to do, why would he have had well timed surgeries to insure his return for the regular season and miss training camp? They are operating on the premise that more exposure is good – even if it’s bad exposure. His hiding in Mississippi is just part of the act to keep people guessing and talking to him. If we knew what he was doing, the media wouldn’t have to chase after him and it wouldn’t be news, would it? He’d just show up like every other player lucky enough to be on a team. He’s NOT a victim in this. He’s the cause.

    We’re seeing Favre in more commercials than ever before now, too. It’s all too convenient to be anything other than publicity stunts and a way for a guy that loves the game but wants to avoid practice. Consider the timing of his so called “retirement” and/or no comment statements. They draw attention to himself at times when the NFL has other things going on – like the draft. Each and every time…..

  14. jeff ircink

    anon – if Favre lost that NFC Champ. game, then AR lost the Packer-AZ game, jerk-off. i love it how Packer fans bitched that Favre is selfish and an egotist and that there’s no I in TEAM, then blame HIM for the loss (but, using that logic, don’t blame AR for the AZ loss). hypocrites.

    abe f. – chock on the koolaid, ass.

  15. jeff ircink

    blah, blah, blah. the train has left the station, yet you bitches keep talking Favre up more than your own QB. you’re all pathetic.

  16. Abe Frohman

    Bottom line is that you’ll never be able to “prove me wrong” Matt because neither of us have enough inside information to know all the facts. These are opinions, nothing more.

    If your opinion is that Favre earned the right to ask for his old job back from Thompson, there is some merit to your position. But perhaps the Diva had pulled enough other crap while there as to thoroughly annoy the entire management structure and coaching staff to the point where they just got sick of his crap – like the crazy ex girlfriend that was great in bed, but just a whack job otherwise. Sooner or later you say “it’s just not worth the hassle.” Plus there was another hottie just waiting in the wings….and the only reason the second hottie is there is because the girlfriend kept saying she was going to dump you. So, if it were all about Sundays, I’m sure he’d still be on the Packers.

    You have your opinion. I have mine. There’s not a whole lot you can do or say that will change it.

  17. jeff iricink

    I like gerbils.

    Glitter makes me feel pretty.

    I only drink because when my Uncle molested me, i enjoyed it.

  18. Jeff_Iricink

    i like gerbils

    glitter makes me feel pretty

    I only drink because when my uncle molested me, I actually liked it.

  19. RayV#7

    and jeff shut your pipe hole!! oh wait, your piehole is always full of cock 24/7 so nevermind. just shut the fuck up and leave, your stinking up the place. i bet your trailer doesnt have a shower, haha. and matt, you said they only gave favre 3 weeks and strahan the whole season rite? well, michael strahan isnt no Favre and they both play completely different positions. Favre had Rodgers waiting and Strahan had nobody plus Favre was is a Franchise player and Strahan really wasnt. so, its really a different situation that you are comparing to both players. Favre is a QB and had another good one waiting. Strahan had a proven replacement in Justin Tuck already so the Giants didnt care if Strahan returned or not.

  20. matt fox

    Favre was a good, at times great, quarterback? Well, I’m gonna be honest, it’s kind of hard to take you seriously after that comment. Donovan McNabb is a good, at times great quarterback. Brett Favre is a first ballad Hall of Famer, top ten (if not top 5) all time qb. You may not be drinkin Kool Aid, but you’re drinking something.

    And you were at the Giants game? Coulda fooled me. If you were at the Giants game then you wouldve seen that Ryan Grant ran for twenty something yards, the o-line couldnt block, and Al Harris couldnt stop Plaxico Burress for shit, and Favre still was able to throw for two touchdowns. But yeah, he lost that game. And youre blaming Favre for losing the Philly game? Favre put us in the game winning position and the defense couldnt stop Philly on 4 and 26. Youre blaming Brett Favre for that?! We wouldntve been in either of those games if it wasnt for Brett Favre.

    Favre got a free pass because he was a gunslinger? Favre is a three time MVP, superbowl winning, hall of famer whos only two losing/bad seasons came when Ted Thompson took over the Packers.

    I really cant deal with how many stupid things you say, and its fans like you that make me sad to be a Packer fan.

    P.S. Favre is in so many commercials now because he took the Vikings to an 12-4 record and the NFC championship and beat the living shit out of the Packers twice while having one of the best years of his career. So yes, winning is a publicity stunt.You are literally too stupid to talk to.

  21. abe frohman

    Jeff Iricink just texted me and asked if I could type slower because he can’t read that fast.

    Matt – why the hell are you even a packer fan? stop living in the past and get over your man crush on Favre.

  22. matt fox

    Abe, why are you even a Packer fan? If you don’t care about Packer history (one of the best parts of being a PACKER fan, as their the most historical team in the league) then how the hell are you content not winning a playoff game in the past two years? Maybe because you’re secretly a bear fan?

  23. MadcityPackerfan

    The Vikings Superbowl history = Choke, choke, choke, choke, and last year hmmm choke. Don’t listen to these greasy Viking fans Abe :)

  24. Matt Fox

    Yes, the Vikings suck and havent ever won a Superbowl. Who’s disagreeing with this?! And what does that have to do with anything? HAVE YOU BEEN READING OUR CONVERSATION?????????
    (More like MadcityRetard over here)

  25. Matt Fox

    And yeah Ray, that’s true, Favre and Strahan did have slightly different situations. But as they’re two future hall of famers who were contemplating retirement at the same time for two competitive teams I’m just pointing out the juxtaposition in how both players were treated by their organization. It’s pretty obvious Thompson didn’t want Favre back and Favre was treated as such. Just some of the things (and by some I mean most) Abe is saying are a joke. Like, I’m seriously debating whether he’s been on cocaine the past 19 years.

  26. Thompson is an asshole!, Favre is a traitor and I’m still a packer fan…pretty simple. Team loyalty doesn’t exist based on any one person (two assholes). something sell out fucks like yourself will never understand. I bet you own a saints jersey!

  27. jeff ircink

    hahahahahaha…funny, abe. what a wit. traitor, traitor, traitor. fuck fuck fuck. asshole, asshole, asshole. you Packer fans…so if i was never a Packerfan (and just a Favre fan), then you were never Favre fans, right? correct?

  28. PackerFanInFL

    I was a fan of favre (as a packer) up until he quit being a fan of me (not a packer)…team loyalty

  29. Abe Frohman

    Matt –

    did I say I was content not winning a playoff game in two years?

    There’s a reason that they only track wins and losses for quarterbacks and not offensive linemen or defensive backs. Yes, you win and lose as a team. If Favre’s interceptions in those games had occurred in the first quarter you’d have a point. But they happened on the last offensive play of the game. Obviously a hole that the rest of the team was not able to overcome. He now has a history of doing this on 4 separate occassions.

    Yes, history is important. But are you remembering the good times with your ex, or do you think she’s a bitch? Football is a what have you done for me lately game. So, in Favre’s case, it’s been 14 years since he did anything noteworthy for the team.

    and Jeff….i typed slowly just for you.

  30. Abe Frohman

    Jeff – I’m going to get you a thesaurus for Christmas. Your vocabulary is impressive!

    (a thesaurus is like a dictionary, but it gives you alternatives for different words…..oh yeah, a dictionary tells you what words mean – in case you were confused)

  31. Joshua

    Peterson is the best back in the NFL…..I will admit….fumbling has been an issue…..but he has made it priority #1 and is taking alot of lessons from Chris Johnson! Also a great RB……. You know who is running out of steam though……Ryan Grant. Search your feelings…you know this to be true!

  32. matt fox

    How is Favre a traitor? He wanted to come back to the Packers, they said no, we dont want you back, so he went to another team. I think you guys need to look up the definition of traitor. And when has Favre ever stopped being a fan of you? Favre loves Green Bay and will always be a Packer. Just like how Joe Montana played for the Chiefs for his last two years, but he’s still a 49er.

    And, why would I own a Saints jersey? What are you talking about? Why don’t any of you make sense?!?! You can’t just say stupid things randomly! Like that Brett Favre is an okay quarterback (Somebody should remind the Packers of this and tell them to not let Brett throw 7 tds and 0 ints on them next time) . Or that this is a cutthroat business, so the Packers had every right to tell Favre to fuck off, yet then Favre isnt allowed to go do the same thing back and play for another team and you’re mad at him for it (You realize the hypocrisy of your argument Abe? Probably not). Or that I would own a Saints Jersey. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE SAYING?!

    • abe frohman

      WTF is this? When did I ever say Favre wasn’t allowed to play for the Vikings? He’s certainly welcome to. But the fact of the matter is that he chose to go to a division rival that he himself couldn’t stand simply to stick to the Packers twice a season. This is cheap and petty – nothing more – not bad ass as you claim. I for one don’t respect him for it. You seem to think he walks on water no matter what he does. So get pissed and call me names all you want. My opinions are not off base no matter how much you want to pretend otherwise.

      Favre’s qb rating while at GB was what – 85ish? Good…not great. Deal with it. With all the picks he threw, that he obviously could give a shit about, that’s why his number is down. It cost his, and our, team dearly at times. I have not forgotten this – just like I’ve not forgotten 1 superbowl and 3 mvp season – which were great. Why is it so hard for you to hear/accept anything even remotely negative as it pertains to Favre?

  33. PackerFanInFL


    matt fox:

    Or that I would own a Saints Jersey. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE SAYING?!

    Because your a sellout flip-floping flavor (semen) of the month fuck…just like your idol (brett favre..not drew breese)

  34. matt fox

    How am I a sell out? What money am I making because of this decision? And how did I flip flop, I’ve always liked Brett Favre. And how am I a flavor of the month, my views stay consistant every month. I think you need to learn what these big words mean Mr. PackerfanInFL before you use them. Although, this actually explains a lot about your point of views and thinking process, or lack thereof. You literally have the developed mind of an eleven year old.

  35. OK, Matt pull Jeff’s knob out of your mouth school is in session


    sell·out   [sel-out]
    an act or instance of selling out.
    an entertainment, as a show or athletic event, for which all the seats are sold.
    Informal . a person who betrays a cause, organization, or the like; traitor.
    Informal . a person who compromises his or her personal values, integrity, talent, or the like, for money or personal advancement.

    1. well this one is obvious..and act of the following

    2. Like the Packers’s last game was a all of them have been since 1960. Unlike your beloved vikings who face NFL blackouts even when in the playoffs.

    3. This one is your style Matt, you claim to be a packerfan but root for the worst enemy of the team you support..traitor=yes,betrail=yes…total sellout.

    4. As for number 4 (oh the irony)…LeBron James & Brett Favre can flip a coin! I’m sure you will whine,moan, and cry BrINT didn’t do it for the he’s a sellout by standard 3 as well..traitor/Brett Favre are synonymous.

    “Flipflop” see 3.

    “flavor of the month” was refering to the semen leaking out of the side of your mouth..who’s only jeff ircink and the entire team of the minnesota vikings know.

  36. jeff ircink

    Abe – i’m a published playwright, douche bag. you can borrow my thesaurus any time. and as i mentioned on an early post, when you talk to douche bags, you sometimes have to come down to their level.

    • abe frohman

      you assume anyone gives a shit about or remember anything that you have to say? you think people are sitting around at intermission of one of your plays saying “well Jeff Iricink thinks…..” ummm not so much. I’m really sorry to have to break the news to you this way. We all thought you knew.

      If you have to “stoop to our level” so often then I really have to wonder what level you’re coming from in the first place – monkey see, monkey do. You seem to be the first one to resort to name calling and expletives. Why not, for once, take the high road? Prove yourself the bigger man? Or….can’t you?

  37. jeff ircink

    PackerFanINFL – all your comments revolve around BJ’s, knobs, semen and homosexuality. perhaps you should seek professional advice. you know what they say, when one constantly talks about something…..

  38. jeff ircink

    GOTTA agree with matt on the “sell out” thang. no matter what is said, PackerFanINFL will turn it to his favor. matt – no use having an intelligent discussion with most on this site. it’s like trying to talk to a monkey.

    and most minds on this board resemble that of an 11-year-old.

  39. jeff ircink:

    GOTTA agree with matt on the “sell out” thang. no matter what is said, PackerFanINFL will turn it to his favor. matt – no use having an intelligent discussion with most on this site. it’s like trying to talk to a monkey.

    LOL..lemme get this straight (unlike your sexual pref) we are all mindless monekys. and you hang out here as a proclaimed NAMBLA..I mean MENSA member? all smart people hang around and jerk off monkeys all day? I’m confused


  40. jeff ircink

    hahahahaha. NAMBLA? not familiar with that acronym. did you just join? you talk about it enough, monkey.

  41. jeff ircink

    what i write is no concern to you, Doucher PackerFanINFL. whatever it is, it’s smarter than your comments.

  42. matt fox

    Btw, can we all just take a moment to take in how fucked up PackerfaninFL’s father is, tricking his mentally retarded son into give him blowjobs? And slurping up the cum? Absoultely tragic. You, my friend, are a trooper.

  43. Matt Fox

    Awww, the little packer fan. The wittle ittle bitty princess. My quarterback holds the ball too long and throws it into the oncoming defender’s hands when he gets sacked!

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