Packers, Second-Rounder Neal Agree To Deal

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Neal (92), has come to terms

Green Bay Packers second-round draft choice Mike Neal, a defensive end from Purdue, has agreed to terms, according to… Mike Neal.

Neal tweeted a short time ago that the deal is done, leaving first-round pick Bryan Bulaga as the Packers only unsigned draft choice.

The deal is for four years and $3.44 million. It includes a $1.16 million signing bonus, according to Aaron Wilson.

$1.65 million of the deal is guaranteed.

Usually, this is where I post a YouTube video or two with some of [insert name of draft pick]’s highlights, but I couldn’t find any of Neal.


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15 Comments on "Packers, Second-Rounder Neal Agree To Deal"

  1. matt fox

    Yes! Our third highly drafted defensive tackle in four years in a one defensive tackle offense! YESSSSSS!!!

    • Al Borland's Beard

      Except he will be a defensive end in the 3-4 sceme as he’s not big enough for nose tackle. Also, with Jolly now gone and Cullen Jenkins in a contract year, it is actually a need. At least try to know something before you go run your mouth.

  2. RayV#7

    well i still dont understand this pick, but now i am starting to. I was completely silent when they announced Neal was picked by the Packers in the 2nd round. many great players were still on the board at the time and i just hope Neal is worth that 2nd round pick. maybe Thompson knew Jolly would get suspended and picked a DE early. the only thing is that why Neal? he was projected to be a 5th round pick. maybe we could of drafted Terrance Cody from Alabama and put that monster in the middle and kept Raji and Pickett as the DEs but i guess Ted knew that there were some disciplinary issues with Cody. Well, that being said, hope Mike Neal has a big impact with the Packers this year! GO PACKERS!

    • jeremy

      It’s not hard to imagine that Thompson was aware Jolly had failed multiple drug tests and would be unavailable for most of this season. Thus the Neal pick.

  3. matt fox

    And, PackerfaninFL, like I said earlier, you better show your daddy some respect. And since Brett Favre beat the shit out of you twice last year, (it wasnt even close) he owns you. Your like his bitch. And, again, even though it pains me to say it, seeing as the Vikings have won the NFC North and are 3-1 against the Packers in the past two years, they own you too. The Packers are basically a double bitch.

    • jeremy

      Hey Matt, Are you going to stick around if the Packers sweep the Vikings this season? It bet diamonds to donuts your not man enough to own it if the Queens get beat.

  4. Abe Frohman

    Why do I get the feeling that Neal is the second coming of Kenny Peterson? Strong as sin in the weight room, but can’t use it in the game. The lack of highlights suggest that to be the case.

    Ray – Thompson HAD to know Jolly was going to be suspended. This was a need pick. As to where he was rated, if the Packers had him as a 2, then I’m sure other teams did as well. Just because some bozo like Kiper says he’s a 5 doesn’t make it so.

    As to it being the third high round draft choice, I don’t think it’s fair to compare him to Raji as they play different positions. As for Harrell….all I can say us ugh.

    • RayV#7

      Thats true Abe, and i just read the Cody failed his conditioning test with the Ravens and is on the PUP. the main concern is his weight as you stated earlier, he used to be like 400 pounds when he was at Alabama but now he’s down to 360 but thats still way too much. and yea, Kiper is a bozo, HIS rankings dont mean anything compared to what an NFL teams draft board looks like. you might have a 7th round guy at a 4th round teams or vice-versa. its all depends on the teams need. and im also glad we didnt get Sergio Kindle, he also got drafted by the Ravens but he’s also on the PUP for cracking his skull when he fell down a flight or stairs. as good as he is, i just hope we can develop Brad Jones as our LOLB or sign a low cost, little risk veteran, maybe someone like Adalius Thomas. and we all have to hope that both Neal and Wilson learn the system well and other players like Jarius Wynn step up to the plate.

      • abe frohman

        The fact that neither Rex Ryan or the Ravens want Adalius Thomas tells me he’s done. Very few teams know him better.

        Unlike Thompson, I think a few veterans at various positions can help provide key leadership and set an example for these young guys. Kampman’s presence will be sorely missed in that regard. He’s a true class act – yet miscast as an OLB.

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