Nick Barnett: Super Bowl Or Die

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Lofty expectations

Just about everyone is jumping on the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl bandwagon and the players are no exception.

Linebacker Nick Barnett appeared on NFL Network last week and drank some of the Kool Aid.

Barnett was asked, “Super Bowl or bust?”

His reply: “Super Bowl or die.”

Now, I’d post the video here, but the cunts at the NFL won’t let you inbed video. So if you want to see it for yourself, you can see it here.


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4 Comments on "Nick Barnett: Super Bowl Or Die"

  1. PackerFanInFL

    Sounds good to me….like he said he says it everyyear…unlike the minnesota vikings where they say “a fuck…not again”

  2. matt fox

    So does this mean that if that Pack doesnt make it to the superbowl we can murder Ted Thompson? Or will he just kill himself. Im fine both.

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