More Details Emerge On The Brett Favre Divorce

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Favre getting ready for the season in Mississippi

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is a megalomaniacal prima donna, this we know.

We all knew he wanted to stick it to the Green Bay Packers when they decided to move on, even though he said he didn’t.

Despite his previous denial that his move to Minnesota wasn’t about revenge, Favre now admits he wanted to play within the division to get back at Green Bay.

USA Today published several excerpts from an interview with Favre that will appear in Men’s Journal, Wednesday. None was more revealing than the following.

Favre also revealed to the magazine some details about his standoff with Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy in 2007 after he ended his first retirement:

“There was just silence. I said, ‘Well, what are we gonna do?’ They made it pretty clear I wasn’t going to play there, and I said, ‘How about the Vikings or even the Lions?’ I wanted to stay in the same division. They said that wasn’t going to happen, but maybe Tampa. I said, ‘Fine, trade me to Tampa. I’ll whip your asses in week four.’ Maybe that was a mistake. I’m flying back to Hattiesburg thinking I’m going to the Bucs, and I get off the plane and [Favre’s agent] Bus [Cook] tells me I’ve been traded to the Jets. I said, ‘Bull,’ but they were smart; they released the news so I’d look like an ass if I backed out.”

While the Packers were obviously protecting their interests by trading Favre out of the division, in hindsight, you have to wonder why Thompson didn’t look at the Lions as an option.

The Lions went 0-16 in 2008, the year Favre spent with the Jets. Even with Favre under center, Detroit wasn’t going to challenge anyone for anything.

Sure, maybe Favre would have pulled a couple victories out of a hat for the Lions, but even if he beat the Packers once, the Lions were nowhere near a playoff-caliber team. Something tells me, after a year of getting beat down behind the Lions’ atrocious offensive line, Favre would have retired for good and we never would have had to watch him leading the scumbag Vikings to the playoffs.

The world could have been rid of Brett Favre and all of his drama for good and the Vikings would still be trotting out Tarvaris Jackson and pretending he’s an NFL-caliber quarterback.

On top of that, the Packers likely would have won the division last season.

Revisionist history, I know, but it makes you wonder what or if Thompson was thinking.


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81 Comments on "More Details Emerge On The Brett Favre Divorce"

  1. Agreed, I was surprised of the ‘lions’ claim as I heard BrINT would had to agree to the trade and only a handful of teams were being considered..the GM for Jets had to go Matt Fox on (blowjob) him to get him to agree.

    Not, to mention the “good ol’ boy” bringing up old news….who really gives a shit

  2. Backer

    I believe the Lions were an option, about as much as I believe anything else out of Favre’s mouth. I wish he would just shut up.

    He must realize that every harsh word spoken against the Packers makes it that much more difficult for any kind of relationship with the Packers and fans after his playing days.

    Favre, a great player…not much of a person. I appreciate his contribution to the Packers during his time here. I think we can all see the reason he had to go. Between his mouth, his unwillingness to practice, and the many waffles would drive any (normal) coach or GM crazy.

    Mr. Favre…I fear for you the day that you stop winning for the “Queens”. Because no one in this world will turn on you faster than a loosing queen. It will go from billboard signs and purple motorcycle trips, to extreme booing and rants for TJack. All this from the QB that has cost two playoff teams a Super Bowl appearance on perhaps the two worse playoff interceptions of all time (07 Pack, 09 Vikes).

    Your hatred toward the Packers, and the people who run them, is very obvious. Perhaps you should stop looking into the past, and enjoy your new present queen fans.

  3. Abe Frohman

    “I’ve had games when I almost threw seven picks,” Favre told Rodrick, laughing. “It was unreal. Before last year, I’d reached a point where I was sitting in meetings with guys 15 years younger than me thinking, What the hell am I doing here? Football became work. But last year it went back to being a game.”

    THAT guy deserves respect????

  4. PackerlakeMN

    Thompson was thinking that even in Detroit, Favre’s presence anywhere in the NFC North would be a h u g e distraction for the Packers at least twice a year.

    At that point, nobody knew how Aaron Rodgers was going to handle the pressure, and the image of Favre lining up against the Pack- and then beating them- was probably something TT and MM wanted to avoid at all costs.

    Sure, it wound all wound up coming full circle, but Thompson seems to have done everything he could to avoid the circus that first year.

  5. Bharath Venkat

    I love watching Favre play, but he needs to commit to a team sooner than late training camp. A whole franchise is banking on him and he continues to do this every year. I wrote more about this on my blog ( Here is the direct link to my post:

    By the way I am a 49er fan and am not an angry Packer fan. Feel free to leave a comment that hopefully starts a healthy conversation on this topic.

  6. Chris Real

    List of players that will win a Supre Bowl before Aaron Rodgers:

    Brett Favre
    Jared Allen
    Adrian Peterson
    Dan Marino
    LeBron James
    Wayne Gretzky

    • Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! HAHAHAHAHAH! Good won. Hey guys, do you get it? At first I didn’t get it. Hold on I have to laugh more.


      Ok, that’s out of my system. Ok, so let me break this down for everyone because this is some next level jokes right here. Wow, Chris Real. Wow is all I can say. (BTW is this actually Patton Oswalt or Louis CK or something. Holy shit this is so funny.)

      Basically, what Chris is saying is that Aaron Rodgers will never win a Superbowl and that the Packers made a biiiiiig mistake by ensuring a long term future with one of the premier young QBs in the NFL.

      Now, this is by no means a complete list of players. He starts off with three pieces of shit who will in fact not win a Superbowl any time soon then hammer sit home by crossing over into other sports and retired players. Why stop there? Why not throw Mel Gibson, Dick Cheney, and Bugs Bunny on the list? They’ll definitely never win a Superbowl but if they are somehow more likely to win one before Aaron Rodgers, then that just solidifies his status of being a player that will never win a Superbowl! HAHAHAHA! take that Aaron, after all, it’s all your fault!

      Good job, Chris Real. Keep the yucks comin’!

  7. Jack

    I see Brett is still living in the past. Who cares about anything he has to say? The guy couldn’t commit, he expects special treatment and the Packers management got sick of it. Look at the example he is sitting in Minnesota, AP skipped mini camp this year, because Brett did. There is going to be some bad vibes in that locker room this season…if Brett comes back. I also have my doubts that he will be playing like he did last season. Favre’s biggest weakness is pressure and every team that plays the Vikings this season will just follow what the Saints did to them Vikings in the NFC Championship game. Pressure Favre and watch him choke.

  8. Vikes fan

    Packer fans are pissed cause their idol had his best season of his career in Minnesota, by running your mouth and pissing and whining like lil girls it just shows that your upset, if you were really over it and didnt care you would shut your mouth and not say anything.

    • Lol

      wouldn’t call it his best season…not by a long shot, his best was back in the 90’s when he was throwing nearly 40 touchdowns per season and was actually able to lead his team to the superbowl.

  9. Joshua

    Man… must eat up whoever wrote this article that Favre destroyed the Pack last season and will do it again this year. Vikings are the #2 rated defense…..Packers are #4……..and I have a feeling alot more will be done to protect The Old Guy This year! 2011 is the year the Vikings win the Superbowl! Not a team of “Destiny”….a team of “Skill”.

    • Cody Adams

      Hey tool why don’t you make up more ridiculous stats. The Packers actually had the #2 overall defense last year while your princess Vikings had the #6. Keep dreaming that Grandpa is taking you all the way just like you thought he would last year…oh wait that didn’t happen!

    • Lol

      I doubt favre’s gonna throw a last second touchdown against a shitty 49ers defence or that the ravens will miss a game winning fieldgoal this year….face it, the vikes needed luck to win the division last year.

  10. I especially liked the parts from the interview quoted in the ESPN NFC North blogger’s write up:

    Apparently, he describes his first meeting with Bus Cook in 1990:
    “We played 18 holes and then we went back to the clubhouse. He started buying me vodka-and-grapefruits, doing card tricks, and next thing he’s my agent for life.”

    Apparently all it takes to work your way into Favre’s heart is parlor tricks and alcohol. Maybe those Viking fans on the road trip have a shot after all.

    And despite saying earlier in the interview: “I’ve learned a lot through the years,” he describes the INT thrown to Tracy Porter saying “As a player, you’ve got to pull the trigger.”

    Nice to see he haven’t learned to not fuck up at inopportune times yet.

  11. jeff ircink

    hey backer, your comment, “Mr. Favre…I fear for you the day that you stop winning for the “Queens”. i mean, really? wouldn’t that hold true for ANY player that stops performing for their team? wouldn’t ANY team begin to turn on someone who isn’t winning? remember, Vikings’ fans hated Favre before.

    and Kozak and Packer fans, remember this:

  12. jeff ircink

    and Kyle, “Apparently all it takes to work your way into Favre’s heart is parlor tricks and alcohol.” apparently you know nothing about how business relationships are sometimes conducted – in sports, in the entertainment field. for decades, men sitting around drinking and shooting the shoot led to business relationships (i.e. Dean Martin and his manager).

    you’re starting to pick, pick, pick at nothing. typical bitter, hypocritical Packer fan.

    and i also love how Jeremy stated in the very first comment, “que Viking trolls”. as i’ve stated a half dozen fans, you dipshit Packer fans on this site, you wouldn’t have to worry about some of us commenting here if the writers of this blog AND people commenting would simply STOP spending more time on Favre than you do your own fucking QB.

    you call us trailer trash, fuckheads, dipshits, mother fuckers, sister fuckers, etc, etc. but what don’t you get about what i just said? are you all fucking deaf? or just that stupid?

    • Cody Adams

      Why are you constantly on this site. Does it give you a chubby sitting in your basement riling up Packers fans on a “Packers” website. Just go away…seriously, you add nothing to society.

    • You do realize I’m being facetious, with that first statement, right? I shouldn’t have to use an obnoxious smiley to convey that when I’m relaying such a statement that is so clearly untrue. But hey, never let that get in the way of getting worked up into a righteous furor. Congratulations, and here’s hoping you give yourself ulcers.

      And as far as: “if the writers of this blog AND people commenting would simply STOP spending more time on Favre than you do your own fucking QB,” goes:

      (1) The commenters usually don’t talk about Favre if Monty or the writers don’t write about him.
      (2) They would write about Aaron more if he wasn’t inserting himself into the media narrative every two days with this “will I or won’t I, oh look I’m working out with high schoolers, I talked about it to Men’s Journal, blah blah blah BS.”

      For better or worse, Favre is news, and as long as Favre is in the NFC North, he will be newsworthy to Packer fans, as they’ll have to see him and his media circus twice a year, because, face it, the Vikings are a vastly different team without him. Period.

    • PackerFanInFL

      STFU..this site is hosted and obviously uses a “boxed” product. If you truly care about adding an editor email the webmaster at this site findout what blog engine this is and take it up with them…fuck it ain’t like they used some free shit like…come the fuck on man this is professional unlike your amaturish shit.

  13. jeff ircink

    hey Jack…you said. “I see Brett is still living in the past.” why do i always read Packer comments on this blog about “our 12 championships and the Vikes haven’t won one”? past? hypocrites.

    “choke”? like AR putting the ball into an AZ defenseman’s hands. at least Favre threw the ball in the air. HA!

  14. Nick

    Exactly you dumb ass Favre coulda prevented his turnover it was his own fault. Rodgers got blitzed by a corner, he cant block and play QB at the same moment.

  15. jeff ircink

    excuses, excuses. you won’t blame AR for losing the ball but you blame Favre solely for losing games. losers and hypocrites. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! and the facemask non-call. there were PLENTY of non-calls in the NFC championship game last year i could list. you don’t hear me whining about it, do you? AR fucked up. period. admit. life will be easier for you.

    (you forgot to mention AR kicked the ball right into the AZ defenseman’s hands, dumbasses.)

    • jeremy

      You are asking if we hear you whine? Are you kidding? You are the biggest god damn whiner that has ever trolled this site.

    • Lol

      bitter annoying bitch ass viking fans…doing what they do best.

      leech onto a packer’s wesbite and troll.

  16. matt fox

    They can’t not write about Favre every other article and commment the crap out of them all because they miss him so much. If he really was a washed up prima dona who was never that good, like they claim, he wouldnt be worth talking about. But, as he’s a top five all time, hall of fame qb and living legend, as well as the heart and soul of Green Bay, they’re obviously still upset about him leaving. But guys, don’t take your anger out on the man you love. Take it out on the real culprit, the one who brought this tragedy upon us. Ted Thompson!

    • matt fox:

      They can’t not write about Favre every other article and commment the crap out of them all because they miss him so much. If he really was a washed up prima dona who was never that good, like they claim, he wouldnt be worth talking about. But, as he’s a top five all time, hall of fame qb and living legend, as well as the heart and soul of Green Bay, they’re obviously still upset about him leaving. But guys, don’t take your anger out on the man you love. Take it out on the real culprit, the one who brought this tragedy upon us. Ted Thompson!

      You’d have to be an idiot to not realize that it’s the offseason, and unfortunately, the Favre circus is generally the most newsworthy item in the NFC North in the offseason. For the most part, no draft picks worth a damn have signed contracts yet, they’ve been up to date on Green Bay’s draft picks, their financial situation, the Charles Woodson fire, just wrote up on Lambeau’s interest in the Big Ten Title game, but at the end of the day, Favre’s ongoing soap opera is the biggest story out there that affects Packer fans. It doesn’t affect them out of jealousy or whatever your Favre-addled brain seems to think, but rather, as I said earlier, the Packers will play him twice a year, which regardless of his state, is different than playing Tarvaris Jackson. If he was doing this to some team in the AFC that the Pack doesn’t play, you might have more of a point, but as it is, you have no leg to stand on, because his being in the NFC North makes this justifiable (if irritating) coverage, and the fact that there have been a wide variety of other posts simply decimates your narrative. But thanks for playing.

    • jeremy

      I’ve watched Brett play over 280 football games. Several of them in person. I was there when he got carried off of Lambeau field because he had everyone convinced he was retiring.

      You are right he deserves credit for his successes, the MVP years and winning a Super Bowl. But, he also deserves credit for his failures. Such as single handily destroying the Super Bowl runs of several teams. 52 other players and the coaching staff all had just as much on the line as he did when he let his selfishness take over. He also deserves credit for being disingenuous and manipulative, with his selfish attitude that abuses the fans who made him a very rich man.

      Do you want to know what the difference between the Rodgers fumble and Farve Int is. Selfishness. Rodgers got face masked and he dropped the ball. Favre went against the lessons he has been trained in for twenty years and threw the ball across the middle to someone who was not even close to open and turned the ball over when his team was in field goal range to tie the game because he wanted to be the man.

      If you think those plays are even close to the same thing you are a moron who knows nothing about team play.

  17. PackerFanInFL

    AR already beat favres QB rating record in his second season as a starter. Brett Favre will end up being the Third best QB to ever play for the packers..(star has more championships then the hillbilly)…AR could be better then both of them (integrity wise he already is compared to BrINT).

    • I don’t know if I’d go that far. It does sound at times like some of the fans are trying to downplay what Favre did in Green Bay. Yes, there was some absurd talent coming through here under Wolf and Holmgren, and it wasn’t all him, but Favre was at the helm when Green Bay returned to prominence, and whether we like it or not, probably is a first ballot Hall of Famer. He made boneheaded plays but more often than not, he evened it out with mind blowing plays. It’s important to not forget that, and I am grateful for the new chapters he wrote in the history of the Green Bay Packers.

      That said, I do agree that his integrity has taken a massive hit in the eyes of Packer fans, if not anyone else, since God knows ESPN or SI or anyone else won’t challenge him. It’s still altogether too early to say that Rodgers will be a better QB in the grand scheme of things for the Packers than Favre was. I sincerely hope so, and I hope we lock him up for a long time.

      Until then, I will be thankful for what Favre did and angry at how he’s handled himself since he left.

      • PackerFanInFL

        I’m basing my synopsis on potential and I know AR has a long time togo. Compare AR first 2 years as a starter work ethic and over all as a person vs. BF a alcoholic drug addict interception throwing hick (the first couple years). He had a decent run, but in the end he netted 1 superbowl and ended up believing his own hype. Drew Breeze has as many as BrINT and I see Aaron Rodgers more like him..I don’t think brett really helped Aaron that much the years they were together..I mean the asshole wouldn’t even return his phone calls.

        He will go into the hall of fame as a great nfl player…but as a great packer..hell no I hope he goes in as viking.

    • jeremy

      People are quick to forget that Favre was very close to being benched his second season. In 1997 Packers fans actually gave him a standing ovation at Lambeau for throwing the ball away when no one was open.

      • Jeremy

        I thought we should remeber this too. Seams Good Ol Brett didn’t look to kindly on others for skipping out on team activities and using the media to get what they want. I wonder what the Good Ol Brett would say about today’s Brett.

        Read for yourself…

  18. PackerFanInFL

    Brett Favre:

    When his agent tells him not to worry about what his teammates think and all that stuff, I’d tell him I’ve been around a long time and that stuff will come back to haunt you.

    So you don’t give a shit about the “hauntings” and did it anyway…in summary “brett favre is selfish prick”

  19. matt fox

    Brett is 40 years old. I wonder if you guys would hold yourself to the same ridiculous standards you hold him too. He had every right to retire and unretire, every right to find a new team when his team didnt want him any more, and he apparently didnt need training camp last year to beat the shit out of the Packers twice and make the Vikes the NFC North Division Champions. Training camp would obviously do more bad for him than good at his age, yet you guys just WONT shut up about it.

    Yeah Kyle, you guys are OBVIOUSLY over Brett leaving and dont care one bit. Haha, give me a break. You’re jokes.

  20. matt fox

    And guys, hey, quick question? How does zero Division championships and zero playoff wins post-Favre make you feel? Ya…Ya feelin’ good? Hmm? Oh, i’m sorry, I couldnt hear you over remembering the look on Ted Thompson’s face after Brett Favre basically raped the entire Packer team in the ass for a second time on their own turf. Priceless.

  21. I just wanted to announce that thanks to Matt Fox, and his assorted of ass rape, blow job, and other weird references; I’ve totally changed my tune and now love Brett Favre. I think that Brett is such a great guy that he should be able to show up where ever, when ever he wants and play football and we should just all shut the fuck up about it. In fact, since this isn’t about revenge, he should be able to play for the Packers and the Vikings in the same game if he wants too. If he was into it, I think he would be totally justified in injecting steroids right on the field. He’s older than the other players after all. And, he should have special rules just for him. Also ,we should adjust the entire NFL training camp schedule to suit his needs. And if he’d like we should schedule the games around Deanna Favre’s beauty appointments to make sure she looks her best for national tv.

    Thank you! Thank you! Matt Fox for showing me the error of my way’s. I will be sending Brett a potted plant, with a note of apology, for not believing in his genuine intentions.

  22. abe frohman

    Jeremy, PackFaninFL, et al – arguing with those guys is pointless and a waste of time.

    Personally, I think the quote I posted above is more telling than the one Monty posted. Throws 6 picks in a playoff game and laughs about it??? It goes to show that we care about it more than he did.

    I think calling this a divorce is appropriate. The 6 picks comment is like telling your ex “I fucked a hooker that one time I went to Vegas.” Meanwhile, she’s remarried and really doesn’t give a shit.

  23. matt fox

    Jeremy when did I ever make blow job or other weird references? Are you making things up again? Are you remembering things your father used to do to you? Did Ted Thompson put you up to this? Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee.

    And Abe, like Stu-beef to Foxnews, all I gotta say is “Go fuck yourself.”

  24. matt fox

    P.S. what is with the Favre ex-girlfriend analogies. Did youre ex-girlfriend do something to you or something? Did she fuck a hooker in Vegas? I hear Ted Thompson once fucked a hooker in vegas. And Mike McCarthy had to incinerate the body. That was his initiation as head coach. :) Go Packers!

  25. matt fox

    Guys, oh my god, I am so, sooo sorry. I totally didnt realize until just reading one of PackerfanInFL comments on the other Vikings article that this is a site for mentally challenged Packer fans. I am so sorry. I feel terrible. You guys are completely right, Mr. Favre is a bad, bad man. The Packers are totally gonna win this year without him. Ted Thompson is a really good GM. You guys are great kids, and don’t forget to drink your juicy and listen to your guardians! Again, I’m really sorry. Go Pack Go!

  26. Matt Fox are you and Jeff ircink fighting lately? As you have been ragging a lot more then usual…

    You two gotta remember why you two love birds got together in the first place!!

    P.S It involves straws and laxatives!

  27. jeff ircink

    more homo talk by PackerFanINFL. he who talks it, walks it. see a therapist.

    jeremy – i’m guessing matt will keep posting (like i will) until this Packers blog begins writing as many articles about its current QB as it does on a player who no longer plays for your team. get it?

    • You and matt looking for a menage a trois with that solicitation..look else ware you have no problem trying to fuck members on this website so it shouldn’t be a problem (maybe jarad allen)

  28. jeff ircink

    hey jeremy. it’s PackerFanINFL who initially began with the gay, BJ, homo, sperm jokes. not matt. not i. your beef is with him.

  29. jeff ircink

    jeremy….i’m the biggest whiner? you’re fucking kidding me. every Packer fan on this site whines daily about Favre this and Favre that – and the guy’s not even on your team anymore.

    bitter, psychos.

  30. jeff ircink

    and jeremy…Favre’s INT and AR’s fumble ARE the same. they both helped to lose the game. “helped” being the key word. the results, in the books, are the same. a loss.

    quit defending AR. he fucked up. AND he kicked the ball into the AZ guy’s hands.

  31. jeff ircink

    Cody Adams. i’ve explained ad nauseum why i’m on this site. i won’t repeat it again. as for the “chubby” comment, you’re just like some of the other “intelligent” Packer fans on this site…your dick, fucking, homo, sperm, gay references are seem to be the MO around here.


  32. jeff ircink

    PackerFanINFL. my blog is amateurish? you’re fucking blind, douche bag. and i’ve emailed the site adminstrators about an editor. nothing.

    and WHY, if you could care less about me, would you be on my web site in the first place? explain that to me, please. i could give a shit about you and your life yet you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on a Favre-fan’s site? hmmmm….i think you really love Favre.

    hypocrite. and a douche bag.

  33. jeff ircink

    kyle, no shit the commenters wouldn’t comment on Favre if there were no articles on Favre. but there are articles.

    and the “Favre is news” excuse is bullshit. you all hate him yet this site covers him and you all comment on him. you’re all as hypocritical as the media. you’re all bitter douche bags. just admit. and the world will be a much better place.

  34. jeff ircink

    boy, i went on a run there with my comments. sorry – had to answer all my fan mail.

    face it – if matt and i weren’t on this site all you’d have is a bunch of pissed off, bitter, hypocritial Packer fans in a circle jerk talking about how Favre’s an asshole.

    we make this site.

  35. matt fox

    Is PackerfaninFL slurping cum? I dont understand? Is he a gay retard? Do retards even understand what gay means?

  36. matt fox

    At least these fans can take solace in that, while McCarthy cant win football games he could probably win an eating contest

  37. matt fox

    And can we all just take another minute to take in how fucked up it is that PackerfaninFL’s father actually made his metally retarded son give him blowjobs and taught him how to slurp up cum? This is truly tragic and i hope we learn how to treat the mentally challenged in our society after this.

  38. Abe Frohman

    Matt a/k/a Dumb Ass –

    What’s with the ex girlfriend analogies? The title of the article calls it a divorce.

    You are so far up Favre’s ass that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Why are you Favre’s bitch? You probably like to dress up like a chick and got nailed by him in the bathroom of a bar down on Water Street back in the day. So, I’ll go fuck myself while you troll the bars in Minnesota hoping Brett returns.

    I think you are on Vicodin like your hero and can’t think quite straight….if you ever could

    So, now resort to expletives and name calling….

  39. Matt Fox

    Abe Frohman, a.k.a. The mentally challenged bear fan,

    Oh wow, vicodin reference, you’re so hardcore. yeah, yeah, yeah, Favre’s a diva, Favre’s a drug addict, Favre’s not a good qb. Yada, yada, yada, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. You better start showin your daddy some respect. And you know who your daddy is, dont you? That’s right, Brett Favre yo daddy. Biatch!

  40. Abe Frohman

    Really? That’s the best you’ve got – cliches and pseudo jive talk like you’re from the street? Typical.

    have fun in the Minnesoooooota bars, drag queen.

  41. matt fox

    By the way, by stating yourself as the sausage king of chicago you kind of give yourself away as a bears fan. DURRRRRR

  42. jeff ircink

    abe, like the shit you and other Packer fans write on this board has “got” any zip to it? my friend’s 6 and 5-year old sons could keep up with the inane, juvenile banter on this board.

    1, 2, 3…enter PackerFanINFL with yet another NAMBLA joke. see….you’re not at all difficult to figure out. fuck you, suck this, your gay, blow me…that’s pretty much the depth of comments from people on this site.

    and how Total Packers got ranked above Packer Palace (and any other Packer site) is beyond my comprehension. simple(tons).

  43. Name (required)jay-dawg

    queen fans are all purple faggots,the packers own 16 world titles and 4 super bowl victories,what have the purple fucking faggot’s won,that’s right (NOTHING)

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