Another Stupid Brett Favre Plea From Another Stupid Minnesotan

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Clearly, those idiots to the west don’t know how this Brett Favre thing works.

Granted, this will only be the second year of Favre’s tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, and Vikings fans are the most ignorant lot in all of professional sports fandom, so maybe we should give them a break…

No, that’s a terrible idea. Almost as terrible as a Minnesota Vikings fan procreating.

Consider this a public service announcement — one that will allow us to ignore Brett Favre and the people who dreamily pine for Brett Favre.

This is how the offseason works when Brett Favre is your quarterback.

1. Immediately after he’s thrown your season away via interception and on through the spring, Brett Favre gives mixed signals to the media and people around him about whether he plans on playing next season. Media and Favreophiles lap up said load of crap like pigs at the trough and bring it to you as often as possible.

2. Lord Favre reveals the extent of the horrific injuries he suffered during the previous season to drum up sympathy and if necessary, debates with himself in the media whether or not he should have surgery for said ailment, all the time knowing he will have surgery.

3. Lord Favre has surgery and recuperates from surgery, while explaining to the media that he still isn’t sure what he plans on doing next season, all the time knowing he will play. The media and uninitiated public continue to suckle at the Favre teat.

4. After he receives sufficient media attention and concessions from his team’s coaching staff, Lord Favre announces he will return for one more season.

Of course, some people are too stupid to understand all of this and so, you get things like this from the Pioneer Press.

Hilarity at it’s finest.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

76 Comments on "Another Stupid Brett Favre Plea From Another Stupid Minnesotan"

  1. David

    How deliciously ironic. You say “those idiots to the west don’t know how this Brett Favre thing works,” when the reality is that they have already figured it out after one year — more than bitter Packer fans like you could in ten years — they are simply not stressing out about it. And even more irony, it was apparently COMPLETELY lost on you that this video was a parody, not a guy actually being stupid.

    Wow, by taking it seriously you played right into this guy’s hands. Don’t you see he’s mocking people like you, people who get their undies all in a bundle about stuff like this, needlessly?

    LOL. The video itself was kinda lame, but the response it elicited from you is … hilarious.

  2. Michael

    Yeah, get a name and e-mail on your sorry post. And stop fantisizing about that big-old mushy butt on McLardy.

    • HAHAHAHAHA! Good one, Michael! Mushy butt! That’s soooo good. I gotta hand it to you Vikings fans, you may be idiots, but you guys have a seemingly endless supply of one liners, zingers and crack backs. Awesome, awesome joke. It’s so good, because it just blindsides Monty, you know? It’s like you don’t even see it coming! Nowhere in the blog post does it even make mention of Mike McCarthy, fat people, or mushy butts and then seemingly out of thin air, you just crush him with what has to be the most clever blog comment I have seen in weeks. You could have just exclaimed that Mike McCarthy has a big butt. But you went all next level on us by declaring his butt not large, but MUSHY. Then you straight up went for the jugular by ever so slightly suggesting that Monty might be fantasizing about this so called mushy butt. Wow, if Monty was doing that, he’d be gay right? Oh no you didn’t! Oh YES you did! Hats off, my man. OK, I gotta wrap this up. I want to email this to all of my coworkers. We’re going to be talking about this all day! In fact, I bet our office cut up, Brian (we all call him Fish because he drinks a lot, like a fish) will be quoting it for the rest of the week, telling all of us to stop fantasizing about McCarthy’s – oh, I mean McLardy’s mushy butt! HAHHAHAHAHA! I can’t wait!

      • “Yeah, get a name and e-mail on your sorry post. And stop fantisizing about that big-old mushy butt on McLardy.”

        Sorry, I’m still totally all LO-freaking L over here.

  3. tequila

    Hey David, I’m sorry but this is BARELY irony. A really shitty minnesota version of comedy that is so lame that it actually is a sad plea to brett favre (which this article is making fun of, clearly). Here is an example of irony, you clod:

    And Brett irony:

    To say that Monty missed the point is wrong. He is right on to make fun of how crappy minnesota hides it’s love for Lord Brett, especially with apologists like you pretending this is comedy.

    Class dismissed.

  4. tequila

    Wow, Michael and Dieter, are you fucking brain damaged? Do you see the part of the article that says ‘This entry was posted by Monty on 07/01/2010 at 6:00 am, and is filled under Brett Favre.’

    Keep it coming, ingrates.

  5. Monty’s point is why bother making videos, writing columns and taking out billboards when everyone knows exactly how this will play out? Monty gets that the video was a joke, Derek. He just doesn’t understand why anyone would bother to put all of this work into a sketch. Yeah, it’s tongue in cheek, but it smacks of desperation no matter how you slice it. It also perpetuates the self manufactured myth that Minnesota is this mecca of natural wonderment… Lakes! Woods! Fishing! Hunting! … when it’s really no different than Wisconsin, Michigan, upstate New York and pretty much all of Canada.

    Derek, while you claim that you have it all figured out, the fact of the matter is your offseason still revolves completely around Him.

  6. Dieter

    Monty… that tells me a f*&king lot, right? And I am the brain damaged one!!!
    On Brett… I didn’t not want his girlyass in here to begin with, not becuase we played for you all these years (i really couldn’t care less…) but because the Bolded Clown has neglected to address the most important position for years and years and Ziggy just doesn’t see it.
    It also pissed me off that he puts my whole tema in his kness just to get his sorry ass here.
    When the season starts…what the eff you want me to do? I love the Purple all these years not exactly who was wearing it.
    So, ingrates? Sure thing Billy Boy….go have a beer with Koren Robinson.

  7. tequila

    Brent, really? Favre is the one with with a wife that looks like a 14 year old boy with down syndrome. Rodgers has been sighted with a non stop stream of models and hot chicks.

    You must be one of those latent homosexuals that when attracted to someone (like Aaron Rodgers) you just call HIM gay. Admit it, you want to touch is wee wee.

  8. T-Bone

    Another Stupid Blog From Another Stupid Packer Fan more like.
    Ah, jealously is so sweet. See ya this season losers.

  9. tequila

    T-bone, can’t wait for the season and another Favre tragedy delivered straight to your lily-livered soul.

  10. Dieter

    What a great comment PackerFanINFL…. you just confirm all the rumors about inbreeding among Packers fans. Cheers for that and say hi to your son/little brother…however you want to call him today.

    Tequila, good luck to you.

  11. jeff ircink

    and the “why bother” question Jurgen’s asked is very simple….’cause there’s a market for Favre news and people (like all of you and me) will pay attention to it to varying degrees). newspapers are dying; if they can find a way to make news out of whatever, they should.

    • I get that. Thats why this blog posts Favre stuff too. But it’s weird right? Why do fans follow and thirst for his every predictible non news worthy move?

  12. Rich

    L’étoile du nord répond, “Au contraire, mes amis!” These wondrous summer rituals are now performed annually to raise zee spirits, even though zee people know how zee story ends: Favre beats Packers twice, leaving a dark winter pall across Wisconsin. It’s somewhat like an extended Christmas story: an old guy with a white beard arrives, he sees once more that Ted’s been naughty; therefore, he dumps coal into the stockings. Season’s greetings.

  13. matt fox

    Tequilla, are you serious? Dianna Favre looks like a 14 year old boy with down syndrome? She had cancer you asshole. Youre really a piece of shit arent you? Jesus. Way to make the fucking vikings fans look like the nice people. Youre a disgrace to Packer fans everywhere. Maybe you can get cancer? :)
    And PackerFanInfl they just insulted Favre and said they dont even really want him. Wtf are you talking about? I fucking LOVE brett favre. You are SOOOO fucking dumb. You cant even discern the Packer fans who are temporarily following Favre and actual Vikings fans. You getting cancer might not be a bad thing either…
    And to the Viking fans, I appreciate you telling these dickheads off, but lets be a little more appreciate of what Favre did last year,okay? (Im talking to you dieter) I mean, cmon. He at least won a playoff game, unlike the packers, am I right?!
    And yeah, Packtards, you might want to let the interception thing go as Rodgers totally fumbled the ball away and lost the game and has never even won a playoff game… ever…. He’s never even won a favre bowl…Favre beat you guys…twice…he beat you twice…. Brett Favre…. 7 touchdowns…. 0 interceptions…. 0 sacks…. He won. Twice. Brett Favre.

  14. matt fox

    And rich, that was hilarious. Ted Thompson is a naughty, naughty boy and Brett Favre gave him a spanking. Twice.

  15. Bearsnake


    Being jealous of the Vikings is sort of like being jealous of a silver medalist in the Special Olympics. We all know that there’s just no point…


    “Zee” only thing worse than a Viking fan, is a douchebag Francophile Vikings fan.

    • Jeff, that play should never have even happened. We’ve been over this before – the Packers were jobbed by the refs in that game. Go ahead and call me a whiner.

      The other difference is that the defender came in unblocked and crushed Rodgers. Favre on the other hand threw a shitty pass against the saints. And the Giants and The Eagles before that… the list of big game – season ending- stupid as fuck interceptions goes on and on with him.

  16. PackersFanInMPLS

    Why do the same PPL bitch about the same issues on here?? I’m a diehard Packers fan that lives in MPLS..I have been a Packers season ticket holder for 15 years and I love to just sit back at work and laugh to myself every season when VIkings fans TRY to talk about football..At least last seaons they had a reason to THINK they were going to the superbowl…Guess what ppl its a FN game..Ahh Fuck it…Vikngs fans are douche bags!!…


    Hey everyone have a safe 4th of July..
    Dont blow off any apendages..

  17. tequila

    Matt—yes I am serious. She was ugly before the cancer, still is. Sorry, but that’s the truth. By you subscribing to what you perceive is my logic you are basically saying she is ugly because of the cancer, which is actually much sicker, and not what I said. You really are a bastard. I am merely pointing out a fact, regardless of contributing health factors. But I suppose you subscribe to the cancer hero tale that Brett basically beat breast cancer all by himself because he wore a pink hat one time? You are such a-and I mean this in the most literal and duly applicable but not homophobic sense–cock sucker. Just one wiener, though, that of Lord Brett. And maybe your uncle.

    Also, Matt, you malformed ball sniffer, you never really make it clear where you stand on anything other than your own cock in defense of Favre, who at last notice was not a team. Are you a Packers fan or a Vikings fan? Or are you the saddest fan of all….a man without a team who is fighting for one millionaire’s honor?

    Jeff–for some reason I like you and I don’t know why. I think it is that naive Norwegian thing you Minnesotans have going on, and the reason I loved dating all those Aveda girls during the summer, so I will be nice this once.

    Captain Fuck Up deserves his title as his MANY years of ruining playoff hopes and close games has proven him worthy, not just last year. That was just status quo. enjoy.

    Hey Rich-Téigh trasna ort féin.

  18. matt fox

    Tequilla ive said this 5 thousand god damn times, Im a Packer fan who cannot for the life of me root for a team run by Ted fucking thompson. Why do u keep calling favre captain fuck up? he won a superbowl for you. Stfu. Here, i wrote this to rayv and ill fucking copy and paste it for you. Read it if you ant to understand me, i doubt you will.

    • Matt, I have said this a thousand times, if you are a packer fan who stops rooting because of a general manager, than you are not a Packer fan at all. My god, were we 4-12 last season or something? Do you automatically drop your allegiance if we don’t win a superbowl?

  19. matt fox

    My father, a wisconsinborn die hard packer fan, hated Thompson the year he started working for the Packers, and for the first few years I just laughed at him for it and was like whatever. I wanted the Pack to win and wasnt about to not root for my absolute favorite team to not win. It wasnt until 07 that I really started to see TT for what he was and hate him for it. No, not when he didnt want favre back, but way back in the offseason before that year even started.
    So lets just recap what TT BEFORE the whole Favre thing even happened. In his first year of taking over a very good team, a win now team that had a few years left with the greatest qb to ever put on a packer jersey, Thompson decides to take a QB in the first round (which four years later worked out, but added absoultely nothing to the win now potential and state of the team) and added absolutely NO ONE in free agency, despite this useless at the time pick and Thompson’s decision to let our two probowl starting guards go in fa (Which to this day he hasnt fully replaced). So, naturally, what happened that season? Favre gets destroyed behind an awful O-line that Thompson made no effort to fix, the team experienced a plague of injuries and couldnt recover due to a lack of depth and Favre has his first losing season in the history of his career. So Thompson takes a playoff team 4-12 in his first season as GM and then FIRES Mike Sherman as if it were his fault. Thompson then goes looking for a new coach and is politely asked by Favre if he would interview, not hire, just interview and consider Steve Marriucci, a fantastic former Packer coach under wolf who would amazingly be even better than Sherman. Thompson says of course, only to go and hire the offensive coordinator of the 3-13 san fransisco 49ers without giving Marriucci so much as a call. Thompson then goes on to alienate other veteran Sherman guys on the team, sending Javon Walker , the Packs best wr at the team, to demand a trade. If thompson’s motive and character werent clear right away they became clear after this. Javon saw what most Packer fans couldnt or wouldnt. That thompson was going to break apart a championship ready team for his own ego, to make sure everyone knew it was his team. And you wonder why Favre began to contemplate retirement after this season? After Thompson basically took apart his entire playoff team to go into rebuilding mode for NO REASON other than his own ego? And then lied to him? And it was only a matter f time til Favre was next. Well, favre plays again and basically takes Thompsons new crappy team to a decent 8-8 record. Have no fear, howeverm because Thompson strikes again! This offseason it becomes clear that Randy freakin Moss, the terrorizer of the Packers for years, wants to come to GrennBay to play with Favre and the new up and coming Packers, and all it would cost is a 4th round pick and a measly 3 million dollar contract. And if thats too much for you to pay for a Hall of fame receiver who, with favre, could create the scariest qb receiver duo ever, Fave offered to restructure his salary to take less money (something he has done before) to pay for Moss’ contract! Hurray! Needless to say, Thompson obviously said…no? Moss meanwhile goes on to break jerry rices touchdown record that year and help the Pats get to the Superbowl. Smart man that Thompson. If that wasnt enough, for Favre’s last year as a Packer, when the offense really needs an o-lineman or runningback to help Favre out, Thompson drafts in the 1st round…Justin Harrell. I dont need to say anymore. Except that the packers already had 3 solid defensive tackles and just traded away their best defensive tackle (corey William) for a 2nd round pick, which makes absoultely no fucking sense. Thinking about this just makes me really angry so I’ll continue. Despite Thompson’s obvious desire for Favre to fail (if Favre is gone, Thompson is the mastermind behind the Packers success it makes prefect sense) Favre basically ignores McCarthy and audibles half the plays (literally, he audibled half of the plays that season) to lead the Pack to a 13-3 record behind a mediocre team (Dont argue with me that they werent a mediocre team, a year later Aaron rodgers led the same exact team to a 6-10 record while having the best year of a first year starting qb ever They were mediocre.) And at the end of the season, after a heartbreaking loss to the Giants, (I know you all wanna shit talk Favre about that, but I honestly cant understand why, as Ryan Grant was so horrendous in that game its a miracle favre was able to even throw two touchdowns and Al harris couldnt stop plaxico burress for shit) Ted Thompson basically tells Favre “you have three weeks to decide what you want to do next year.” The giants meanwhile give Michael Strahan the entire offseason to decide, but..whatever. If it isnt obvious to you that Thompson hated favre and couldnt have his own team while favre was in the way, then you just dont want to deal in reality. Its not a farfetched concept after witnessing all of Thompsons other moves. So, obviously, in the heart of just losing a crushing game at the age of 38, being forced into a fast decision, and really not feeling wanted by packers management Favre made the quick decision to retire. Its AMAZING that he would later change his mind. Who would have saw that coming? I wont get into the details of the Favre thing, I know you all have your opinions, but I’ll just say this one thing. In my years growing up as a Packer fan I have only seen Brett Favre handle himself with dignity and respect. His teammates loved him, he married his high school sweetheart, he gave wisconsin everything he had on and off the field. While he was a little rowdy as a younger player he really developed into a man and leader. Does he have an ego? Of course. What starting NFL quaterback doesnt? But he always gave wisconsin his very best. And while he always cared about winning, the game was always the most fun for him, and therefore the most fun for me when I watched him. I even had fun watching him when we didnt win. On the other hand, I cant say the same for Ted Thompson. Over the past few years I have watched Ted make some decisions that have shown me that winning and the fun of the game are not the most important things to him. I have seen him lie, manipulate, and destroy for his own personal gain. It has become fairly obvious to me that to Thompson, money and his own ego are the most important things to him, and therefore the greenbay packers. I have not enjoyed a single draft since Thompson has become GM. For someone who builds a team solely through the draft, he is a terrible drafter. Last year everyone was so excited because we got a good DT and OLB in the first round. But didnt Thompson already draft a DT and OLB in the first round? Having to pick the same position again because you f’ed up the first time is not considered a good draft to me. For the past 5 years the Packers have needed to draft an offensive guard and cornerback in the first round, and have drafted neither. Guess what the two biggest problems for the Packers are right now? Thompson inherited a great team and ran it into the ground to build it up into a mediocre team. In thompsons first 3-4 years here (favres last) he shouldve taken them deep into the playoffs every year. Instead they went 4-12, 8-8, 13-3. These past two years, the packers were again projected to go deep into the playoffs, easily winning the division both years. Instead they went 6-10 and 11-5, winning zero playoff games. You guys constantly like to forget where the packers were supposed to go and the expectations they had in the beginning of the year and become complacent each year when they either get a little better or should at least be better next year. Thompson hasnt run this team for a short time, he’s had them for five long years. And in those years he’s done nothing, but lead wisconsin to its two first losing seasons in fifteen years, win one playoff game and shun wisconsin’s most hailed figure of all time.
    Thompson does not bleed green and gold. He does not care about the Green Bay Packers. Despite being on the Vikings for the last years f his career, if you dont think Favre is a Packer at heart and bleeds green and gold then youre crazy. But your even crazier if you think Ted Thompson is a good GM.

    • What a waste. You’re so irrational it blows my mind. So many other GMs and coaches of the past put superbowl this team in far worse shape. Did you boycott the team then? Did you switch allegiances when Ray Rhodes was driving a team into the dirt? Or how about the Lindy Infante years? No, this has nothing to do with Thompson and everything to do with your obsession with Favre.
      Seriously, we don’t want fans like you. go away.

  20. tequila

    Well said, Matt.

    Although I don’t agree with you on all points (ego is not motive enough for me with Thompson, plus there is no ‘owner’ or stockholders in the traditional sense, so profits aren’t super convincing either) you clearly are not some random Favre apologist.

    What I’d like you to consider is this: even if you were 100% correct in your account of the last 5 years, the people on this website decided to pick a side, and that was the Packers, Thompson and all. Favre is not a team nor is Thompson. I have many relatives and friends so traumatized by the Favre situation they won’t watch football anymore. These are Green Bay folks with season tickets. Despite their inability to be resilient enough to carry on rooting on for the hometown team they just wander Holmgren Way wishing life didn’t suck. But it does. I and many of the people commenting on here carried on with a stiff upper lip and picked a side. What I don’t respect is just choosing Favre’s side over the Packers. That is insulting to me and my home town and the only team that has ever really mattered.

    You also need to consider, despite everything else, that: 1) Favre is a VIKING (long since surpassing the Bears as our most hated rival) and 2) This is the GREEN BAY FUCKING PACKERS. This MEANS something no other team can celebrate. Thompson will not be around forever but the green and gold will. Although sympathetic with how it all went down, I put my Donald Driver jersey on and I went down to the bar to watch the game at 10am every Sunday, drank my whiskey and yelled at the TV just like I’ve always done. I suggest you do the same.

  21. T-Bone

    Tequila, I picture you as a boy who hasn’t even touched a football, let alone had too much physical contact in your life. I like the way you use the words “ingrates”,”lily-livered”, and “latent homosexuals”. Now that’s some “gay” vocabulary man.
    Maybe you and Bearsnake should get together. I think he has a strong “Francophile” with your butthole.

    !!! HA !!! I LOVE THIS RIVALRY!!!


      • T-Bone, use francophile in actual sentence. Or look up the definition and then come back here and explain how “I think he has a strong francophile for his butthole” even begins to make any sense whatsoever.

        I get that you are trying to insult the guy, but you at least have to make sense, otherwise the insult has no affect. You might as well be typing random keys like this: kjgjlksahjklhjkssjhk

        Did that insult you? It was meant to be insulting, but it didn’t really bother you, right? It’s just a random sequence of letters, nothing more. Keep trying.

  22. Mike H

    Too bad idiot Packer fans didn’t realize this sooner. If they did they wouldn’t have needed to waste a first round pick on Favre Jr.

  23. jeff ircink

    tequila. well, i don’t hate you either. but i’m not from MN – i’m from WI. remember….i’m a sell-out Favre fan. ;)

  24. tequila


    That’s awesome you are fantasizing about me. I know, I know, it’s sometimes hard to be around articulate and educated football fans, but you will get through this just fine.

    I think this is the part where I get all defensive and list all of my tough dude accomplishments. Boring. Instead let me share with you my assumptions about you, now that I am forced to think about you:

    Just like every other Viking fan: chili stained, red headed, pock-faced, Target working, LA GEAR wearing, 10th grade drop outs who still do not have a win of consequence for their crap football team.

  25. Just like every other Viking fan: chili stained, red headed, pock-faced, Target working, LA GEAR wearing, 10th grade drop outs who still do not have a win of consequence for their crap football team.

    Yeah, I think that just about sums it up.

  26. jeff ircink

    jurgens = whiner. that play did happen. and if you watched the NFC Championship game, the Vikes were robbed several times by the refs. so don’t whine to me about bad calls.

    tequila = i actually dated an Aveda hairdresser for 5 years. top shelf.

    and whoever wrote: Just like every other Viking fan: chili stained, red headed, pock-faced, Target working, LA GEAR wearing, 10th grade drop outs…

    …take a gander at Lambeau Field. same thing.

    • What? No. Lambeau fans might be stained with beer and cheese curd grease but they don’t have the same chili + LA Gear fetish of a typical Vikings fan.

      Jeff, you didn’t respond to my main point. The Rodgers fumble was not a choke job. A defender smashing your QB because of a missed assignment is different than a history of lobbing lame ducks in critical moments. Now, if Rodgers fumbles again, and again and again to end the next couple seasons – then you may be on to something.

  27. jeff ircink

    who had the ball? Rodgers. who gave up ball? Rodgers. you Packer fans who, for instance, blame Favre for the int in the 2007 NFC Champ game forget we had 23 rushing yards the entire game. no off. line blocking for our RB. you Packer fans say to Favre, ‘there’s no I in TEAM yet then you blame him solely for that loss (for example). but when AR loses the game for you (and keep in mind i don’t think you can blame one person for a loss but i’m using your logic), it’s not AR’s fault.

    hypocrites. and whiney bitches.

  28. ROFL Jeff pull your short cock out of Matt’s ass and realize the defense lost that game..not AR…but then again your a fucking viking fan so why are you even here?..oh still nipping at brett’s dick. Live in the now man and get a life while your at it ya fucking looser.

  29. jeff ircink

    and we were getting along so nicely, PackerDouchINFL. what did i say in my comment, jerk off? i said “and keep in mind i don’t think you can blame one person for a loss but i’m using your logic”.

    are you that fucking incredibly stupid or do you work at it?

  30. jeff ircink

    and as i’ve said over and over again, stupid….i wouldn’t be here if so much time wasn’t spent on covering Favre, dipstick. “live in the now”?? what the fuck does that mean?

    typical…”AR didn’t lose the game”. fucking hypocrite. then Favre didn’t lose the NFC Championship game last year either. 6 fumbles and 3 lost LOST that game, you fucking douche.

  31. Al Borland's Beard

    Jeff, the difference is while the Vikings actually did an admirable job of holding the Saints very talented offense, the Packers defense was absolutely torn apart by the Cardinals. The only reason they were even in the game at that point was because of Rodgers. Did he ultimately fumble away the game? Yes, but if it wasn’t for him the game would have ended in the second quarter, not overtime.

    As for Favre, is he the sole reason? No, because his teammates (Mostly AP) turned the ball over more. But ultimately, when the game was still within reach, Favre made by far the worst play of the game with that ill advised throw across his body.

    By the way, he must have really made you mad, weren’t you trying to lecture us on the dangers of swearing? Now, you’re swearing like an eleven year old who saw his first Chris Rock standup.

  32. jeff ircink

    sometimes when you play with boys you have to act like one (re: swearing).

    and ultimately, AR made the worst decision of the game by losing the ball…right into the hands of an opposing player.

    and with 6 fumbles (3 lost), are you trying to tell me Favre didn’t keep the Vikes IN THE GAME? in any other game, the team with that many turnovers would’ve been killed. we took the game to OT. ill-advised pass. fine. but Favre should never have been put in the position.

    face it = you’re all hypocrites. have a Happy 4th of July, Al Borland’s Beard,

  33. jeff ircink

    and i never said swearing was dangerous, Al. i simply said one can’t call other people morons and then comment and blog like the commenting and blogging that’s prevelant on this site.

  34. …you did try to talk some women on this site into fucking you, but you didn’t bother to do a crotch one would come to the conclusion that your a transvestite seeking internet stalker!…that is jeff ircink logic (al viking fan magic)

  35. jeff ircink

    i never actually tried talking anyone into doing anything. i hinted around it, in a funny, non-serious way.

    you have no sense of humor, PackerFanINFL. and half of what you say i don’t get. and i’m an very intelligent person.

  36. jeff ircink:

    i never actually tried talking anyone into doing anything. i hinted around it, in a funny, non-serious way.
    you have no sense of humor, PackerFanINFL. and half of what you say i don’t get. and i’m an very intelligent person. don’t understand half what I say and I’m the dumbass?…Well then I guess your not that fucking smart after all..if you were such a genius maybe you could fix your slow ass webpage…I’ve explained to you many times why it so slow how in the hell can I appreciate how smart you are (which you literally drop to your knees and beg people to do) if I have to wait 5 minutes between page loads?

    I just love all this self promoting bullshit you see on the internet…Jeff you an average fucking idiot viking fan..nothing more truth hurts!

  37. jeff ircink

    if you’re referring to MY webpage on MY blog, it’s the system you have on YOUR computer or the service you have at YOUR home. it loads right away at my house.

    i’m an average fucking idiot Viking fan – why would you bother going to my blog?

    and i don’t recall the many times you’ve explained to me why my web page is slow. not one. dumbass.

  38. jeff ircink


    1. i don’t recall once where you suggested how to speed up my blog
    2. i’m an “average fucking idiot viking fan” – so why are you visiting my blog?
    3. my blog loads perfectly fine on my computer. it’s either YOUR computer, YOUR system or YOUR service. the blog has almost 3000 posts and lots of pictures – but it loads perfectly well where i’m at. so it’s you, dumbfuck.

  39. 1. go back and re-read all my posts
    2. because someone else noted how “slow” it was so I checked it out and they were right.
    3. Ignorance is bliss..if you want to be that fucking arrogant go right ahead..I own 3 computers 1 being a mac and work on computers all day at a separate location..I’ve tried your website on 3 different browsers (chrome,IE,FF) and its slower then fucking for the content I never get that far as its to slow to load and I’M A PATIENT MAN!..if you don’t believe me take a poll I’m sure your avid fan base (all with Minnesota IPs) would also point it out.
    4. You sexually harassed a innocent user of this website, so your excuses don’t check can shine a piece of shit…but its still a piece of shit!

    (hint: dump the fucking music..nobody does that shit anymore this isn’t 1997)

  40. matt fox

    Tequilla, thats because Donald Driver is fucking awesome! And i see your point, but the whole Favre thing was just the last straw with me for Thompson. And i mean look at that decision now. That was supposed to be the “long term” decision, but three years later its still haunting us. The entire state is still freaking divided three years later. The Packer are about to lose the division for a third straight season. And the freakin Vikings are a superbowl contender! With none other than our qb. Thats how much Thompson mishandled that particular situation and he continues to mishandle others. Although THAT was a pretty big one.

    And PackerfaninFL we were having a good, nice conversation, with differeing views and opinions of course, but still in an agreeable manner, and then you just come in and say literally the stupidest things i think anyone could think of. I dont even think other Packer fans on this site like you. I just think it would be for the best of this site and everyone on it if you would just take log off of this site, throw your computer off your balcony and then follow suite. Thanks.

  41. PackerFanInFL

    LOL jeff ircink has a body guard and its none other then viking fanatic “Matt Fox”…who’s surprised…well matt unlike your intimate physical relationship with jeff…I will not turn around and grab my ankles. Viking Fans on this site are open season…take your whiny crybaby complaints to monty and see what he says.

    If I posted this way at the daileynorsemen then I would be in violation..but this is a packer site I’m a packerfan..hmmm (hence my name genious) so I guess if you truley want me to leave then you must leave first as your existance is a stark contradiction to your very cause..besides..compared to the hate you generate I’m Mr Popularity around here!!

  42. jeff ircink

    like i said, my blog loads perfectly well on my computer. check your system, douche bag. as for the music, it’s my fucking blog. i’ll do what i want with it.

    your mister popularity? uhuh. go back and re-read my posts, el douche bag. i’ve stated clearly that the only reason i show up here is to harass the idiots who continue to blog about an ex-player (favre) that no Packer fans here seem to like.

    how difficult is that concept to grasp? but as Matt stated CLEARLY, you obviously can’t have an intelligent conversation without peppering it with insults so am i ever surprised by you. no…douche bag.

  43. jeff ircink

    did i say my blog runs perfectly well on my (and other’s) computers? it must just be you. of which i care little – so quit going to my blog and you won’t have to deal with how “slow” it runs. i mean, do you enjoy smashing your head into a wall, or what? douche.

  44. No said “compared to the hate you (matt fox) generate)” I’m Mr.Popularity. I do confess of the two prime viking trolls you are the nicer of the two but that probably just means Matt where’s the pants in your family!!

    As for your blog..obviously I could hit you over the head with a baseball bat and you will still claim it fine so don’t take my word for it..

    Total loading time:22.3 seconds

    Fucking YAWN!!!!

  45. jeff ircink

    a.) my blog is 682.4 kb. it’s huge. it’s fucking huge. 2900 posts since March 2007. what would you like me to do – cut posts.

    b) your day that busy that you can’t wait for 22 seconds for a blog to load? if you’re in that much of a hurry, you’ve got other issues more important than my blog.

    c) hey man, i’m truly not trying to be a dick on purpose. and i appreciate the underhanded compliment. like i said – if the powers to be stop blogging about Favre (unless it’s NFL season), i’m outta here.

  46. matt fox

    And who uses the word troll? Are you from Nebraska or something? After learning that Ray is from Texas im seriously beginning to doubt if youre even from wisconsin. You dont even say “You betcha!” You disgust me.

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