Woodson Likes Burnett

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Morgan Burnett

Morgan Burnett at Monday's practice

Veteran Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson likes what he sees from rookie safety Morgan Burnett.

In fact, Woodson expressed confidence in Burnett’s ability to start for the Packers, which becomes increasingly likely the longer Atari Bigby refuses to sign his tender.

“From what I’ve seen early out of him, he’s not making mistakes, or if he is making mistakes, it’s no more than anybody else is making. He’s got a lot of experience back there with him, with Nick, myself and Tramon. So if he is to play in there, we’ll carry him as long as we can until he’s up to speed but, (shoot), he’s good. He looks good to me, you know,” Woodson said. “Now it’s just a matter of experience getting into a game and getting a feel of it and playing at this level. So we’ll see what happens when he’s thrown in the fire.”

Just like you’ve been carrying Bigby?

Oh, wait, Bigby didn’t play that well even when you were carrying him.

Anyway, you have to like what’s being said about Burnett, whom the Packers drafted in the third round. Packers coach Mike McCarthy was talking him up during OTAs, as well.

“He’s learning; he’s growing,” McCarthy said. “I do like his assertiveness, particularly in his communication skills, and that’s very important at the safety position. Athletically, he’s a young man with a bright future. You can just see the athletic ability, both on special teams and defense. He’s still learning the defense, and he’s doing a good job of that.”

When Burnett learns the defense, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be in the Packers starting lineup.


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6 Comments on "Woodson Likes Burnett"

  1. Matt

    YES!!! great news comin’ from Wood!!! the secondary is the thing im most uncomfortable about and to hear that lineup, Woodson, Williams, Collins, and Burnett just makes me feel better. Hopefully add a healthy Harris to the mix and have underwood, lee, and maybe bush to take big steps and BAM!! undefeated season, yeah u heard it here first bitches!!!!

  2. Brad

    Packers fans will quickly learn that Morgan Burnett is a hell of a ball player. I’m a GT fan that watched every game he played in and he started making an impact from the moment he walked on the field. As a freshman you could see the natural talent, that he had Ed Reed-like ball skills. As a soph, he dominated and led the country in INTs. He was up there with Eric Berry/Taylor Mays as the best safety in the country but last year he had to be the “eraser”, cleaning up everyone else mistakes and it hurt his stats. He’ll be in the Pro Bowl by his 3rd year.

  3. I follow all of the Packers on Twitter and I can’t help but notice that Bigby is completely disconnected from the others. That might not mean anything, but then again nothing about how either side has handled his situation suggests that Bigby will be back.

    @Brad I have heard the same from other GT fans. Here’s hoping that you’re right

  4. Kaiser

    He is the real deal. As Commisioner of the youth football program that Morgan grew up in I have watched him from the time he was 6 years old, through his high school days (I served as football booster club president for North Clayton High School 2006 and 2007), and his 3 years at Tech (I am a 78′ GT CE Grad).

    Back in the 60’s, before there was a team in my home state of Florida, I was a Pack fan in my youth; Bart, Davis, Adderly, Woods, Aldridge, Nitschke, Taylor, Hornung, Pitts…The Pack is officially my number two team behind my Fins. If anybody reading this is a friend of Atari I suggest you tell him to get his butt to camp.

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