Johnny Jolly Is Deceptive

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Big, strong, and not too bright.

Green Bay Packers’ defensive end Johnny Jolly, who is still awaiting trial for felony drug possession in Houston, has been labeled as deceptive, and not because of his blazing speed.

A report filed with the court on May 19 concludes Jolly was deceptive during a polygraph test about questions related to the conditions of his bond. It became fairly obvious after the prosecution submitted recent photos of Jolly at parties why.

Mike Boyd of Boyd, Smith & Associates asked Jolly that same day four questions related to his bond, which prohibited Jolly from possessing or using illegal drugs, committing any criminal offense or consuming alcohol.

Boyd concluded Jolly was deceptive on two questions: “Did you consume any alcoholic beverage since Dec. 15, 2009?”and “Have you drank any alcohol that you’re deliberately not telling me about since last Dec. 15th?”

“It is this examiner’s professional opinion that the polygrams revealed that there was deception involved,” Boyd wrote.

A second polygraph examiner scored the test and came to the same conclusion.

Here’s the thing: the test was voluntary.

Again, Johnny Jolly proves himself not to be the smartest guy in the room.

When told he failed the test, Jolly refused to comment.

The result of all of this is Jolly’s bond restrictions were tightened. He has to submit a hair follicle for drug testing, is subject to a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, cannot visit any place with drugs or alcohol, and has to undergo an alcohol and drug evaluation.

Although the Packers renewed Jolly’s tender today, there’s speculation the restricted free agent could be released.


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