Crosby Gets A Free Pass, Again

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Crosby's fragile ego apparently can't handle any competition.

One thing that irritates me about Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson is their blind faith in certain players who just aren’t very good.

See Jarrett Bush as example one.

Example two is kicker Mason Crosby.

Despite coming off the worst season in his mediocre professional career, Crosby is getting a free pass, again. McCarthy said in Wednesday’s press conference the Packers won’t bring in any training camp competition for Crosby.

This will be the second consecutive year Crosby won’t have to earn his roster spot.

“We’re going to go with one kicker in training camp. We have the competition at punter. I really like what I’ve seen from both our punters. But we’re committed to Mason. He’s done a good job in the offseason. He’s outstanding in the strength and conditioning aspect of it. Very technical, he’s a professional from that standpoint, and we look for him to have a very productive year.”

I look for Crosby to continue to cost the Packers games, but that’s not even the point.

Is Crosby’s ego so fragile he can’t handle a little training camp competition? Someone to push him to perform?

Most teams would at least bring in a scrub or has been to send a message, but not the Packers.

The Packers will continue to turn a blind eye towards mediocrity.


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9 Comments on "Crosby Gets A Free Pass, Again"

  1. Matt

    yeah i hear ya but idk. i kinda feel the same way as mccarthy. he does have one hell of a leg and he choked a few times last year but i think that’ll just make him better in the long run. remember big mac also put this kind of faith in the one and only A-rodg….arent we glad they didnt dump aaron to stick with that old guy???

  2. Jeremy

    Is Crosby really that bad? So bad that TT needs to be fired according to fox.

    OK, Chris Jackie was the best kicker in Packers history, right?

    Jackie’s first three seasons were no better than Crosby’s, maybe worse.

    Jackie – 78.6, 76.7 and 75.0%
    Crosby 79.5, 79.4 and 75.0 %

    It almost always takes 3 or 4 seasons for kickers.

  3. Taryn

    Let’s not forget some of the situations the kickers are put into as with QB’s and low % of completion spots.

  4. Abe Frohman

    I’m not in love with Crosby, but I don’t think he sucks. The 4 crucial kicks he missed were all wide right. It’s either a setup issue or a mechanics issue. Like my volleyball coach used to say “you can’t teach tall” In Crosby’s case, he has a strong leg and that cant’ be taught. He just needs better fundamentals – which can. So for me, the question becomes more about Slocum than Crosby.

  5. eric

    you also can’t forget the fact that he hasn’t had a good holder since Jon Ryan. If you go back Crosby and Ryan were really good friends off the field and thus spent a lot of time together getting the chemistry. Last year Kapinos was his holder for half the time then Flynn came in to hold. Hopefully they stick with Flynn so he can have a consistent holder and Flynn can become more experienced. The Saints held a roster spot for Mark Brunell last year who’s only position was holder.

  6. Most of the commenters have hit this right on the head. He’s had holding issues, he’s got a great leg that you can’t teach, and actually I never noticed that that Abe noticed, that his big misses were all wide right. We all talk about how important continuity is for linemen, let’s apply it here as well.

  7. Ryan

    “The Packers will continue to turn a blind eye towards mediocrity.”

    ….and what have you done that is so great? lol

    Maybe a look in the mirror is in order.

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