Aaron Rodgers Rips Kornheiser, Jaworski

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That's right, I'm the man.

Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn’t think too highly of two-thirds of 2008’s Monday Night Football team.

In an interview with ESPN Radio in Milwaukee, Rodgers ripped commentator Tony Kornheiser.

“You know who was better than Tony Kornheiser? Dennis Miller was ten times better,” Rodgers said. “Dennis Miller was a great comedian, but one of the worst Monday Night Football guys ever. And he was ten times better than Tony Kornheiser. His stuff was actually funny. Tony wasn’t funny at all. He did absolutely no research. We’d sit in those production meetings and he would add absolutely nothing to the conversation. I’d be like, ‘What are we doing here? This is stupid.'”

“You get in there with Tony and he’s asking you all these dumb questions that have no application to the game you are playing or anything you are doing,” Rodgers said. “He’s terrible. . . . I don’t think he’s funny. I don’t think he’s insightful. I don’t think he knows, really, anything about sports.”

If you watched any games Kornheiser was in the booth for, you’d know Rodgers is right. Kornheiser was terrible. It was like he talked just to hear himself talk. He added nothing to the game.

Still, it’s interesting to hear a high-profile athlete call out someone who’s going to be talking about them in the media. From what I hear, Kornheiser is the type of guy to hold a grudge.

He’s also the type of guy who reads his own press, so Rodgers should probably expect regular bashing on Kornheiser’s radio show and Pardon The Interuption, where Kornheiser is a co-host, along with the much more level-headed and insightful Michael Wilbon.

Anyway, Kornheiser sucks — you get the picture.

Rodgers also had some words for Monday Night Football analyst and former Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Ron Jaworski.

“I like him, but, when I was coming out, he did the worst segment in the history of TV about me talking about my fundamentals,” Rodgers said of Jaworski. “It was not even close to anywhere near my fundamentals. The first time I met him, someone introduced me to him and I said, ‘Yeah I know him. He’s the guy who ripped me before the draft.’ The rest of the night he told me how great I was. I was like, ‘I know your song and dance.’ And now he loves me.”

Ah yes, the duplicitous nature of Jaws.

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18 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Rips Kornheiser, Jaworski"

  1. Nick

    Finally some one of importance publicly bashes Tony Kornheiser. THat guy had no buisness on MNF. Maybe after he hears about this he’ll go back under whatever rock he came from. He’s worthless.

  2. matt fox

    Yeah Aaron, with all the playoff games you’ve won you can really afford to be critisizing other people….

  3. MadcityPackerfan

    The guy has the right to defend himself agaist the media Matt Fox. How many playoff games have you won? Jackass!

  4. chitter

    First things first. Matt Fox shut the fuck up you inbred waste of life. As soon as you learn how to spell and spout something other than Aaron Rodgers has never won a playoff game, no one will listen to your worthless ass. Go back to sticking your pathetic little pecker into your cousin’s ass. You’re about as insightful as genital warts.

  5. Taryn

    I would never presume to give advice to Aaron but ,I would offer some with hope of taking it.Don’t set yourself up for media ridicule by ridiculing an intangible such as the Kornholer.Get media atttention for worthy shit,not the everyday shit we all can step in.
    Better yet,don’t even acknowledge that kind of shit exists!!!

  6. RayV#7

    Matt Fox just shut the fuck up, you dont know jack shit and go rinse that little brave mouth with a 9 mm you fool!!!

  7. PackerFanInFL

    Hey Matt Fox..Brett Favre just texted Chilly he took a a shit this morning….go wack off over the announcement before its google’s number 1 article you fucking waste of shit

  8. matt fox

    Im sorry, I coulnt hear you guys over all the playoff games the Packers have won in the last two years.

  9. Aaron Rodgers Please Father My Child

    Aaron Rodgers is the greatest athlete of all time. If you don’t know this now, you will very soon. (And I’m a Bears fan!)

    I wish A.Rodg would fertilize my eggs with his super man juice!

  10. Randy R

    Matt Fox couldnt hear, over the roar of the S B crowd, and Rodgers being crowned MVP, where are ya Matt?..just like you said..”I thought so” Thats what happens when you talk over your head Sally…How does it taste now?

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