NFL Regular Season May Expand

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Do we need more of this? Goddam right!

If you like NFL football, then you should start preparing yourself for more of it.

Word is, the next round of collective bargaining agreement negotiations will focus on expanding the regular season to 18 games. That’s two more weeks of meaningful Green Bay Packers’ games, two more weeks where we don’t have to pay attention to basketball and hockey, and two more weeks for you to change the fortunes of your pathetic fantasy football team.

In other words, two more weeks of awesome.

If the owners and players can come to an agreement, the most likely scenario for adding games to the regular season is to reduce the preseason by two weeks. That would mean only only two weeks of meaningless games, as opposed to the current four.

While this is potentially good news for fans, it’s also good news for rich white men. NFL owners would increase their bottom lines and bookmakers would add a shit ton of additional revenue to what’s already a pretty profitable business.

Seemingly, everyone wins, except perhaps the players. NFL Players’ Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has expressed concerns about the proposal.

Smith said he’s concerned about the effects of two extra games on players’ health, and that he’d want to add an extra bye week during the regular season and cut down on players’ offseason responsibilities if players are going to play two more games. Smith also said he’d like to make it easier for players to qualify for health care coverage after retirement.

I don’t really see Smith’s logic. The season wouldn’t technically be getting any longer, although most players don’t play entire preseason games. It’s entirely possible Smith is just posturing, since the CBA negotiations have been anything but smooth, thus far. Any way to get leverage is going to be used.

Let’s hope both sides can come together on this point.


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4 Comments on "NFL Regular Season May Expand"

  1. Nick

    NFL football runs thru my blood and I hate the off season, but I think its not broke so dont try to fix it. I mean Look at baseball and basketball. THose seasons drag on and I’d hate to see that happen to the NFL just so the league can make nore money. Seriously when will it stop? Not at 18 games. five- ten years from now those greedy fucks will want more money and they’ll push for twenty games. I think the way the season is set up now is perfect. Form trainning camp to the Super Bowl(other than I miss the SB being in JAN for some reason), I dont want the Super Bowl to be in March. Does anyone really want that?

  2. Nick

    And its not that I dont want more Packer football its I like the quality football we have now. With two more games we’ll have the divison wrapped up so early instead of two weeks of resting starters we’ll start to see three four or five weeks of resting starters if weak divisions. Then is like having 2-4 preseason games anyways. At least in preseason games those guys are fighting for jobs, how can a person call themselves a real football fan and not love preseason football??? I mean you get to see up and coming players that some day might be starting on your team. The only negative is that they dont count but regardless it interesting to some.

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