Making Brett Favre Predictions

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Brett Favre

King thinks I'm going left.

Yes, we still think Brett Favre will play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings this year despite any sort of surgery he may have to have.

With that said, this whole deal of making predictions or sitting around and waiting until Favre makes a decision is often an entertaining business.

For example, I had to chuckle at this Deadspin headline from yesterday: Peter King Forswears All Brett Favre Predictions, Immediately Makes Brett Favre Prediction.

That about sums up what I think of Peter King. Kind of a moron. But hey, he’s a moron who likes to drink a lot of coffee, and that’s important to a lot of sports fans.

Anyway, here’s what King has to say about Favre. Please note the obligatory coffee reference.

I think the Brett Favre ankle-surgery story from the other day will have little to do with whether he plays this season, the same way something I heard the other day will have little to do with whether he plays. An NFL player who knows the quarterback well told me Favre said to him after the season, “I’m 100 percent positive I’ll never put on pads again in my life.”

The reason I don’t make that a headline is simple: Favre changes his mind as often as I drink a latte. Which is to say, a lot. We’ve seen it often in the last 26 months. Let’s just wait and see what the summer brings. And the fall.

I’ve said a couple of things as a Favre-watcher this offseason: I’m finished predicting what he’ll do, because I’ve been wrong every time I’ve predicted recently. And if I had to go to Vegas, based on the long emotional scene with several teammates and coaches in the locker room after the NFC Championship Game loss to the Saints, I’d bet he plays this fall. He loves that team. But please, keep your money in your pocket. That’s where mine is staying.


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7 Comments on "Making Brett Favre Predictions"

  1. Bretthater

    He loves the queens soooo much after one season and hates Green Bay after all those years and a Superbowl win. As a Packer fan, I can say I hate the disloyal sob and plead that they don’t retire his number, nor put him up on the ring of fame. You can have that old fart queen fans. I’ll take Rodgers! GO PACK.

  2. Everyone seems to over exaggerate everything Brett does. Let him do his own thing, he’s one of the most exciting players to ever play the game and I hope he plays for as long as possible. Te Packers made the right choice to move on and so did Brett. This will just make for another exciting season. Go Pack!

  3. Bretthater

    He is one of the best Packers I have ever seen play, but he is still a disloyal, lying sob. Remember when he was “talking” to Matt Millen? I hope the Packers defense makes his decision a little easier at the end of next season.

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