Any Reason To Laugh At Brett Favre…

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We’ll take.

Actually, no. We really feel bad for Brett Favre because he hasn’t been in the media enough lately. People aren’t paying enough attention to Brett Favre. Brett Favre will be disappointed if we don’t mention Brett Favre three times in this sentence… Brett Favre.

Anyway, here’s a Brett Favre commercial we just discovered. Well, Brett Favre isn’t actually in it, but it’s about Brett Favre… Brett Favre!

Gunslingers — Brett Favre’s unwashed jeans!


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

11 Comments on "Any Reason To Laugh At Brett Favre…"

  1. matt fox

    For a Packer site that doesnt care so much about Brett Favre you guys SURRRREE dp write a lot of articles about it. LOL. You guys, its so obvious you are butt hurt and miss him. Thats okay. I do too. Its Ted Thompson fault guys. You should take your anger out on him. Hes the one you really hate. Now cuddle up with that Old Brett Favre doll and cry yourslef to sleep another night, because this site is officially PRO-FAVRE!

  2. PackerFaninFL

    Jeff the next time you are between deep thrusts courtesy of Matt fox’s ass. Take the time to come up with something better then “I know you are but what am I”…seriously for bonafide blog owner I expect more out of you (even for a shit diving viking fan).

  3. matt fox

    PackerFaninFL youre obviously a Bears fan. Just go away. Go suck on Jay Cutler’s nut sack or something.

  4. jeff ircink

    PackerFanINFL, i know you are but what am i? as far a being a bonafide blog owner, my blog tests the intelligence of MENSA members. my IQ has to come down on this site to match wits with you.

  5. PackerFanINFL

    MENSA = Men Eating Norseman’s Semen Association

    as for your proclaimed IQ if thats a problem..fucking leave!!

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