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ESPN’s continuing series, On The Clock, which looks at draft needs for each NFL team currently features the Green Bay Packers.

The experts at the Worldwide Leader don’t say anything we don’t already know – the Packers biggest need is on the offensive line. What’s interesting is Trent Dilfer points out how all of the league’s elite quarterbacks – Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, etc. – have very solid offensive lines, something Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had in his two seasons as a starter.

The insinuation is Rodgers could join those passers if he had a better line.

The commentary also looks at the defensive side of the ball, where pass rush, cornerback and safety are named as priorities. Everyone at ESPN seems to agree the Packers don’t need running back, a position more than a few people have suggested the team should invest their first-round pick in.

Finally, there’s the question raised by Mel Kiper – do the Packers trade up to get the left tackle they need?


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  1. Jamie Schliesmann

    Man, I’m ready all the blogs/posts/comments around Wisc., and everyone’s talking about LBs’, and OT’s, and RBs’, and backups to a plethora of positions, when Cornerback is PARAMOUNT!!
    We have 4-5 guys @ CB that should NOT be on the roster! So, if TT wishes to use just the draft, again, he’d better pick two! I think out of the 30 CBs in FA, there’s GOT to be 1 or 2, but however it’s done, we’ve LOST GAMES the last 2 years because of the weakness @ nickel and dime coverage.
    Let’s fix the leaks before we talk about remodeling – PLEASE!

  2. Al Borland's Beard

    I disagree about CB being the primary need. We have a solid group of CB’s when healthy, but what we don’t have, first and foremost, is a dependable pass rusher outside of Matthews. Good QB’s tore us apart because we couldn’t bring pressure, if we can do that, then it will plug any leaks in the secondary.

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