McCarthy Interested In Developing Tebow

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Tebow set an SEC record for rushing touchdowns and Bible thumping.

We were hoping this would be a Tim Tebow-free zone, but what the hell, right?

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy says he would be interested in developing Tebow, who lead the Florida Gators to two national championships, won a Heisman Trophy and likes to thump the Bible.

While Tebow definitely needs some development – he’s recently changed his throwing motion to try to improve his draft stock – McCarthy is unlikely to be the guy to do it, unless Tebow goes into a free fall in the draft.

Aaron Rodgers is clearly established as the Packers starter and the team also likes backup Matt Flynn. The Packers didn’t carry a third quarterback last season, so there’s room on the roster, unless Ted Thompson decides the Packers need four fullbacks this season.

The only way Tebow might fit into that slot is if he fell to the later rounds of the draft. There are wildly different opinions on Tebow’s future as an NFL quarterback, but I’d be surprised if he fell lower than the fourth round.

Some teams, although they may be in the minority, like Tebow and there are some things to like – mostly intangibles. Tebow is a winner, he’s a hard worker, he’s a leader and he has potential to do other things. Remember, Tebow is the SEC’s all-time leader in rushing touchdowns.

Unfortunately, Tebow’s mechanics leave something to be desired. In other words, he isn’t the prototypical NFL-ready quarterback, like Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, which is why there’s such difference of opinion on where Tebow will go in the draft.

“He’s a winner, and I’m excited to see what he does in the National Football League,” McCarthy said. “He wins games, he’s a tremendous competitor and he’s like a lot of young quarterbacks; there’s some things he can work on to improve on.

“But you can see his tremendous passion in the way he plays the game, and it will be interesting to see who has the opportunity to develop him.”

Indeed it will.

While it’s a long shot, say Tebow slips to the fifth round and the Packers already have their offensive tackle, a cornerback, a safety and a pass rushing outside linebacker, they could certainly take a flyer on Tebow.

Initially, the Packers could use Tebow in Wildcat packages while McCarthy develops him as a quarterback. Down the road he could be a valuable trade commodity similar to Mike “The Walrus” Holmgren pet projects Mark Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck.

Food for thought.


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  1. tequila

    It would be great to have a little Tebow wildcat action going on this year (sorry, sounds like something J. Allen would do to Favre). I like the idea of keeping our NFC north foes on their toes with options like that.

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