First Look of De Niro As Lombardi

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Robert De Niro has signed on to play Vince Lombardi in the upcoming big screen production of Lombardi, and more than a few of us are skeptical. Travis Bickle doesn’t bear much of a resemblance to Lombardi.

So, we thought we’d go out and get you a shot of De Niro as Lombardi.

Actually, we just made one ourselves.

What do you think?

De Niro as Lombardi


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5 Comments on "First Look of De Niro As Lombardi"

  1. Jeff

    I always thought that Jerry Stiller should reprise the role. He was the one cast as Vince Lombardi during the Nike ads about a decade ago.

  2. Luke

    wow: I don’t know which to comment on? The subject of your post or the absolutely laughable photoshop job. I personally like how his chin doubles as a neck: good work!

  3. Jamie Schliesmann

    Sorry! I rate this up (down) there w/ Jaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash..and that’s not a good rating.
    Besides, Ernie Borgnine was as close as you’re going to come, and that was what, 25 yrs ago.

  4. I have played Vince Lombardi for 17 years now in my one-man show “Vince, The Life & Times of Vince Lombardi. DeNiro looks like Joe Paterno playing Vince Lombardi.

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