Leno, Favre Have A Lot In Common

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A pretty generous rendering of Favre.

Jay Leno returns to “The Tonight Show” after the Winter Olympics, and one of his first guests is a great one: Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

His appearance is listed for March 4 on the show’s Web site. It will be one of Favre’s first public appearances since — literally — throwing away the Vikings’ season in the last minutes of the NFC Championship game against the New Orleans Saints.

It should be awesome, because the two have a lot in common. They can talk about how neither can exit a job gracefully, how much they hate the idea of stepping aside for someone younger and maybe give us some tips on how to be disingenuous and loathsome during the process.

For years, the Green Bay Packers did to Aaron Rodgers what NBC essentially did to Conan O’Brien. Both were promised the starting job in exchange for some patience and years of hard work, and each time it seemed Rodgers would finally get his time to shine, Favre would decide to come back. And we all know what happened to Conan once Leno’s prime-time experiment went in the crapper.

Hopefully, Leno will man up and ask Favre about his plans for next season — since he’s once again an indecisive mess.

Favre recently posted a letter to fans on his web site thanking them for their support and the memorable 2009 season, but he didn’t say whether he will return for 2010-11.

Earlier this week, Vikings linebacker Ben Leber said he believes Favre will return. Leber also said he hopes Favre makes a decision soon so that the organization isn’t at a disadvantage making roster moves this offseason.

Favre has one year remaining on his contract at $13 million for 2010.

I’m sure everyone remembers Favre’s appearance on David Letterman in April 2008 after his first “retirement” from the Green Bay Packers. Lord Brett told Letterman that “something (was) bound to happen” once NFL minicamps rolled around that spring.

We all know what happened after that.


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Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.

18 Comments on "Leno, Favre Have A Lot In Common"

  1. Coon Dog

    I can’t wait for this. I love Leno and I love Brett! Let’s hope he announces his return to kill some fudge packers.

    Go Vikes!

  2. Al Borland's Beard

    Jay Leno: So apparently this Brett Favre guy has a hard time making up his mind about whether to retire, have you seen this? Have you heard about this? And they thought what I did to Conan was bad.


    I’d rather stick my dick in a toaster than watch this.

  3. chitter23

    He’ll announce he’s coming back after his teammates have gone through all the grunt-work of the two-a-day’s and weeks of brutal camp.

    Then he’ll come back and say something along the lines of, “I just love these guys on this team you know?”

    We all know this is BS because Brett Favre cares about only one person…Brett Favre.

    Bring him back another year. He looked like the Grim Reaper himself after he threw that horrendous INT. Can you imagine what he’ll look like next year when he squanders the efforts of his entire team and inexplicably throws the game away just when it looks impossible for his team to lose.

    A. Rodge, baby. A. Rodge!

  4. Shawn

    No, as a Packer fan, most of us are wanting Brett to come back this time. We look forward to the challenge. Beating Minnie without Brett wouldn’t be the same. And we all feel that this is our division, whether he comes back or not. Just if he comes back, at least the division won’t be handed to us by default.

  5. Coon Dog

    So what if I like Leno? Judging by ratings, most of America does too. Oh, I see, you’re in Wisconsin, the stupidest/fattest state of all. I feel sorry for you all. LOLOLOL!

    Hey ChitterNuts, things are different with Brett in MN. He loves it here and the fans love him. There is no BS with Brett and our owner Zygi respects him. Unlike your moronic owner Thompson.

    Al, as much as I think you SHOULD stick your dick in a toaster, I know you’ll watch because you’re obviously obsessed with Brett being a Viking and it’s killing you. HA! Oh how great it is to be a Viking right now.

  6. Al Borland's Beard

    Coon Dog, Wisconsin is far from the fattest state and judging by the fact you think “Stupidest” is a word, you’re in no position to question one’s intelligence.

    Also, it has nothing to do with respect. Zygi realizes his team is almost dead last in revenue despite winning the division title a year earlier. So Chilly and him did everything short of a hand job to get Brett here to sell tickets. At least Thompson had the integrity to tell the land baron off. For fuck’s sake, how pathetic did it look when Childress left practice to pick Favre up at the airport. That was basically the Vikings bending over and telling Favre to have at it.

    As for me being obsessed with Brett? I won’t be watching Leno (I’m not a geriatric so I don’t find him amusing) and I couldn’t care less what Favre does, I didn’t write this story. But yea, it must be great being a Viking fan, you get to wait until September to see if your QB is playing or not, then you can get your hopes up again only to have them end with reactions like this.


    Now kindly go fuck yourself.

  7. Steffen

    Coon Dog, I live in Los Angeles. I’m not sure where that falls on the “fattest & stupidest” scale, but there you have it.

  8. Coon Dog

    Steffen. That’s great! You live in Los Angeles. No one cares. You must work in fudge packer porn.

    PackAttackMN. Your mom’s bedroom.

  9. 12meninthehuddle

    “So Chilly and him did everything short of a hand job to get Brett here to sell tickets.” hahahaha

    I think we all know that Chilly offered himself up as Britt’s cum dumpsters for the whole of the season………i mean Christ, just look his poor little face when he reached out to touch brent on the sidelines and the ol washed up Packer shook him off. That was a lovers tiff if i ever saw one.

  10. Alan

    Haha, Packer fans must be pissed about getting swept by a “washed up Packer”. And if Favre’s teammates would have given some sort of help, he wouldn’t have had to play hero. We saw the same thing happen to guys like Marino year after year, a great qb stuck on a horrible team, with feeble fans. Packer fans, Dolphin fans, Viking fans, everytime loves their guy until he hits 30, then the media brainwashes you to believe he’s a “washed up thirty-something”, didn’t have sweep the Pack, throw 4,200 yards, lead a few comebacks, throw 33 td’s, a career low 7 picks, and comeplete on of the most accurate seasons ever? Favre isn’t put on the spot if his idiotic teammates weren’t fumblin’ and bumblin’ all game long and Chilly could actually keep count of his players. The seasoned ended for Minnesota due to that 12th Man penalty, not the pick. And if anyone denies the official’s bias in overtime, that comes to show the media has turned you all into a bunch of fudge packin’ zombies.

  11. Alan

    But Brett won’t wait about announcing his decision, he’s probably already told Chilly his decision, seeing as to how Chilly was wearing his poker face when talking about Brett, he’ll be back, they’ll revamp a pathetic Offensive Line, a miserable secondary, and get some decent tacklers at LB. But Brett told everyone he’d be playing in 2008 by saying “something’s bound to happen”, and then again last year. He’ll be back, and yet again, he’ll prove the doubters wrong, this year, he’ll get his ring, unless AP, Berrian, and Harvin lose 4 fumbles…

  12. KellyLynn

    First off, let’s take note of the fact that there were FIVE turnovers in that Vikings/Saints game, not just Favre’s last turnover. Clearly, the entire Vikings team has things they need to work on TOGETHER in order to be a superbowl contender. Even being a Packer fan, I will say that Favre should not have to take all of the flack for that loss. However, I will say that he may want to consider attending training camp if he decides to hang on this season in efforts to maintain team unity. He started off giving the impression that he is and always will be above his team mates, which is crap. And that is strictly poor management on behalf of the Vikings. If the management, staff, press, and fans are all sucking his dick, perhaps it’s time he got knocked down a notch so he can remember what it feels like to be humble.

  13. I totally Disagree with this guy saying he is Telling It Like It Is.The difference between Jay and Brett is that Brett can still Play!Jay has never been funny.That is why his show tanked in Prime Time.Jay is an Unfunny,Horrible Human Being,And should Retire!You cant blame that game on Brett.Why not Blame the Vikings Defensive?If the Vikings Defense would of done their job like stopped the Saints from Scoring,Or if Paterson wouldnt fumble the ball so much we wouldnt be talking about what Brett did.Brett is only Human nobody is Perfect.Esp why not Blame the Vikings Defense in OT couldn’t stop the Saints from scoring that FG.I bet if they would of stopped them Brett would of taken them down the field again and they would of scored.So Brett shouldnt Retire but Jay should.

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