Brett Favre’s Coming Back, No He Isn’t, And Other Favre Notes

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Brett Favre

I am No. 1! Me and only me!

If you take the time to sift through all of the mindless blather that is Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column you may eventually come across something that’s interesting to read.

Actually, you’ll probably want to stab yourself in the eyes if you try to do this, so just let trained professionals like us sift through it for you. But anyway, after skimming the truly fascinating story about the New Orleans Saints partying too much after their Super Bowl win in today’s column, I came upon something about our main man, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Lord Brett Favre.

As you probably know, Favre told ESPN’s Ed Werder that it was highly unlikely he’d be coming back for a second season in the dregs of the NFL after his Vikings lost to the Saints in the NFC Championship game. Now, King says he’s hearing it’s highly likely Favre will return for a second season in Brad Childress’ Pedophilia Funhouse.

Of course, we all know how this dance goes. He will, he won’t, he will, he won’t…

Hell, the offseason has just begun! We can get at least 30 more stories out of this situation before the games start to count again!

My point is, even if it’s highly likely that Favre wants to return right now, that doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind several times before now and the start of training camp.

On another note – and by another note I mean another awesome piece of totally super information about everyone’s favorite guy on the planet, Lord Brett “He Just Loves To Play The Game!” Favre – it appears Favre not only stuck it to the Green Bay Packers by playing for the Vikings, but he also stuck it to the New York Jets and did so quite knowingly.

Again, I scraped this off the bottom of King’s column.

A year ago, Brett Favre retired from the New York Jets. The night he retired, I spoke with him, and he said he wouldn’t change his mind because of how tough that would be on Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, who went out on a limb to acquire him and didn’t do it with only one year in mind.

I asked Favre what he planned to do.

“I have no idea,” he said. “I know I’m not going to replace throwing touchdown passes by cutting down three trees tomorrow. I do know this: I’ve gotten bored with everything in my life at some time. I love to hunt, but I get tired of that. I love to work on my property, but I get tired of that. We’ll see. I foresee getting the impulse to play. But as good as Mike Tannenbaum has been to me, I could never bring myself to do it. I know I won’t do it. If I did, I’d be putting the Jets in a tough spot, because I know they can’t release me.”


I like this quote because it shows just what kind of great, down-to-earth, aww shucks kind of guy Lord Brett Favre is. The kind of guy who, 1. did exactly what he said he wasn’t going to do, 2. brought himself to do it even though Mike Tannenbaum was so good to him, and 3. put the Jets in the very spot he said he wasn’t going to by demanding his release.

Clearly, all engineered to go play for the Vikings.

A real stand-up guy, that Brett Favre. Couldn’t have landed in a more appropriate place.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

20 Comments on "Brett Favre’s Coming Back, No He Isn’t, And Other Favre Notes"

  1. todd

    the jets released him, he didn’t ask for it. the string of circumstances that came up were unlikely to brett. Now I do understand that you’re from Wisconsin, so logic is a tough subject

  2. todd

    whoops sorry he did ask for it, the jets were content and didnt want to stongarm him though, unlike some other egotistical organization

  3. Al Borland's Beard

    Of course the Jets didn’t care.

    A) They had no ties to him, he wasn’t the face of the franchise or a highly endeared player amongst their fans. He was just a one year mercenary used to sell tickets.

    B) The guy was awful that year for the Jets.

    C) Go fuck yourself and stop spending time here when you should be funding jock sniffing billboards with awful puns, you stupid twat.

  4. Al Borland's Beard

    Oh, and god I hate the Vikings and Brett Favre for again putting us through another fucking offseason of will he or won’t he bullshit. I hope Brett Favre, Peter King, and Brad Childress are all brutally gang raped by a pack of baboons.

  5. Your Mamma

    Somebody’s got an awfully bad and disgusting potty mouth. The website police need to take this site down!!

  6. jimbo

    …..the tragedy is that Favre choked for the Packers and in his ego maniacal quest,choked for the Vikings,while the Pack has moved on successfully grooming Rodgers, just as they did with Favre YEARS ago. Damn….it’s painful to see an old horse keep breaking the fence thinking he’ll be the one to win the Derby. Favre……it’s over, dude….enjoy the pasture!

  7. Butthurt Packer Fan

    There are still butt hurt Packer fans out there crying that Favre plays for the Vikings. Get over it.

  8. Al Borland's Beard

    Or maybe you’re a butthurt Vikings fan who can’t get over the fact that after a whole year of fellating the guy, he once again came up limp when it counted most, just like your joke of a team. Why would I care where Favre plays when it leads to hilarious moments like the NFC Championship? At least it’s not my hopes he’s killing now with dumb interceptions.

  9. Herman's Head

    If the Vikings are a joke, what does that make the Packers? A one-panel, unfunny Family Circus cartoon? The Vikes owned the Pack last year. Favre will be back, the Vikings will own/sweep the Packers again, and you will have another year to beg God for an ugly ending to the Vikes’ deep foray into the playoffs (as the Packers watch from their couches). This time I don’t see your wish coming true.

  10. Butthurt Packer Fan

    If you didn’t care why post comments? So Favre lost the game? How so the 2 fumbles he had in the red zone or the one on their own 10. How about the call for the Tom Brady rule that wasn’t called that would have put them in the red zone. Ok fine he blew the game and so did Rodgers against the Cardinals. He fumbled the ball for 6.

  11. Al Borland's Beard

    It’s funny, you guys will bash Rodgers but I know as well as you do that you wish he was your team’s QB just like you wished Favre was yours all the years prior to last. ANd you better pray the old man does come back, otherwise you’ll be left with Sagevaris Jacksonfels and you’re fanbase will go back into hiding for a few years.

    And you can bash Rodgers for choking all you want but the fact of the matter is, despite choking at the end of the Cardinals game, he’s young and hasn’t made this a habit like ol’ Brett (See almost every big game of the last eleven years) Last year should be plenty of proof that he’ll never change. He was playing great all year, avoiding mistakes and even was in the running for MVP. Then you got to the big game and what did he do? He shit the bed, just like always.

  12. Butthurt Packers Fan

    Rodgers hasnt had one playoff game and he chocked. So far he is 1 for 1 in chocking playoff games. Yes Rodgers is younger and is a great player. The fact is and you cant deny Favre is a better QB and only time will tell on how well Rodgers does. I do believe Favre was number two in the league.

    Now on to my next point. If the Packers were really interested in “building their team” and not trying to give Favre the boot why not just trade him for a play or a few draft choices. They ended up with nothing for getting rid of him to the Jets. They could have traded him to the Vikings right away and got something. Yes he will beat your for maybe 2 or 3 years every game you play him and you might not go anywhere in the playoffs for those years but hey it is already happening and you were looking a few years ahead anyways.

  13. Al Borland's Beard

    So what if Rodgers is 0-1 after his first playoff game? Favre went 0-3 against the Cowboys in his first three consecutive playoff seasons. And yes, Brett Favre played better this year. Although one could certainly make an argument that Favre had a better surrounding cast what with the league’s back (Though after watching the NFC Championship, I think second best back would be more suitable) and an arguably better line (At least for most of the season). The difference here is that Aaron Rodgers is only 26 while Brett is 40. Brett has a year left at most while Rodgers hasn’t even hit his ceiling yet and barring injury, will have many more years to come.

    Who will the Vikings have? Donovan McNabb? Michael Vick? Sage Rosenfels? Face it, Favre was a one time window that has closed for your team. They are still a pretty solid team but they are missing the most important piece, a QB. Now they’ll waste another year hoping a 41 year old can deliver them to the promised land when they should be finding someone who can keep them viable past 2010 (When they become the Los Angeles Vikings)

    As for why not to trade Favre, maybe it was because the guy was still under contract for three years, and we didnt owe him a god damn thing besides a pay check. Maybe you’re fine with your organization giving out hand jobs at will and sacrificing small animals in service to the land baron but I’m glad the Packers didn’t just hand serve the guy what he wanted. Did they handle the departure well? Fuck and no. But did they cater to that diva cunt’s demands? No, so fuck you and fuck Brett Favre.

    P.S. Before you bring this up, my hate for Favre is not due to him leaving or playing for the Vikings. It’s because I’ve been hearing this will he or won’t he shit since 2003 and frankly it’s tiring.

  14. Derek Lofland

    There is one thing that you are forgetting. Favre did not know that the Jets would draft Mark Sanchez with the 5th pick in the draft. Once they did they had no use for him and he asked for his release. The Jets had no reason to deny him that as he would not be welcome back. Pretty sad that the Jets were willing to do that for a guy that played there one year, but the Packers weren’t for the face of their franchise. Instead they traded him to a 4-12 team that ran a completely different offense so that he could fail.

    I am glad Ted Thompson’s team got its ass kicked twice this year by Favre and I hope it happens twice in 2010. The curse of Favre is going to make the Curse of the Bambino look like childs play.

  15. Gig

    Once again…. I’m just happy that Rogers is ours and Favre is dressed like Barney the Dinosaur, so those fools can deal with his drama.

  16. Al Borland's Beard

    Are you really that dense Derek? Favre had no intention of coming back to the Jets regardless of who they drafted. He only went there so he could retire, get his release, and sign with the Vikings. Also, it’s because Favre was the face of the franchise that they couldn’t trade him. If you’re a GM and you want to keep your job, a simple rule would be “Don’t trade your team’s most decorated player to a fucking rival”.

    As for a curse, those are weak minded tools like Cubs and Red Sox fans, I don’t believe that. The only curse Favre has put anything on is my senses for having to see and hear him cry like a pussy every fucking offseason for the last seven years.

  17. Al Borland's Beard

    Shouldn’t you be crying over the “cheap shots” and revenge on your own piece of shit blog? Also, if what the Saints did was cheap, how do you feel about Jared Allen’s hit on Matt Schaub last year cunt?

  18. Al Borland's Beard

    By the way, don’t you think you’re giving a little too much adoration to a guy who coughs it up almost as much as he scores?

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