Woodson Wins Defensive Player of the Month Again. Does This Clinch It?

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Some people think three defensive player of the month awards aren't enough.

Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson was named the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Month for December, the third time he’s won the honor this season. Woodson also won the award in September and November. New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper won the award in October.
This is the first time anyone has ever won three defensive player of the month awards in one season.

So, I have to ask, for all you Darrelle Revis guys out there, does this finally cement Woodson as the NFL Defensive Player of the Year?

Admittedly, Revis has had a great season. He’s a shutdown corner – something there aren’t a lot of in the NFL. But seriously, that’s currently the only facet of his game.

Charles Woodson? Not only is he a shutdown corner, but he can blitz, he’s awesome in run support, he’s turnover-forcing machine, and threat to score anytime he touches the ball. I’m incredulous I even have to make the argument.

But I do, because there are idiots out there like Peter King and the panel of “experts” at the USA Today, who say Revis has had a better season than Woodson. Revis beat Woodson by one point in USA Today’s voting for defensive player of the year, but Woodson had more first-place votes (four to three). King… well, unless you give a shit about Starbucks and whether his flight was comfortable, King is next to useless.

The last cornerback to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Deion Sanders, chimed in with this.

“I think Charles Woodson should be Defensive Player of the Year,” Sanders told the New York Post.

“I think Revis is going to be the best corner in the game for years. But honestly this year, right here, Charles Woodson has made a lot of plays, man.”

Who knew Prime Time was the only sane guy in the room?

Look, I have nothing against Revis. I’ll say again that he’s a great cornerback. Hell, he even won his own defensive player of the month award for December.

But anyone that tells me Revis had a better overall season than Woodson is out of their mind.

Let’s look at the stats, once again.

Woodson: 74 tackles, 9 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, 2 sacks, 3 touchdowns
Revis: 54 tackles, 6 interceptions, 0 forced fumbles, 0 sacks, 1 touchdown

It seems everyone wants to overlook the stats and say that Revis shut down so many great receivers. You know the list – Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Steve Smith and Chad Ochocinco.

Does anyone watch these games? Can I point out that two of these receivers (Owens and Smith) have terrible quarterbacks throwing them the ball in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jake Delhomme? Can I point out that Ochocinco’s Cincinnati Bengals have been a running team all season? Can I point out that Randy Moss is New England’s second-best receiver behind Wes Welker?

I don’t want to take anything away from Revis, but some people are making him out to be Jesus on the plain. And guess what? Woodson has shut down everyone he played against, too, including two of the league’s best tight ends in Jason Witten and Vernon Davis.

I mean, c’mon people! Revis will have his day.

This is Woodson’s.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

14 Comments on "Woodson Wins Defensive Player of the Month Again. Does This Clinch It?"

  1. jim

    revis is twice the player woodson is. if they switched teams revis would thrive in woodson’s scheme and woodson wouldn’t be able to cover anyone in single coverage. i don’t care if woodson wins the award he is not is the same class of revis

  2. John

    You are an idiot to diminish what Revis has done.. when Woodson has shut down NOBODY this year. He makes big plays in the Packers great scheme. he can’t cover elite WR’s 1 on 1.. just look at the stats that #1 receivers have put up against the Packers this year. And compare them to what receivers have done against Revis.

    Then take it from Ochocinco himself who said Revis is “hands down” the best corner in the league. And Deion said while Woodson may deserve the award, Revis is the best corner in the league since himself. The guy is pure shutdown.. he doesnt blitz because he’s busy shutting down elite WR’s. If Woodson could cover half as well, they wouldnt need to blitz him.

  3. beauticious. Right on. And hilarious.

    “King… well, unless you give a shit about Starbucks and whether his flight was comfortable, King is next to useless.” Don’t believe Monte? Follow King on twitter. Bloated Favre licker.

  4. Joe

    Well well well….If woodson could Cover People 1 on 1 then he wouldnt need to Blitz..Granted Woodson is in the top 2, but REVIS is just Plain Better.and to Hear it from NeoN Dieon thats a Whole lota Praise.Now to those that say that Moss is the #2 Reciever on the Pats..umm then Why is he in the #1 WR slot??? as for Weak armed QBs..Jake delohmme wqas in the SB a few years ago and Ryan Fitz is a Rookie..Pleae ppl get the Facts rite before u write.Look how many times Woodson WAS SCORED upon then Look at Revis’s Stats….only Randy moss got a TD and that was on a 2 step turn and catch..REVIS Def Player of the Year!!!!

  5. sean

    it’s not cornerback of the year, it is defensive player of the year. the stats speak for themselves. Stats speak for themselves.

  6. That this is even a debate is mind blowing. Revis is the best shutdown corner in the game. But in 2009, Woodson was the best defensive player hands down. The stat line Monty posted doesnt even show the batted passes, QB knockdown, plays busted etc that Woodson was responsible for.

    And all this junk about him benefiting from the scheme is garbage.

    Here’s why…

    The so called scheme can only put him in a position to make a play, a great player executes. By your logic, JOHN, any cornerback in a 3-4 should have stats just like Woodson…. so if it’s just the scheme, dumbass, how come 3-4 CBs like Mike Jenkins, Ike Taylor, Brandon Flowers, and Champ Bailey don’t have stats like Woodson?

    Wait! Stop the press! The NY Jets run the 3-4 as well. Same “scheme”. So why doesn’t Revis put up the same numbers?

  7. Jeremy

    Who cares what Peter King thinks.

    He picked Vincent Jackson over Andre Johnson for his All-Pro WR. Now Jackson is a fine player but Johnson blew away the whole NFL at WR. Johsnon had 200 more yards than Wes Welker (#2 in yards) and over 400 more than Jackson (#9). Johnson also had 101 receptions (#3) to Jacksons 68 (# 30).

    Peter King is a Fucking IDIOT.

    How are his SuperBowl pick the Bears doing?

  8. Larry

    Revis is a true shutdown cornerback. The best since deion sanders. He eliminates every elite WR he faces and single handedly takes away one third of the field from every opposing QB. He works in single man to man coverage, with no help from the safties. His success has helped make the Jets #1 vs pass and #3 vs. the run. A truly rare and remarkable season. He is a lunch pail guy that lets his game do the talking.

    Woodson has been tenacious. He’s an elite pass rushing corner, a great tackler, and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. It can be argued that much of his success, with regards to the 9 picks, is due in part to his supporting cast. Free safety Nick Collins has had a monster season too, coming up with 6 picks of his own while converging with woodson and company on opposing receivers.

    I would have to give the slight edge to Revis, but I know deep down that Woodson will win it because he has been the more exciting player to watch.

  9. Bob

    Wow, some stupid comments on this board. I bet most you enjoy the smell of your shit, too.

    Woodson is a badass. Revis is a badass.

    Talking smack about either of them shows just how retarded you are when it comes to football. Or maybe you were just born retarded.

  10. Nathane

    Its obvious that some of you havent been watching Woodson play. He is all over the field making game changing and game winning plays. The guy has been so damn good its rediculous. 9 picks ? 3 of them pick 6’s ? His tackling has been amazing. The guy has been the best player on the field every game.
    Whoever thinks Charles hasnt been shutting down recievers hasnt been paying attention. He been doing that all year and some. Get real.

    Havent you heard ? 70% of the world is covered in water. The rest is covered by Charles Woodson.

  11. Matt

    If anyone saw the Packers/Cards game last night, you would rightly know that Woodson should NOT be Defensive Player of the Year for all of the tackles he whiffed on!

    Fitzgerald made him look like a high school cornerback! In the playoffs nonethless… Also, that combined with the fact that Boldin was not playing really shows how poor Woodson played.

    DPOY goes to Darrelle Revis. All you fudgePackers fans need to smarten up.

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