Resentment on the Packers’ Coaching Staff?

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Tom Clements

I hate you Mike McCarthy!

The Green Bay Packers may have some resentment to deal with on their coaching staff in the coming months.

Back in early January the Packers denied the Chicago Bears permission to speak to quarterbacks coach Tom Clements about their open offensive coordinator position. At the time, I just laughed, but the Packers move may have serious internal consequences.

In last week’s Pro Football Weekly audibles column, which quotes NFL scouts, coaches and front-office types anonymously, the following nugget came out.

“Andy Reid was not afraid to let Steve Spagnuolo leave for a team within the division (the Giants). Secure people, they will never hold back their employees from taking a better job. But you have a lot of teams in this league who will restrict their employees from bettering themselves — too many. Too many insecure people. I understand it, but I think it’s selfish, and it usually creates a lot of resentment on coaching staffs. Trust me, I’ve been around it.”

Clearly, this is a nod towards the Packers situation.

While it’s debatable whether the Bears job is really better, simply because coach Lovie Smith is likely a lame duck, it would have been a promotion for Clements. In all probability, he’d be looking for another job next season, but there still has to be some resentment on Clements’ part.

It’s understandable that the Packers don’t want to help out a divisional foe, but to not give Clements the opportunity to take a look at the job is a bit much. If Clements is smart, and we think he is, he would have listened to the Bears, looked at the situation and politely declined.

Now, you have to wonder how his disposition will affect the team and the coaching staff in the coming year.

If there’s any good news in this, it’s that the Bears continue to stumble around like a drunken sailor on shore leave in their search for an offensive coordinator (and offseason moves in general). They were turned down by Jeremy Bates and Hue Jackson, who took the same jobs in Seattle and Oakland, respectively, and were denied permission to talk to Clements.

Interestingly, the Bears have now targeted Minnesota Vikings’ quarterbacks coach Kevin Rodgers and were granted permission to speak with him.

Must be great to work for Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy.


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7 Comments on "Resentment on the Packers’ Coaching Staff?"

  1. Good. I hope Clements is so mad he helps Rodgers win his first Super Bowl next year! And develops Matt Flynn into the next Mark Brunell. How great was it to have Brunell holding on the kick to beat BrINT?

  2. jeremy

    Nobody ever wants to hear it, but the Packers were probably protecting Clemans from himself in this situation. When Rodgers continues to play the way he has been, Clemans will be inline for a much better job.

  3. Hans Thorborg

    You packer fans wish you had our coach… and our qb Farve! HAHAHA SOOOOO Bad! Good luck with Rogers, he holds onto the ball too long. Farve will show YOU whats up now man next year again.
    Suck it. SKOL VIKINGS!

  4. Steffen

    Let me get this straight… Brett Favre “will show YOU whats up now man next year again”?

    Read that sentence aloud, Hans. My God.

  5. 12meninthehuddle

    That’s right Hans, we wish we had a guy who looks like he has been Court ordered not to be within 1000yrds of a school as a Coach, and if memory serves we had your QB for 18 yrs and then got rid of him for a newer and younger model…….and what must suck even more for you is that when this season is all said and done………TT will make nice w/ Brent, all will be forgiven, 4 will get retired into the ring of honor, he will enshrined in the hall of fame as a Packer and NO ONE will remember his 1 season as a Vike. Oh and Hans please get your care giver to type your responses as it takes too long to try and figure them out as is. Cheers.

  6. Jeff


    You’re continuously inept posts prove how retarded you and other Vikes fans really are. First off, your coach is a fucking idiot who lost to the Saints after allowing 12 men in the huddle. He sucks at time management and has no respect within the organization after failing to keep ol’ Brett in check as the season wore on. Secondly, “our QB Farve”???? It’s favre idiot, and how do you know he will be back? Nobody will know until after training camp is over. Which gives you time to head back to second grade and learn to write…

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