It’s All About Brett

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Brett Favre

That's right, I'm No. 1!

Yup. It’s all about Brett Favre leading up to the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints showdown for the NFC Championship.

Should we have expected anything different? No. The media has always splooged all over themselves when it comes to Favre, and even more so in recent years.

Because you know – “Brett Favre just loves to play the game!”

I can’t wait to hear that for the 5 millionth time today. So, since we can’t get away from it, we thought we’d do you the public service of rounding up and summarizing all of the Favre crap that’s out there, so you don’t have to endure the gauntlet.

The Good

The best article comes from the Chicago Sun Times Mark Potash, who feels pretty much the same way we do about the Favre-in. Potash asks if the Saints can save America from Favre Fever.

As good as he’s been this season, he’s way over-accoladed. Great career. Nice guy. Down-to-earth guy. Fallible guy. But we’ve had enough. He’s better than many of us thought he would be this season and he’s one step from his third Super Bowl, but so what? He hand-picked a perfect scenario for his lastest comeback — a team with a great offensive line, great defensive line and the best running back in football scheduled to play 11 games in a domed stadium. Had he played behind the Packers’ line all season, his rating would have been in the 80s and his consecutive-games streak might be toast. Neither the Packers nor the Jets missed him this season.

Two more weeks of Favre love is two weeks too much. A month of Lovie Smith press conferences would be a better fate — though that’s a tough call.

I really couldn’t agree more. Let’s be honest. I hate the Vikings. I hate their shitbag fans more, but if the Vikings win, we’re going to get the unholy triad of all things terrible – the shittiest organization in the history of professional sports in the championship game, the most ignorant, lethargic fan base in the history of the world turning their mindless blather up to 11, and two weeks of the media madly masturbating over Brett Favre like they’re 12-year-old boys staring at a Megan Fox poster.

The Bad

Here’s Dan McNeil of the Chicago Tribune telling us how to feel about Brett Favre, which is definitely one of my favorite things. McNeil wants us to retire our contempt of Favre.

Those who want his head have lost theirs. They have lost sight of the very reasons they first were drawn to sports.

I’ve wanted a Saints-Colts Super Bowl for months, ever since the Bears exited, Stage Fright. But should Drew Brees — whose career I’ve enjoyed since Purdue — come up short and the Vikings advance, I’m at peace with Favre getting one more chance to throw a proverbial touchdown on fourth down in a big win against his previous employers and those who pepper him with scorn.

I’ll say to McNeil the same thing I said to the last person who told me how to feel about Brett Favre – fuck you. If the Chicago Bears weren’t a laughingstock, you might understand the situation a little better.

The Stupid

This is probably my favorite Favre story, just because a sixth grader in remedial English could have written it. Of course, it comes to us by way of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where they arrive at the stunning conclusion that most Packers fans want to see Favre and the Vikings fail.

That is some amazing, ground-breaking journalism right there, folks! I wonder how many teams of reporters they had to put on this story to crack it. They probably had McGinn and Bedard on stakeouts outside of local sports bars for weeks to get to the bottom of it!

I’d like to quote an insightful passage from it, but there isn’t one. They pretty much just called up Captain Obvious and asked him to vomit all over the page. However, it is good for a laugh.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

13 Comments on "It’s All About Brett"

  1. Jeff

    Never heard a peep from Minnesota fans until our retread shows up and leads them to the title game. Can’t wait til he re-re-retires and we can go back to hearing shit from Bears fans again…at least they aren’t so ignorant.

  2. Jeremy

    If this isn’t the most beautiful poetic justice ever!

    Brett Favres career and Vikings season ends on an INT!

  3. Jeff

    Where are all of Favre’s slobbering fanboys now? That two, count ’em!, two season ending terrible interceptions. He is done.

  4. Nick

    Mark Sanchez should be a modivator to all illegals!!! Just get over the border and who knows!!!!!! You could be a star

  5. Al Borland's Beard

    Thank god, I don’t have to hear about this miserable piece of shit team for two more weeks. Now maybe this cock sucker will retire and I can watch TV or listen to the radio without hearing someone go on and on about how great he is.

  6. Sarah

    Forget “Pants on the Ground.” More appropriate this morning is “Favre on the ground, Favre on the ground, hat to the side, Favre on the ground.”

    Wonder if he slapped ol’ Jared’s ass last night in the locker room?

  7. Al Borland's Beard

    Oh, there were pants on the ground. Favre’s pants, right before the Saints bent him over and aimed for penetration.

  8. Lots of balls on the ground too. Sorry Adrian Peterson, but you aren’t the best running back in the league, not when you continue to fail at the most fundamental part of your game.

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