Newsflash: Bernard Berrian Likes Hot, Naked Broads

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Thought I would bring you this one before the Green Bay Packers whip the Detroit Lions ass today.

It seems that Minnesota Vikings’ receiver Bernard Berrian likes hot, naked broads.

I know, that’s a stretch. First of all, there aren’t any hot broads in Minnesota. Second of all, he’s a Minnesota Vikings’ player and he has poor taste. But apparently, Berrian “accidentally” posted a nude photo of a woman to his Twitter stream on Saturday.

The horror!

Berrian, of course, said he never saw the photo and doesn’t know hot it got there.

Mmmm hmmm….

I, for one, am appalled. How dare a red-blooded American male be spending time photographing a hot, nude woman! I mean, what has our society come to?! The thought is preposterous!

From Deadspin, who attempted to explain the situation (the photo has since been removed – thank God!):

Unfortunately, my guess is that Berrian accidentally uploaded said naked showering gal photo instead of the dinner photo. I suppose it’s the equivalent of selecting “reply to all” instead of “reply” on an e-mail, only with more gratuitous nudity. At least it didn’t happen on a boat.

Anyway, who the hell knows what happened. I don’t say this often about a member of the Minnesota Vikings, but well done, Bernard. Well done.


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