Good News for the NFC North: Brad Childress Getting New Deal

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The list of really bad, downright stupid NFL head coaches is long, especially in recent years. Clearly setting themselves apart from the field are the Cleveland Browns Eric Mangini and the Washington Redskins Jim Zorn, whose combined list of blunders reads like a War and Peace of moronic decision making.

Then you have guys like the Oakland Raiders Tom Cable (reportedly punching an assistant coach, starting JaMarcus Russell) and former coaches like the masterful Rod Marinelli (0-16 Detroit Lions) and Romeo Crennel (you’ve seen the Coors commercials).

But no one has exemplified stupidity in the NFL head coaching department for longer than the Minnesota Vikings Brad Childress. If Childress didn’t have a luxury item named Adrian Peterson, someone capable might be coaching the Vikings by now.

Fortunately for the rest of the NFC North, particularly the Green Bay Packers, Childress is about to get a contract extension. CBS Sports’ Clark Judge reports that the extension will be done by mid-season.

The Vikings are 6-0 – their best start since 2003 – and the team’s ownership feels it’s time to reward Childress, who is in the fourth year of a five-year deal. Childress’ win total has increased in each of his previous three seasons – from six to eight to 10, last season.

Based on the stats, Childress deserves the extension. But as we’ve detailed on several occasions, Childress is prone to stupidity when it comes to personnel decisions (Tarvaris Jackson, anyone?), play calling, game management, opening his mouth, and so forth.

So by all means, go ahead and make that contract extension for as long as you want, Minnesota.

The rest of the NFC North applauds your judgment.


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4 Comments on "Good News for the NFC North: Brad Childress Getting New Deal"

  1. Mike

    This Brett Favre thing is turning out to work pretty well. Him and Peterson have given the Vikings a solid record despite Childress’ numerous attempts at giving games away. Now they’ll extend his contract, then they can lose in the playoffs to New Orleans or New York, Favre will retire (At least until July) and they’ll be stuck with mediocrity again because Childress doesn’t know how to develop a QB.

  2. Don

    Childress has done a terrific job this year and deserves a contract extension. Childress was hell bent to get Favre, and together they are 6-0. He has assembled a very good team.

    People who think he is stupid don’t know the man.

    Here’s to crushing the Pack at Lambeau Nov 1st!

  3. Mark

    Talk about bias! Tarvaris is about the only big questionable personnel move he’s made (except maybe letting Culpepper go, but that was related).

    Compare that to our present personnel guy, who’s flubbed nearly every move he’s made after his first draft pick (Rodgers), with the one exception of Jennings.

    yeah, we shouldn’t’ be casting stones here, alright?

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