Gilbert Brown Would Fart on Brett Favre

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A lot of man.

That’s right. The Gravedigger, Gilbert Brown, the 340-pound former Green Bay Packers defensive tackle would fart on Brett Favre.

Brown and ESPN First Take host Jay Crawford had this exchange during Friday’s show (ESPN is apparently running a series of former Packers talking about Favre’s return to Lambeau Field – William Hendrson was on the show on Thursday).

Crawford: “How would you approach getting to Brett Favre?”

Brown: “Let me tell you this, he always wore that red jersey in practice so we couldn’t touch him. So, if I was out there, I would mow everything down to get to him – just to give him that lick. I wouldn’t grave dig him up or anything like that, but I would fart on him.”

Crawford: “[Laughter] I’ve gotta move on from that. I absolutely have to. [Brown laughs] Thanks for that. Let me Control Alt Delete here.”

The exchange was hilarious if just for Crawford’s reaction to it. He clearly has to compose himself after Brown’s answer. You can see the full interview here.

The real question here is, would Gilbert eat one of those Gilbert Burgers from Burger King before the game? Remember those?

If you don’t, they were a pile of just about every piece of crap you could put on a two beef patties. Here’s the recipie: double whopper with double cheese, double lettuce, double tomato, double mayo, double onion, double ketchup.

Now, I can’t imagine the gastrointestinal workings of a man who eats something like that smell real good. So imagine Favre’s gag reaction.


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11 Comments on "Gilbert Brown Would Fart on Brett Favre"

  1. Jeff

    Wow – Didn’t know Gilbert Brown was still alive.
    Does he really count? He hasn’t made the team for years. Are there any other OLD Washed-up football players you want to interview? Duh….

  2. Ralph

    This is ridiculous. He would still be playing in GB if they wanted him. They said they moved on, what would you expect BF to do if he still wants to play. Go and play for the Raiders?? Get over it!-

  3. Susan

    Gilbert helped the Packers win a SuperBowl and was very popular during his time in Green Bay. He does not have much class in his comments about Brett Favre. Has he considered the general public may have never heard of him if he did not play with Brett. Nobody would be calling him for an interview that is for sure. Didn’t Gilbert go to another team for more money? Was it Minnesota? I am not sure but I do remember he left and came back. Gilbert please grow up.

  4. Carol

    I’m just wondering if Packer fans would like a little cheese with their WHINE. Susan was right – grow up and move on. Play the game of football like it is supposed to be played, and stop behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats. Brett has done so much for the Packers, and he doesn’t deserve comments like Gilbert Brown’s or anyone else’s. Forgiveness will set you free – you have a good QB – back him, move on and stop with all the mean spirited, ridiculous comments – thought GB fans and players were better than that………

  5. Susan and Carol – it’s all part of fun of rooting for your team. You make fun of the players on the teams you don’t like. What is all this nonsense about whining and class??? Brett is a Viking now and we have every right to ridicule him – in fact it’s our duty as Packer fans.
    I’d love to dig up all the mean spirited nasty things Vikings fans have said about Brett over the years… and now the love and defend him. Pathetic. Worst fans in professional sports.

  6. Carol

    Steffen – you have just proved our point – grow up and move on. I’m wondering if you work hard at being a poor sport or if it comes naturally to you. If you spent less time criticizing others and just enjoying what you have, everyone would be better for it. Instead we have to read your acid tongue remarks that do nothing but show how little you really know about pure sport. It is about what happens on the field, and I find it interesting that you think your comments matter one little bit……….they don’t, but they do say a lot about you.

  7. Awebb

    Steffen – your words sound like sour grapes because your team blows. The Packers will be lucky to get in as a wildcard this year. Stop drinking Listerine and get back to churning butter.

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