Can’t Get Enough Brett Favre? Just Wait til Sunday

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Don't hate me because I'm Lord Favre!

As much as ESPN’s cheapening of sport continually makes me want vomit, Fox has actually outdone them this time.

ESPN: “We got record ratings for a cable program for Brett Favre vs. the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football.”

Fox: “Oh yeah, well we’ll see your Favre and raise you a Favre! We’re gonna give the people so much Favre they’re going to want to jab a compass in both of their eyes!”

And so it goes.

In addition to sending the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Favre Bowl II to 91 percent of the country on Sunday, Fox has a something a little extra up their sleeve.

The Favre Cam.

As much as I wish this were a joke, it isn’t. Fox will dedicate one camera entirely to Favre “from the second he takes the field against his former team until the moment he runs back into the locker room.”

If you were reading this on a piece of paper, you would notice that this very spot was ground zero for my vomit stain.

If that isn’t enough, you can actually go to and during the game to watch a feed of just Brett Favre.

And who doesn’t want to see Brett Favre for three hours straight? I wonder if there’s going to be commentary?

Brett Favre is now looking at photos sent down from the booth. That’s amazing, Jim! Look at how he studies those photos! Just loves the game, this guy!

Favre is having a chuckle with Percy Harvin. I bet he told a zinger, Jim! That Brett Favre has one great sense of humor! Yes he does, Bob, and he just loves the game.

He’s like a kid out there, even when he’s standing on the sideline. That’s because he just loves to play the game, Jim!

Enthralling fucking television!

And hey, if that isn’t enough Favre for you, there’s more!

Fox will also serve up a steaming plate of Favre during their pre-game show, when the network will air Favre’s interview with Terry Bradshaw. The NFL Network will also drop a steaming pile of Favre on you in their pre-game show, when Lord Favre’s interview with Steve Mariucci will be aired.

But hey, Favre is just a regular guy from Mississippi. He doesn’t crave the spotlight. He doesn’t want the attention. He doesn’t have an ego, doesn’t need his face plastered all over TV… because hey, Brett Favre – the guy just loves to play the game.

That’s all.


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  1. I know come Sunday, My family and I will be so happy Brett is back at home, where he should have bin able to stay.
    Our family will watch and wonder why he really left.
    THANK YOU BRETT, for 16yrs of the best family memories we could have ever asked for.

    God Bless you and your beaudiful family

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