A Few Words From The Gravedigger

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Diggin' graves!

That’s right. We’re taking a slight break from the hype surrounding Brett Favre vs. the Green Bay Packers to bring you something that has nothing to do with that.

It’s OK. Take a breath. We’ll get back to all of the Favre/Packers/Vikings nonsense shortly.

In the meantime, here’s an interview with perhaps our favorite defensive tackle of all time – The Gravedigger, Gilbert Brown.

Brown played 10 seasons with the Packers and during that time, was one of the most dominant run stuffers in football. Brown recently spoke with Trench Fantasy, and this is reprinted with their permission. For for the full interview, please visit their site.

What is your most memorable moment in The Trenches?

When we played San Francisco in the mud. We were having fun like we were 12 years old. We whooped up on them too, which made it even more memorable, but just seeing the guys faces in the mud made it a great experience.

Can you provide an example of teamwork or camaraderie in The Trenches that the cameras never saw?

As far as the defensive line, we always had LeRoy Butler coming up to do sneak modes. We had to stunt or turn guys a certain way in order to create the space for LeRoy to sneak though. On the inside we also did a lot to make sure we got Reggie free or Santa free to rush one on one. There was a lot of team work to make the plays work.

What was most important to you during a game? What were the little things you kept an eye on or tried to do during every game?

The little things for me was watching the double teams and when they were coming. I would really watch the hands and stances of the offensive linemen it would tell me a lot.  I had to try to stay low at all times and move my feet because guys were always trying to chop my legs.

Was there a single player that you really looked forward to playing against?  Was it how they played? Was it their ability?

It’s hard for me to single anyone out because I always got double teamed but it was always a challenge to go against Nate Newton and Larry Allen. Larry used to come of that ball and when we’d hit it would be like two bulls ramming heads – wham!


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