Why Fret About Brett?

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Let me pose a question. Why fret about Brett?

Really. I admit there has been a lot of hype and drama over the last year and a half; even the last five years with Brett Favre’s “will he or won’t he retire” game.

Personally, I was really upset over Brett’s decision to retire from the Green Bay Packers; I cried in my office with him. Months later I stood behind him when he decided to come out of retirement, like many Packers fans.

When Brett went to play for the New York Jets I swore up and down that I would watch every Jets game, so long as a Packers game wasn’t on. After a few games, I found out I just wasn’t that interested in Brett or the Jets and just concentrated on my Packers.

Yes, it was extremely weird sitting in Lambeau Field during the 2008 season opener and seeing Aaron Rodgers get the start. I was still angry at Ted Thompson for doing this to ME – me of all people. Then again, who am I to the Packers organization other than a JUST a fan? I felt helpless and voiceless for not getting my way; for not having Brett back in Green and Gold.

It was an unlikely source in Aaron Rodgers that said it best when he told fans to “get on the bus or shut up.” No truer words were spoken.

Rodgers came on the field during that Monday night season opener and lit up the Vikings. I went home with a raw throat and a great feeling having stood by MY team.

The season didn’t turn out to be the greatest – too many injuries, too many penalties… But in comparison, our quarterback stayed healthy, while Brett fell apart after midseason. Both the Packers and the Jets struggled.

Initially, I couldn’t help but be worried about Aaron Rodgers, but he proved himself. After Aaron’s first game I found a new respect for him. I thought for sure he would take the field and suck it up, but he threw that ball like he had been playing in the NFL for years. My worries were put aside.

We all know what happened when this past spring rolled around. Brett asks for his release from the Jets and retires. The “will he or won’t he” starts all over again. It was déjà vu, except this time the hated purple and white was involved.

Our worst fears are coming true. Why would you want to do this to Packers fans, Brett? I asked myself that question every time I read the latest rumor.

Then I began thinking – if I left a job, wouldn’t I go find a new one? Why shouldn’t he? He is entitled; he has been a football God for 17 years.

Believe me when I tell you that this is not a Brett Favre love letter. This is me asking why not?

Brett signed with the Vikings for two years. I laughed in hysteria when I saw Brad Childress pull up in his black SUV at the Vikings practice facility and Brett and Deanna got out.

Hours later ESPN aired Brett throwing the ball with his Viking Helmet on. Aghhh!

I hated the site. This was MY BOY – the man I followed, loved and who could do no wrong in my eyes. He was the man I cried with when he retired from the Packers.

I felt betrayed and angry. There was no way I’d ever watch a Vikings game I didn’t have to.

And then I had a revelation that went something like this – WHATEVER!

I don’t care anymore. Brett Favre chose to do this to Packers Nation and that is something he will have to live with. As this NFL season has progressed, care less and less about Brett Favre.

If he wants to play, let him. If he wants to throw a game-winning touchdown, let him.

Brett has his magic back (for now) and he’s playing well. I won’t forget the 16 years he wore Green and Gold. I won’t forget watching his kids grow up or seeing him around Green Bay.

So why fret about Brett?

Finally the NFC North has four strong quarterbacks. Finally, there was a fall Sunday where everyone in the NFC North won. That makes for great football.

I look forward to watching the Monday night Packers/Vikings game. I look forward to losing my voice while Brett Favre tries to beat his past and Aaron Rodgers plays for his future.

Brett Favre is just another quarterback among many who feel the need to prove something. He didn’t betray us. If he wasn’t playing, he would be betraying himself, which in my mind is much worse.


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Deanna is a writer who lives in Green Bay. She loves everything about the Green Bay Packers, especially tailgating. She is not Brett Favre’s wife.

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