Favre May Not Play 16, Addresses Team

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Brett Favre

Favre may sit a few contests out this year.

Some interesting news came out of Minnesota today.

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback and current Minnesota Vikings scumbag Brett Favre said that he may not be able to play all 16 games this year. That is, not that he doesn’t want to play all 16, but more that he would sit if his health isn’t up to par.

Favre, who will make his 270th consecutive start on Sunday, also said that he was willing to sit out last season and shared those injury concerns with his coaches – that would be then New York Jets and current Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini, who is possibly the stupidest coach in the history of pro football for reasons that I will impart upon you at a more appropriate time.

This is good news for the Packers. I am of the firm belief that Favre will get injured this year and that the Vikings will have to replace him with one of the guys they threw under the bus to get Favre – Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels. If and when that happens, the Vikings could perhaps drop to the third best team in the division.

King Favre also decided to address the team this week, which makes me all teary eyed – Brett being such a great guy and so down to earth and all.

“I didn’t feel like I needed to, but I wanted the guys to know where I stood and what I was here for. Sort of the timeline and what happened and things like that. Not that I felt like I had to. And I felt like it came across well. Because it was from the heart. … Not that it’s going to give us three more wins or three more losses. I wanted to be genuine and let the guys know where I stand.”

Awwwwww… well aren’t you swell, Brett. You’re such a great guy. Just one of the boys.

Now, go rot in hell, you fuckwad.


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3 Comments on "Favre May Not Play 16, Addresses Team"

  1. citizen kris

    “Awwwwww… well aren’t you swell, Brett. You’re such a great guy. Just one of the boys.”

    Obviously citizen journalism at its finest

  2. BFOJ

    I honestly believe that a major driving force keeping Favre coming back is his desire to pass the consecutive games record. The other obvious things come into play, but I think this record is a HUGE motivator to him (that of course, he would never admit).

    It’s always been said that “Favre doesn’t care about records, blah, blah, blah (usually by fellow Packer backers of mine and John Madden). He’ll likely pass that record this year. He holds so many other records, that will be broken and probably fairly soon. But his consecutive games started record is the one most likely to stand for a length of time and the one most often mentioned as particularly remarkable, especially for a quarterback.

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