The Lions Suck, and So Does Their New Logo

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Actually, the logo is not that bad, but who could resist reminding the Detroit Lions and their fans that their team and everything about it is the absolute worst in the NFL… ever?

Certainly not me.

I couldn’t quite figure out the Lion at first. It looked like the old Lion with some white blotches on it – reeeeaaaaal nice, Detroit!

Upon further inspection, I realized the blotches were in fact the Lion’s mouth, eye, and I guess some highlights on its mane. It’s not a bad update, but being a traditionalist, I like the old Lion better – just like I like the white G in the green circle, the Cowboys star, the huffing Bronco inside the D, and the winged Eagles helmet and attacking eagle graphic. Graphic artists tend to get a little too fancy these days (see Philadelphia and Denver for perfect examples of fouling up a perfectly fine logo).

What I will give the Lions credit for is updating their script logo. It’s a big improvement and goes nicely with the new Lion.

New Detroit Lions logo


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