The Vikings to Los Angeles?

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Los Angeles Stadium

All this could be yours Vikings.

We’ve talked about the hated Minnesota Vikings stadium and revenue issues before, but once again, the Minneapolis media is mentioning the possibility of the Vikings moving to Los Angeles.

Other than the fact that the state of Minnesota hasn’t ponied up for a new stadium for the Vikings, like they did for the Twins, this news has come to the forefront because today, the City of Industry, where L.A.’s proposed NFL stadium would be built, has given the plan final approval.

Industry’s stadium, which is set to open in 2012, is a state-of-the-art facility that would generate much more revenue for the Vikings than the outdated POS known as the Metrodome. The Vikings lease is up at the Metrodome in 2011.

“The Vikings are watching these developments [in Los Angeles] with interest,” said Lester Bagley, the team’s vice president of public affairs and stadium development, according to the Star Tribune. “But, we are currently focused on achieving a workable stadium plan to keep the Vikings here in Minnesota.”

Sure. Your fans are so awesome, and really come out to support you, so why not?

While nothing has happened yet, the scenario of the Vikings moving to L.A. is perfectly viable. The time line for completion of the Los Angeles stadium matches perfectly with the time line when moving trucks could roll into Minneapolis. And, according to the Star Tribune, public financing for a stadium in Minneapolis is going to be an uphill battle.

Getting a stadium approved in the upcoming session isn’t going to be easy given the economic issues this state is facing.

So, as a Wisconsin native, who now lives in L.A., this leaves me with a rather substantial moral quandary.

Is my selfish need for an NFL franchise in the finest city on the planet, and the chance to see the Packers once a year in my home city more important?

Or is my sheer hatred of the Vikings and everything Vikings-related, and the breakup of the traditional NFC North just too much to handle?

I would tend to gravitate towards the first scenario for purely selfish reasons. After all, it’s not like I’d be buying season tickets. I’d be watching the Green and Gold on television, except for one weekend a year when I’d be going to see the Green and Gold. So in no way would I be supporting the Vikings in all of their douchebaggery.

Secondly, L.A. needs the NFL and the NFL needs L.A. It’s the league’s second-largest market. There are plenty of know-nothing, scumbag Raiders fans in Los Angeles, so the base to support a team is here. And yes, I know both the Raiders and the Rams left town, but that’s because they couldn’t get new stadiums. Now, there’s a stadium with revenue-generating potential being offered up to pretty much anyone who wants it. And yes, I know that USC might as well be an NFL team, and I should count my blessings, but watching SC pound on Oregon isn’t exactly the same as watching the Packers, or anyone else, pound on the Vikings.

So, while I’d rather see the Chargers, who have stadium issues of their own, just move up the road, if it has to be the Vikings in Los Angeles, I say bring ’em on.

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