Fuck You, ESPN – Part Deux

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You's a jive talkin' turkey, ESPN mothafuckas!

It’s official. ESPN hates the Green Bay Packers and their fans.

After debating the true home of the name and ultimately crowning some place I’ve never heard of “Titletown,” despite the fact that the moniker has belonged to a certain town in northeastern Wisconsin since well before I was born, ESPN has once again delivered an insult to the Packers Nation.

On Friday, they ran a story crowning the best fans in the National Football League. A no-brainer, right?

Well, not for the dimwits over at ESPN, who decided Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans are truly the best fans in the league. No disrespect to the Steelers or their fans, who are passionate and football savvy, but are you fucking kidding me?

Especially vexing are statements like this:

A team of eight esteemed bloggers was asked to rank fans over the past five seasons using scientific criteria such as “Tailgate factor” and “How well do they travel?”

I think Packers’ fans easily rate No. 1 in those categories.

It’s not that we were totally disrespected by everyone at the so-called Worldwide Leader in Sports, as four of the eight voters did choose Green Bay fans. Pittsburgh pulled the other four, and so, in a stroke of shear genius these assholes decided to break the tie by…

“…much like the International Gymnastics Federation, we came up with an elaborate tiebreaking process in which Hall of Fame writer John Clayton of ESPN was called upon to keep things above board. Clayton, who grew up in the East Braddock section of Pittsburgh, picked the Steelers, which seems totally fair.”

Honestly, I don’t feel that the best fans in the NFL is a question open for debate. I strongly believe the Packers’ fans are only in competition with Boston Red Sox fans for the best fans in sports. End of story.

On a positive note, the idiots from Minnesota finished at 19.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

6 Comments on "Fuck You, ESPN – Part Deux"

  1. What are you talking about Monty. Steeler Fans ARE the greatest fans in the NFL; just like we are the greatest fans in MLB.
    Red SOX Fan Who Bought Ted Williams Frozen Head

  2. Deano

    Pittsburgh would’ve never traded away the best quarterback EVER after having him take the team to the championship game and losing by a field goal. That must hurt.

    You got A. Rodgers now. Hope that works out for you.

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